The Fourth Turning and the Hero Generation


The Fourth Turning


The Hero Generation


Adrian Dorsey

This blog posting is largely inspired by the words of David Morehouse, Phd, who is a former Army Special Forces Major involved in the CIA program called Project Stargate, as described in his international best seller Psychic Warrior. I am in the process of studying his instructional material on Remote Viewing which involves a lot of quantum physics understanding that is just tremendous. I reached the end of chapter five where he discusses something called the Four Turnings of Global Society. These are the cycles of evolutionary change brought about by the succeeding generations born into the human condition. How each generation is subject to the components of global growth and must deal with ideological conformity which in turn leads to a process of global decay that brings about a period of ideological divisiveness. How the parental attitudes have an effect on the values and attitudes of the successive generation that will inherit the categorical imperatives bringing about the global circumstances that ultimately have to be faced for the continuation or the destruction of humanity as a species. As each generation is understood to be the lifespan of a single human from birth to death we can see that the cycle of the Four Turnings has gone on indefinitely since the founding creation of the human species repeating itself over and over again like a grand cosmic soap opera.

The First Turning is called the Rebuilding Phase. This is the time period where we can see global society expanding and prospering. In this atmosphere children are raised in an optimistic atmosphere of liberty where they are free to explore the social values of the frontiers of freedom. These are the ones that grow up into what develops into what is called a Prophetic generation as they are hungry to pursue life with the depth of meaning while nurturing an air of distrust for the status quo that leads to defiance of the ruling authority. They see the political regime of their age as overly oppressive and extremely out of touch with reality.

The Second Turning is the Sustainment Phase. There is a sense of global equilibrium that society manages to maintain. It is during this time that spiritual passion begins to sweep through the land. The adults become continuously preoccupied in the pursuit of self discovery in preparation for the upcoming millennium and this by and large leaves the children to fend for themselves. Left to their own devices in the wake of the adult distraction to seek illumination, the youth on a global scale become a Nomadic generation. Hardened by their upbringing they are the “wild child” syndrome that is branded with the bad reputation as they are forced to be the scapegoats for the ensuing condition of the social chaos that is starting to envelope the land.

The Third Turning is the Unraveling Phase. The Nomad generation with their toughened exteriors as the result of their upbringing break from the bonds of tradition, and the associations that their peers held so dear are discarded. The offspring born into this environment is raised in an air of pessimism because the social climate has turned almost toxic with a suffocating degree of imposed laws that bring with it harsh measures enforced by their elders. The Global consensus is for society to go to war as there is an unraveling of moral and ethical values. These are replaced by the masks of corrupt political agendas to control the people like herds stripping them of their human identity and treating them more like animals. The lands of democracy and liberty become what can only be described as a fascist penal colony under the constant threat of military authoritarianism.

This is where we are today! With the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act which officially abolishes the Second Amendment of the American Constitution with the threat of indefinite detention without trial by jury it is a declaration of martial law throughout the land that was once known for its democratic liberty.

The Fourth Turning is the Destructive Phase. The whole World goes to war on a scale that is incomprehensible. It is during this time that the Hero Generation comes of age and the political order is transformed according to the new values, which we see emulated in the earlier Second Turning or Sustainment Phase. Heroes rise up on a Global scale realizing that if a shift does not occur that demands a greater expression of life in a positive way that this could potentially mean the end of the species as a whole. This is a most difficult time fraught with many dangers. It is during this period that the children are reared in a protective heavily sheltered environment, but that is okay, because this promotes within them the sensitivity to develop into an Artist generation. It is this Artist generation that that becomes the soothing healing and boon of the social amendments to be brought back into order thus returning the cycle to the original condition of the First Turning and they become the inheritors of the new regime.

Consider what is happening this very moment with the impending threat of going to war with Iran.

I was inspired to write this blog as I watched Congressman Ron Paul’s victory speech in New Hampshire this morning. It was a thrilling sensation listening to the crowd cheer with thunderous applause as he reinforces the ideals of liberty and an end to the Federal Reserve accompanied with the promise to limit the government from controlling peoples lives. These are the voices of the Hero Generation that has realized that a change must occur for the hope of the future of humanity, not just here in America, but around the World!

You are not going to lay down your life in 2012. I reinforce this fact in my book The Paradigm Formula; Your 2012 Survival Guide! You are going to take your life back and fulfill your dreams of being who you were created to be so you can do those things that you have been created to do. You can only do that by taking control of your freedom by ensuring the success of liberty!

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