The Monkey King Ancient Alien History?

The Monkey King

Ancient Alien History?

By Adrian Dorsey


 I am an ancient alien theorist so when I read books where the characters wield magical powers and gods and goddesses are ascending and descending from the heavens I do not see the world of make belief but the possibility of technological sciences misinterpreted by the people of an older time. Arthur C. Clarke was right when he said that, “Sufficiently advanced technology can be indistinguishable from magic.”

My efforts are not to offend the concept behind this masterful accomplishment of the Monkey King but rather the opposite by expanding and enlightening on the possibility that there was something more taking place here. The English translated novel by Arthur Waley does much honor to this sixteen century story which is probably the most popular fable in the history of China and the rest of the Far East. A story of encounters with gods, demigods, monsters, demons, and battles that are great and terrible which range from the ground to up in the sky. Consider that what has come down to us as myth was perhaps grounded in actual fact that was really misinterpreted technology. Now it could be that the story is purely imaginative but I would encourage you for just a moment to take a leap of technological interpretation. Some of the details seem a little too ironic and even suspicious to me to the point that I just cannot dismiss them as fiction.

We have this stone Monkey emerging from what appears to be a rock like egg that was located on top of a mountain. To me this resembles an escape pod or vessel used to safely enter the atmosphere from orbit. I am reminded here of the Babylonian legend that Ishtar descended from heaven in an egg that landed in the Euphrates River. According to those that saw it the egg broke open and she emerged and this heralded the season of spring. What was this egg? I offer that it simply opened up as a vehicle would be designed to do and the appearance of this technology was beyond what the people could comprehend. So was the stone egg that Monkey emerged from then a vehicle that descended from the heavens? I think we have to take into consideration that throughout the story we have the palace of the Jade Emperor located in the heavens not unlike a space station. There are also divine beings that flew throughout these lofty places which I believe were located in orbit around the planet. Considering the immense havoc that Monkey creates in the palace of the Jade Emperor that brings the wrath of heaven down on him I am inclined to lean in this direction of thought.

Perhaps Monkey was a genetic anomaly that was purposely created by some scientific minded deities. Could it be that they saw within the genetic code that the creature they were creating would become unpredictably powerful? The story does say that the Monkey was a prodigy of heaven born of the elements. That does not mean that he was necessarily a freak creation by chance nor does this indicate that Monkey is a figment of the imagination! I think that he may have been something that was genetically designed. Here are the questions that I think need to be asked regarding the issue. If he was engineered by some scientific minds that realized how dangerous he could become; was the project abandoned by placing the primordial substance that would become the stone monkey into a life pod or vehicle which was then jettisoned into the atmosphere of the planet to be destroyed? Or perhaps it was to save him by making it appear that he was an anomaly created by accident. Either way we have in the personification of the Monkey King what I interpret as a technologically enhanced being that was made from science and believed to be magical coincidence until finally diluted to the idea of a myth woven into the tapestry of a wonderful story.

The basis of my argument is that this was during a time when divine beings were known to have their influence upon many peoples all around the world. Every culture around the globe is consistent in the belief that their gods were beings that descended from the heavens with magical powers that today we can easily interpret with the understanding of technology. Anyone can reference these stories passed down to us from the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and all throughout the Middle East. Of course I respectably have to mention the Native American Indigenous People such as the Hopi, the Cherokee, and even the Choctaw who often speak of what they call the Star Ancestors who come from the sky to teach them how to live in harmony with the planet. It does not matter what culture you choose to investigate. There is no one that is untouched by the visitors from the sky that claim to come from distant stars. The pattern is repeated so many times with the primitive people mistakenly interpreting their advanced technological capabilities as magic.

All I am asking you to do is consider the idea for only a moment. I do not seek to dishonor this magnificent story of the Far East, but to bring it to life under conditions that may have certainly been plausible.

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