The End of the World And the Dumb Genie Aspect

The End of the World

And the Dumb Genie Aspect


Adrian Dorsey

Can you think of any greater business obstruction then the End of the World? Yet the idea alone is worth millions in revenue to the people that have been selling the idea. Like rats to the proverbial electrified cupcake the sheeple keep going back for more and continue to buy into it like a record stuck on repeat.

Through my studying I realized that we transmit our own destinies. We human beings are living transmitters and we emit our feelings outward like signals or rays that cause the Universe to respond to whatever emotions we are emitting. The Universe in return reacts in accordance to what we are radiating whether it is joy, gladness, hope… or on the other side of the spectrum it could be fear, depression and the expectation of dying in a holocaust predicted by media fallacies. Bottom line is that the Universe meets you where your expectations are at. It is as Wallace D. Wattles said in his book “The Science of Getting Rich” that poverty exists for no other reason than that those who live in poverty can see nothing beyond the scope of their present condition. Disease exists because thought is given toward the image of sickness which manifests the reality of disease in the body. Whatever your present condition may be it is only because you have believed yourself into it whether that is an area of success or a back alley in a cardboard box. Life met you where you believed yourself to be. So long as you believe in the image of the condition you will remain steadfast where you are with no change. In Reiterate this philosophy in my own words within the pages of The Paradigm Formula; Your 2012 Survival Guide.

The “powers that be” which govern our society know this paradigm formula quite well. That is why 1% of the world owns the greatest riches while the rest wallow in misery and poverty. They want you to believe that you deserve no better. So there you sit, exactly where they want you having accepted your lot in life without so much as a fight.

Now the world prepares to die. Why? For no other reason than that is the image that the governing powers of our society want you to believe. You see “they” know that the Universe responds to thought and emotion. “They” who govern us from the sidelines know that humans transmit their emotions like beacons outward into deep space and all of creation both animate and inanimate responds to that energy to give back along the same frequency that which has been received. It has worked well enough to keep poverty, disease, and misery alive on our planet for aeons. Now through the fostering of the the End of the World concept there are millions of people transmitting the emotional horror that they are going to die. This frequency is emitting outward into all of creation that we will inevitably perish on a given date and guess what… all of creation is trying to respond. Not because some deity wants the Earth to perish, but because that is how the Law of the Universe works. Whatever you emotionally connect yourself too will inevitably come to pass if you are wholly committed to it. The Law of Nature is not biased it simply brings to you your greatest hopes but it will also bring to you your greatest fears. It does not care whether it is good or bad for you. Only that you transmitted an emotional frequency and it wants to give back what you sent out.

I call it the dumb genie aspect. Only you are not limited to three wishes. You get to request all the desires and fears you want and Nature will keep giving to you the rewarding image that you see in your mind whether it is your success for happiness, abundance, and fulfillment or your misery in poverty and disease.

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