What Now…? That is the Question Part 2

What Now…? Hmmmm…

Part 2


Adrian Dorsey

I pushed the boundary of my comfort zone last summer with a few blog stories about my own strange experiences with strange beings during spring of 1991 until the summer of 1992. I went so far as to post on a UFO forum just to see if I could draw a few readers. Well, I know for a fact now that the “powers that be” were definitely watching. Within a few days my emails were hacked and someone or perhaps more than one were going out of their way to try and fabricate some kind of alleged correspondence that was designed to appear to have taken place between myself and some other person, presumably female. Now it never happened. I was not even in the house at the time the correspondence took place apparently from my own IP address. I even have alibis to prove that I was not here. In fact no one was here at all. The ruse was obviously an attempt to cause tension between my wife and I because it was designed to create the illusion that I was doing something not very good. I immediately shut down all my existing emails. I had a lot of writing stored online in my emails including the years of correspondence between my wife and I. Obviously whoever was behind it was a trained profiler so they knew how I wrote in every little detail making me look highly questionable in the eyes of my wife who also was very familiar with the style of my penmanship. I have absolutely no doubt this was the proverbial shot across the bow; a warning to shut up and to keep my story quiet. Why not just send in a black helicopter to hover over our house so that I could wave at them or give them the bird at my own discretion? Perhaps even a black SUV to sit outside our house so that I could take them some java at the end of the day for making themselves stupidly obvious? Or a house call form an Man in Black so that I could kick his ass all over the front lawn and send him back to his superiors all banged up with the message of, “leave this guy alone he knows kung fu.” No.. instead they have to hijack my IP address and profile me via the emails exchanged over the years between my wife and I. I know damn well, this stupid son of a bitch is sitting at a desk in an undisclosed location such as Langley or beneath the Denver Airport; both of which have reportedly been connected to CIA headquarters, sending harassing emails not to me, but to my wife to this very day. A weekly or sometimes bi-weekly reminder that I tried to go public. Stupid thing is, my story is not that great. It is small and I think quite trivial in comparison to such names as Whitley Strieber, Budd Hopkins, or even Travis Walton. So anyway, I am still recovering from that fiasco as well. Are they going to attack anything I try to write now?

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