Yang Tai Chi Benefits Weight Loss and Undeniably Improves Fitness

Yang Tai Chi Benefits Weight Loss and Undeniably Improves Fitness


Adrian Dorsey


Yang tai chi, a most effective martial art promoting self defense when taught correctly  is undeniably also a method of promoting weight loss, improving health, longevity, and curing illness.

The style of Yang tai chi has evolved from its origins of combat aggressiveness into graceful, articulately structured, softly flowing limbs while still maintaining the principal foundation of its true martial aspects that embody the meaning of its name “grand ultimate fist”.

Loved and practiced by tens of millions Yang tai chi has become the most popular and the most widely practiced form of martial arts exercise in the world.

Yang Tai chi is holistic in its approach to health embodying benefits for the mind, body and spirit. Modern research has revealed to a surprising degree that the practice of this martial art as an exercise that dramatically improves balance, leg strength, and flexibility while utilizing 96% of the muscles groups throughout the entire body!


A subtle aspect of tai chi is the manner in which it relieves physical effects of stress from the body and mind and even reduce the effects of post traumatic stress disorder.

I have heard it described as meditation in motion and even a flowing form of yoga because of the manner in which the breathing connects with the movements.

You can research numerous health benefits from tai chi online and I recommend americantaichi.net as a resource. There are topics about the positive impacts of tai chi for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular issues.

I have been instructing a short Yang style tai chi form for almost ten years!

My oldest student was a 72 year old man who had Parkinson’s disease and within three months he had a marginal aspect of his motor functionality improve which was acknowledged by his doctor who encouraged him to continue the tai chi practice.

My daughter had bad knees in her mid teen years and after doing tai chi for serveral months the problems disappeared. It seems that so long as she keeps doing this exercise her knees are happy.

My youngest student was my step son who had an issue with his left shoulder. He had broken his arm when he was two and it is possible that his shoulder was out of place as an overlooked side effect that lasted years.  A month of tai chi exercises helped extend his range of movement and within a few months the issue had disappeared altogether leaving his arm much stronger and fluid with full range of shoulder flexibility.


What Impact, If Any, Does Yang Tai Chi Have On Weight Loss?


I can personally attest that Yang tai chi can burn between 200 and 300 calories per hour because I often use a heart rate monitor and I have witnessed and recorded the results.


Experts also agree that the low impact movements of tai chi is a good choice for people who are over weight and who often have knee and hip limitations. Regular daily practice will begin to burn the calories and lose the excess weight.

In retrospect because of the soft gentle movements it does not matter the age of the student whether they are elderly or a child. Essentially the condition of health whether fit or in need of improvement is also not an issue with tai chi because the student begins wherever they are at. The success is dependent upon the determination to practice the exercises on a daily basis over an extended period of time.

Once learned the yang tai chi form takes only 15 to 20 minutes to do anywhere you may be with absolutely no equipment necessary.. just you!

I like to say that yang tai chi is not just something that you do, it really is a lifestyle which means that it stays with you as a part of your daily effort no matter how much time passes. Yang tai chi as a part of the practitioner allows the student to become tai chi.

To see me performing Cheng Man Ching’s short Yang style tai chi form go here.


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