When It Comes to Affiliate Residual Income Opportunities What Exactly Does More Time And Freedom Mean To You?

When It Comes to Affiliate Residual Income Opportunities What Exactly Does More Time And Freedom Mean To You?


Adrian Dorsey


Affiliate Residual Income business is an essential key to attaining more time and freedom.

Have you thought about what you would do with more time and freedom?

Many of you may consider this a preposterous question but you will be surprised many really have no idea what more time and freedom would actually mean to them which affiliate residual income marketing could provide.

I cannot think of anybody that does not wish they had more time and more freedom to do the things they want in order to get their shopping done and spend time with those they care about.

Many are stuck in the matrix of slave wage control trading their time for dollars which limits their freedoms trememdously in order to make that pay check.

Worse yet are online affiliate residual income hopefuls who are still trading their time for dollars trying to generate leads into their business with efforts that almost seem futile.

Why is that?

Network marketers perish for lack of knowledge in this industry for the simple reason that they get involved on behalf of an elated emotional moment of aspiration fueled by someone who just wanted them to sign on the dotted line.

In order for any affiliate residual income opportunity to bring about more time and freedom you have to have made the decision to get involved in this arena as a business that will require time, patience, neverending education, and have some money to invest in it even if you are building your business on a budget.

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This is What More Time and Freedom Means to Me Through My Affiliate Residual Income Efforts


I have been training kung fu for over a decade now. That is one reason I equate affiliate residual income daily routine to the hard work that is sort of like kung fu.

Reptition, hard work, and daily effort will take you to where you want to go eventually if you embrace affiliate residual income as a way of life and not just something that you are trying for a little while.

The last job I had was cutting pipe ten hours a night with very little time and energy to get my training in. I still managed to find time for tai chi and baguazhang but there is nothing more exhausting then trading your time for money.

I was a single father raising my children with the help of my parents but because I worked evening shift  I often had to miss the school plays, games, or parent teacher meetings. You cannot get those things back.

So more time and freedom  through affiliate residual income for me is definitely being able to spend those meaningful moments with loved ones and being there for the important moments.

Being trapped to the slave wage program when I met my wife who lived in the States while I lived in Canada, we had to trudge our payment plan with immigration to be able to afford to live in the same country. Our first year of marriage we spent only 6 consecutive days together because of budget, work, and I was unable to cross the border to visit!

Where was my time and freedom?

Tied up helping maintaining production for someone else’s dream because I had not been introduced yet to the affiliate residual income network marketing industry. I was not properly educated in this business to make an informed decision!

Are you getting the intended results of more time and freedom from your marketing programs?

Are you living the life you want yet with the freedom to be who you were created to be so that you can do the things you have been created to do?


I am not going to drop the hammer on you with a biz opp or ground floor plan hype because I respect you better than that.

I am just going to say that if you are struggling to acquire leads into your primary consider looking at My Lead System Pro lead generation funnel system which can direct laser targeted leads directly into your primary affiliate residual income business no matter what it is.

MLSP has the capacity to push your affiliate residual income program into orbit and give you that six figure income if you are willing to learn how it works and if you are not afraid of some serious hard work.

I believe that you are serious about your affiliate residual income marketing plan so check MLSP out as the tool to make your online from home work the way you intend!


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