The Year is 2012 And it is Time to Live!

The Year is 2012

And it is Time to Live!


Adrian Dorsey


I am sitting here on the 2nd day of 2012 watching Congressman Ron Paul on CNN’s State of the Union. I am thinking that it has been an exhausting journey to get to this year with all of the propaganda that this has led up to it. For some ungodly reason “the powers that govern our modern media” want us in a state of fear and paranoia. They want this to be a global phenomena. Why is that? What is it so important for the world to believe that after this year there will be no more birthdays? That Christmas of 2012 may not even happen because the planet might no longer be here? The fearful whoring war mongrels that control this babble demand that you quit thinking straight so that you can spend all of your time and energy in quivering terror anticipating what horrible demise that awaits you in eleven months down the road. Even the Mayan people of today do not believe their calender foretells the end of times. It is only the end of a calender which of course demands that it start over again from day one.

I have spent the last ten years studying kung fu. Most notably the styles of Emei baguazhang and Cheng Man Ching’s Yang style tai chi chuan. Five or six days a week I train steady taking one day off to rest. Now I admit that during a lot of those years I trained under the utmost expectation that these skills will some day be necessary to withstand the crazy hordes that will be wandering the streets like a bunch of ding-a-lings in a dystopic post apocalyptic scenario. But I underwent a change a few years back that brought all that fear and paranoia under control. It is easy to give in to the fear. In fact it can be addictive the same way that depression is known to be. There is a little training exercise that I would like you to do with me. I want to share with you the importance of just being an “observer” in the moment. I want you to try and just remain in the “now”. Just stay here with me and do not think about the possibilities of a future you have no idea how it is really going to unfold. Do not worry about the past that is already gone by. Just stay right where you are at. Here. Now. Because this is where you need to be. Before this moment ends lives will have passed on and new lives will be born into the world. In this same time frame kingdoms will fall while new ones will arise. I only want you to remain with me right here… for just a moment.

I want you to think about what you would like to do with your life if the world does not end at the the conclusion of this year. What would you like to be doing? What dreams would you fulfill if given the time and the opportunity to accomplish them? Now, see yourself living that dream as though you have already fulfilled it. See the kind of life the fulfillment of that vision would bring. Picture the kind of home you would live in, or perhaps improvements that would be provided to your existing home. I want you to get detailed as to the décor you would possess if you could live the life you want. I am talking about everything from the kind of food you would eat to televisions, couches, rugs, dining room tables and chairs, curtains, and the works. Just take a moment to see it all in your mind. What kind of vehicle would you be driving? What color would it be? What make and year? I encourage you to go as grand as you dare yourself to believe.

Can you see it? Your vision manifest in your mind’s eye.

If you have taken the moment to do this little exercise I want you to know something. You have already changed your destiny and your world cannot end in eleven months. You have sent out an impression of energy like a frequency from your body outward into the Universe like the radiance of a sun. The Law of Nature demands that whatever you send out must come back to you in the same manner multiplied many times over.  Wallace D. Wattles knew this. Napoleon Hill spent a quarter of a century learning it. Bob Proctor has spent decades teaching it. Your thoughts become things!

I intricately talk about this in my book called the Paradigm Formula; Your 2012 Survival Guide.

You see that image in your mind. That image of the life you want to live. I want you to get emotionally attached to it. It is your emotions that send out the frequency wave into the Universe and everything organic and inorganic in nature will begin to respond to bring into physical reality the image of whatsoever it is that you are emotionally attached to. I want you to give your dream a deadline so that it is transformed from an elusive wish into the actuality of a defined goal with purpose. Now, here is the challenge. I want you to actively do something every day toward the completion of your goal. It does not matter how big or how small. Just DO SOMETHING!

So stop transmitting fear and the anticipation of the end of the world. Start to transmit the emotions of life toward the fulfillment of your dreams.

The year is 2012 and it is time to live!

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