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WordPress Blogging! There is No Try… Just Do It!

So in preparation for this second post I had to do some homework to find out what wordpress blogging is all about. I mean to digest the verb blog alone was bad enough but now I have to add the adjective ‘wordpress‘? As a matter of fact I do and so do you.

You see what is the point in blogging unless you can make money while doing it. It is ridiculous to attract the attention of countless readers to your personal thoughts and dialogue unless you have something to offer in the form of online marketing which provides tools and services that can be helpful to many.

There is absolutely no way for me to generate money with online marketing without my wordpress blog discussing what services I have to offer which my audience, or prospects if you will, has access too even while I am asleep. Now being able to provide services to people while sleeping is a great accomplishment indeed. There is only one way to do that and that is to use this technology of blogging to expand my presence.

Technology of Blogging

So what exactly is ‘wordpress’? This is software that allows you to build your website the way you want and to design it to just how you want it to look. Hands down, wordpress, is a blogger’s gift from the gods! This technology is as close as you will ever get to being godlike and omnipotent allowing you to be in many places at once as only the internet can provide.

WordPress blog themes gives you the options to choose your own unique layouts, themes, graphics, widgets, etc. The list is limited only by your imagination.

Through wordpress your blog audience has the potential to become prospects that can respond to you through social media sites that allow them to comment as well as share your information.

If you are going to become a blogger than you need to understand how important it is to rank with Google. No Google ranking means no audience which means no blog and your efforts are fruitless. However, GOOGLE LOVES YOUR WORDPRESS BLOG! So it really does work to your benefit as an online marketer.

How To Set Up WordPress

I would caution you in the matter of setting up your own wordpress blog so that you do it right. I do not want you to make the mistake of going to wordpress.com in order to get a free blog wordpress download. If you do this they will own the content of what you write about and if they do not like what you are sharing they will just cancel your site. So what you need to do as a blogger is get your own domain site which you can put your own domain name on so that you own the site yourself. Then you can learn how to use wordpress and make money blogging at the same time. This benefits your audience as well as you.

Now free domain sites are also not what they appear to be. You do not own your own content as it is owned by the host.

There are many sites through which you can purchase your own domain name. The site GODADDY.COM is one of the most popular and affordable as well.

I am telling you this because I like to write content that is often contrary to mainstream thought. I simply like to think outside of the box and I do not like being told what I should think. As you get to know me you will understand what I am talking about. So if your own thoughts are unique as I like to believe mine are, then you will want your own site that you control and not some damnable host who is going to cancel your blog over the freedom of liberty that is the expression of thought. Whether you express yourself in word content or offer services via video blogging tips you want to make sure that your message belongs to you as sure as your own copyright.

Now when your domain becomes active I suggest using HOSTGAGOR to host your domain. You can do this with the freedom that allows you to control your own content. If you use a LINUX SERVER FORMAT than you have the option to host multiple domain names to that hosting account.

I just want to encourage you in the right direction so that your blogging becomes a beneficial experience that you as well as your prospects can appreciate. WordPress is by far the best blogging tool that you can have. The incredible feature that is by far the most appealing is that is surprisingly a free blog tool. Just take advantage of it and don’t be without it.

WordPress blogging is the bomb!

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