When Your Aesthetic Fitness Results Fluctuate

When Your Aesthetic Fitness Results Fluctuate


Adrian Dorsey

It does not take a rocket scientist for people to point out that after 3+ years of DDP Yoga I
should not have that spare tire issue happening. Some would even question the whole fitness
program. Of course not knowing a goddamn thing about me they might even question my commitment
to my kung fu and ddp yoga regimen. Yeah.. the belly is still there… but you know what… NO
one needs to point that out to me! What… you don’t think I have to deal with that reality
every day?

You need to know is that I am 100% dedicated in the kitchen as well as on the mat and often
burn close to 1k cals each day before noon. Gluten and lactose free for 14 years! GMO and
processed sugar free for 3 years!

There are other health concerns that I am dealing with which is making the aesthetic progress
difficult. I really did not want to get into this but sometimes eating right and training like
a dog is not enough when there are other internal issues effecting the results. I am NOT the
only one who struggles with this. Some men would be too squeamish to talk about this but I am
not because this may be your issue too! And I’ll bet you never thought of this! I can only
promise that you will need your personal doctor to work with you to get it resolved if this
happens to be your case.

YTEB Fitness - Copy

IF you are 100% dedicated in the kitchen and 100% dedicated to your fitness program but are
seeing little results than pay attention to what I am about to share.

My body produces ample testosterone which should convert into DHT (dehydroxytestosterone) which is
what us men use to help acquire that chiseled look… but when that conversion promotes excess
estradiol it causes the T to lower and the E to raise in numbers. Due to the fact that the T
production is ample though simply taking a T supplement is NOT the solution as that will simply
add a greater conversion rate into estradiol. You cannot fix a stained glass window with a
hammer! Side effect is a thicker middle which…. believe me… pisses me off but I just push
myself even harder. I am not the only one who wrestles with testosterone/estradiol issues. So I
work with what I got knowing that I am 100% committed to my health in spite of what I see in
the mirror.

What is failing is certainly NOT my effort and commitment.

Lesser individuals have thrown in the towel but I sort of know what is going on at a chemical
level and working with my doctor to try and resolve the issue.

I am grateful that I have never been judged by any teamddpyoga member which is why this group
is so amazing because every time I post a pic or video I feel so darn vulnerable to attack.
Lol! It is just a touchy subject for me to address because I work so freak’n hard to stay fit
and healthy. Other people have this issue as well. They train and eat right with little results
beyond feeling great but cannot seem to chisel the vessel into the appearance they want. I
understand what is happening at a chemical level and knowing does help but it is a bit of a
head f**k both psychologically and emotionally.

Had an EGD on my esophagus yesterday with more bad news. Ulcers all up and down deep inside my esophagus which is a food allergy reaction. Yet I have been gluten and lactose free for 14 years! GMO and processed sugar free for three years! I am still reacting to something but I am at a total loss as to what is left to react too!
Aaarrghhh… Lol!

For awhile last year my doctor put me on an estradiol inhibitor which allowed my T to convert
into the proper DHT (dehydroxytestosterone) which we men require by not allowing it to convert to E.

It was working for a little while as my weight started to drop like a switch was flipped.

Till we tanked my Estradiol altogether… which is not good either! Believe it or not us men need a
small amount of E in our systems or we risk heart attack or stroke on the other end of the
spectrum! So we eased back off the inhibitor to try to bring the E back up. Then progress hit a
brick wall because my health insurance refused to pay for the testing and that became a huge
fight. Now I am back to square one dealing with this issue on my own. Personally, I think
years of ultra depression 15 years ago and eating crap for 30+ years did not help. I think the
emotional roller coaster I took myself on caused the hormone imbalance by over producing
chronic cortisol production which really screwed up the T production. Those adrenals produce
cortisol when we are stressed and proper T when we are feeling good. When that stress is
constant for extended periods of time it can really mess the system up. I think that fallout is
what I am dealing with now. Took 30+ years to wreck my body and 14 years of kung fu and 3 years
of ddp yoga and eating right is helping but… now my body just needs to catch up! Haha!

Do not look at me physically and judge me by what you see. DSC00193 - CopyI guarantee there are several of you
who could not stand toe to toe with my nutritional and fitness regimen without freaking out! One of these days I will sport that elusive six pack but till then I will keep eating and training like the beast I am proud to be!

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