What Now? That is the Question part 3

What Now…? Hmmmm…

Part 3


Adrian Dorsey


Problem is kind of a catch twenty two. I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I want to write and publish and make a living off of my work. At the same time I certainly do not need to know who is reading my work. I have no idea what kind of people will have access to it or what gender they may be. I do not know whether they are moral or immoral. Yet these simple details seem to indeed be prevalent. What kind of people do I want to read my material? Who should read my material? Is this something that can be policed? Should it be policed? Should there be gender restrictions? Hell, perhaps there should also be age restrictions as well even though nothing I write is obscene, erotic, or very grossly graphic in nature. I never paused to ask these questions before. I do not know if these are the questions that need to be brought to the fore. Well, in my case I think they must be considered. These are the issues that my beautiful wife needs answered. I love her very much and I know she gets insecure about a great many things as soon as anyone notices something I wrote. I do not mean to cause her insecurity but my writing has inadvertently caused her much injury over the years. Never mind the barrage of obvious answers which need to be forthcoming to such questions as; Who are they? Why are they reading my work? Where are they from? Are they male or female? What do they want? You didn’t talk to them did you?

I think there is only one solution for the present. This fact came out recently while taking part in an online training webinar by Lynne Klippel. She is an author who has been through her own roller coaster of successful writing. The one thing I brought out of that hour was the fact that, at least for the present, I simply lack conviction to write anything. The bad guys and the spirit of insecurity have won. What else is there left to say. Until something changes there is no dishonor in admitting defeat. I hope it is better to bow out and live to write another day… or something like that.

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