What Now? That is the Question

What Now…? Hmmmm…

Part 1


Adrian Dorsey


Not sure what to do. I have absolutely no marketing strategy which is why my first book, The Paradigm Formula; Your 2012 Survival Guide, went absolutely no-where. I published it through lulu and from there to Amazon but between the two companies the price was higher than anyone would pay. Even on the lowest price possible which meant less than a dollar from each sale for myself it was still insane. So that was a bomb. Now I am considering a second book but struggle with the issue of why should I go through the painstaking process of writing if no one is going to read the damn thing. There is also the people issue. I really want nothing to do with human beings. I believe in a live let live philosophy. You do your thing while I quietly do mine and I won’t impose the fact that I exist upon you if you don’t impose the fact that you are even alive in my direction. Yet at the same time I want to write words that will have an impact upon millions of readers who just think that what I have to say might just be interesting without any negative feedback. I mean if you do not like what I contribute then I can respect that, just don’t let me know about it. Quietly go your way like an unobtrusive window shopper until you do find something that you like. As far as I am concerned I rather like how Stephen King puts it and I will paraphrase on this note. If I manage to distract you for two minutes out of the boring hum drum of your daily existence than it could not be that bad. His remark was in reference to movies I think. A movie does not have to be a blockbuster, if it manages to captivate you for two measly minutes than it was worth it.

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