The Moon is Falling


The Moon is Falling


Adrian Dorsey

Over the past few years my wife, Amy, and I have noticed some unexplained anomalies concerning the moon. Now we have not been avid moon gazers but still when the moon is up there doing its thing every month you cannot help but notice it. When a change occurs which has never happened during the forty years of my life span I cannot help but notice that. I know that often Amy has asked me why the moon appears to be closer than usual. The harvest moon syndrome is expected in October but she does not recall ever seeing it in January or June or some other month of the year. We have been curious about the moon for sometime now but have not seen anything on the news and for the longest time there was nothing on the internet either. Until the last year of 2011. It appears that we are no longer the only ones noticing that there are obvious changes in Earth’s only satellite and in the star’s themselves. Even the Canadian Arctic Inuit and Inuinnait peoples have come forward saying that they have observed changes in the Earth’s poles and in the sun and the moon and that they no longer recognize the stars in the night sky. I recently read an article where one fellow observed the moon on August 15th, 2011, flip 90 degrees from the time it rose until it set.

 I guess I have become somewhat a moon enthusiast since Christmas of 2011 because my wife gave me a great set of binoculars which are powerful enough to see the craters on the moon and even four of the moons of Jupiter. So far I am familiar with two craters on the side we can see from Earth. Those would be Tycho and Aristarchus. In a picture taken on November 8th, 2002, one can see Tycho at an obvious six o’clock position and Aristarchus is roughly located at the ten o’clock position.

 I remember that January of 2011 the moon look odd and even I described it as egg shaped. Yet still nothing of it was mentioned in any media. Then I stumbled upon a video that starkly reveals that something strange has indeed occurred. The moon has shifted dramatically and the start of this phenomenon seems to coincide with the deaths of millions of birds and ocean life around the world.

Is this phenomenon due to the fact that the Earth itself is experiencing a pole shift. A fact that has slipped into the news but briefly such as msnbc who gave the event a whole 56 seconds of air time on January 7th, 2011. Perhaps the wobble of the Earth which seems to be moving 40 miles each year now is causing the moon to wobble and turn.

 I write this little blog piece on February 9, 2012, after my wife informed me as she arrived home from work that the moon was unusually large in that almost uncharacteristic harvest moon fashion rising in the Eastern sky. My stepson grabbed the binoculars with the tripod hauling it outside for us to take a look. I managed to get the moon situated nicely in the lens but allowed him the first opportunity to give it a good studying gaze. Less than a moment passed before he exclaimed that Aristarchus had moved downward. He was so excited as he described it sitting at about the seven o’clock position and Tycho was probably in the five o’clock position. I realized he was using the face clock method to analyze the only two craters that we are familiar with. Last month Aristarchus was probably at around the nine o’clock and Tycho was at an estimated five o’clock. I took a look for myself feeling some uneasy excitement building. In my estimate Tycho was actually closer to perhaps the four o’clock or perhaps three thirty position and Aristarchus is now located at the seven o’clock. The time we viewed this was between 8:00 pm and 8:30 pm. There was definitely been a shift in the moon since the last time it was full. Something strange is going on in the sky.  I do not know. I am not an astronomer or a scientist, but I am a concerned citizen of planet Earth wondering what in the hell is going on and I have to wonder if it is natural or manufactured.

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