Your Vote Will Determine Who Will To Sit On The Supreme Court That Will Impact Our Nation For the Rest Of Our Lives

Your Vote Will Determine Who Will

To Sit On The Supreme Court That Will Impact Our Nation

For the Rest Of Our Lives

Adrian Dorsey

Perhaps the decision to vote or not to vote or for whom to vote for boils down to this. I never thought of this until a few hours ago when my wife post the article on her facebook. The author, Andy Andrews, presents a perspective that is chilling but he is not inaccurate with his line of thought. He raises some damn good points from a perspective I think we need to consider… seriously.

From this point of view it no longer matters about the crimes, treasonous acts, and spilled American blood on her hands. It no longer matters about what he said or did not say which was been spun by the media and twisted out of context a hundred different ways. None of that matters at this point when you look at the bigger picture from the point of view I am about to paint for you.

No matter what happens November 8th, 2016, it is going to be either Trump or Hillary. A third party vote is irrelevant and a waste because neither Johnson nor Stein have a snowball’s chance in hell of doing anything except take a vote away from the other two. There is no possibility of a third party winning in this election. I know this will piss some of you off but you know it is the truth. It will be Trump or it will be Hillary. Those who know me are already aware of my thoughts that Trump will most likely win the popular vote but the rigged electoral vote will be what puts this demonic Hilldabeast into the Oval Office. It is going to be him or her… period. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it.


Time to put away our self righteousness on the issue and look at a few chilling facts from a much broader perspective that has likely escaped the majority. Hell it even escaped me until a few hours ago!

Whoever gets in will decide who will fill the vacant seats on the Supreme Court Justice. It is either Trump nor Hillary who will make the decision of who will ultimately fill those positions! However, the persons that will be chosen to sit on the Supreme Court Justice will themselves be the ones making the decisions to uphold the laws we have in place or over turn them. They will make the new laws or not that will change our lives and the lives of our children for generations to come. The only role the President will play is determining the Supreme Court Majority. After that “we the people” have no further say in the matter… if we ever did!

The Supreme Court will be set in stone for generations to come and will not be something a next President will be able to undo.

Think about it. Appointments to the Supreme Court are lifelong commitments. In layman’s terms the new justices will serve until they resign, retire, or literally die. This is how a President is able to determine the direction of the country. The main vacant seat to be filled is that of Justice Scalia who recently passed away at the age of 79. Justice Breyer is 78. Justice Kennedy is 80. Justice Ginsburg is 83 and has pancreatic cancer.

The Supreme Court has traditionally voted on the crucial decisions for years. Scalia was the swing vote. The person elected or (already selected) as President will appoint the next Justice into that seat and they will be the swing vote will be determined by whoever that is.

It is likely that during the new President’s term a second or possibly a third appointment to the Supreme Court Justice will take place.

Think about it. The face of the President for the next one or two terms really DOES NOT MATTER! IT WILL BE THE JUSTICE CHOSEN BY THAT PERSON FOR THE SUPREME COURT THAT WILL ACTUALLY MATTER!!

Both Trump and Hillary have already announced exactly the kind of Justices they will appoint to the Supreme Court if they get elected (selected). This is not about Trump or Hillary as a person but it is really about asking ourselves what kind of America do we want to live in and our children to grow up in.

Here are some of the issues that will be affected and determined by the new Supreme Court Justice.


Second Amendment

If you think we should not have the right to bear arms because guns are wrong and should be restricted from public use t protect one’s self then the vote goes to Hilldabeast. She has already publicly said many times that she promises to appoint judges who will do away with the second amendment which we will have to live by for the rest of our lives.

If you believe in the right to bear arms and that it is only a tool that should be used responsibly then the vote is for Trump who has promised to appoint judges who will make laws accordingly to uphold our second amendment. These laws in favor of constitutional right will effect us for the rest of our lives.


If you believe in late term abortion that will allow a mother to eliminate the fetus right up to the hour before birth and this should be paid for at the taxpayers’ expense than the vote is for Hilldabeast. She has promised to appoint judges who will enforce such laws which we will have to live with for the rest of our lives.

If you do not agree with Planned Parenthood let alone fund the most significant abortion provider in America with y our taxes than your choice is for Trump. He has promised time and again to appoint justices who will reduce, restrict, and eventually eliminate the wholesale abortion on demand program which will be made into laws that this country will have to live with for the remainder of our lives.


If you support open borders that allow illegal aliens into our country many who whom have criminal backgrounds with criminal intent in mind to perform heinous acts to Americans on American soil with no vetting or back ground checks. That these illegal aliens should be given food, shelter, driver’s licenses, and the right to vote while our vets starve in the streets. Then vote for Hilldabeast who has promised to appoint justices who will undo and ever reverse the immigration laws regarding those coming into this country through legal channels.

If you believe that illegal aliens should be properly background checked and vetted to make sure we are not allowing criminals into our country and that only legally recognized citizens of America have the right to our benefits provided by our own tax dollars than vote for Trump. He has promised to appoint judges who will make and defend the immigration laws which were intended to keep us safe.

Regulatory Oversight

If you believe that the government has the right to determine how you spend your hard earned money and should determine how you should educate your child as well as how you do business and with whom. If you support the idea that an individual should be given priority on behalf of their belief of what and who they believe they are even if that compromises your own well being of feeling safe and secure then by all means your vote should be cast with Hilldabeast. She has promised to justices who will create laws that will punish those who do not agree.

If you think you have the right to decide what is best for your family and that you have the right to determine how to spend your money and reinvest it where you choose to benefit those things you feel are important to you. If you believe that the government is created to serve the people and not the other way around then your choice is Trump. He has promised to appoint judges who will make decisive rulings that will allow prosperity to come to those who work for it because they deserve it.

I don’t know if our votes matter. I suspect they don’t but we are going to vote anyway. What have we got to lose… Perhaps our votes do matter because the Supreme Court who creates the laws of our land does indeed matter and it is this institution that will ultimately effect and impact every life in America.

So it comes down to… what kind of America do we want to live in? It is not about the two people running but about those they will appoint to the Justice positions that will either make things easier or transform our American lifestyle into a living hell.

I agree with Andy Andrews. We have to consider the bigger picture as he points out in his article here… 

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