The Bittersweet Reality of Sugar

The Bittersweet Reality of Sugar


Adrian Dorsey


When I came off of all processed sugar and its 56 hidden names 3 years ago I often said to my wife, Amy, that this has to be what it feels like going through withdrawal from street drugs.

A few months ago I actually found out through the research of Dr. Robert Lustig by way of his lecture on Sugar: The Bitter Truth as well as the movie FED UP that this sweet chemical is actually nothing more than a poison.


Consider that in the 1970’s the food companies were told to remove essential fats from the food because they wanted the public to believe that was making people obese. So they removed the fat but replaced it with tons of sugar which is really empty calories.

To help drive this home the movie FED UP points out that in 1980 only a few school children in America had diabetes but in the last 35 years that number has increased to almost 60,000 cases. That is insane!

We are being poisoned with this addictive sweetener that our bodies do not know how to metabolize so it gets stored in our tissues making us sick and obese! Even if you are thin but eat sugar laden foods and drinks you are not healthy. In fact thin people on sugar are often more sick then those who are obese!

There is NO good thing about processed sugar!

Sugar is More Addictive Than Cocaine!

I was shocked to discover that sugar actually lights up the same areas of the brain as cocaine… but even more shocking is that sugar is more addictive! No wonder I physically ached coming off of that crap! I literally suffered for almost a year through anguishing cravings but I persevered and fought it. I kicked it and have been processed sugar free ever since. The difference has been amazing.


The only sugar I get now comes in its most natural form wrapped in fiber. Fruit. However, I am aware that even fruit spikes my insulin level because the food companies have genetically modified almost all fruits to contain more natural sugar to make them taste sweeter. Fruit was meant to be bitter and not sweet. Bottom line is that sugar with fruit can be metabolized by the body sufficiently. It is the empty calorie sugar that the liver does not know what to do with so it stores it.

The research is now becoming available concerning this sweet bitter poison that has been allowed into almost all of our food and drinks. What I suspected was indeed accurate. I was more than just coming off of a drug… I was detoxing from a poison.

As an inflammatory sugar is responsible for playing a significant role in the formulation that is the start of almost all forms of sickness and disease. Hell, sugar even feeds cancer with no surprise. It may not start cancer but once the disease manifests sugar plays an active role in contributing to it. I find it ironic that we treat cancer with radiation that increases inflammation even further. Then if the person survives that treatment after being cooked from the inside out they go back to what… consuming sugar… because at no time in their treatment have they been taught to stay away from the main ingredient that actually promotes their disease! Then they wonder why it returns and kills them later.

I remember when I came off of gluten at the beginning of my journey 12 1/2 years ago that my bowels were inflamed for a long time… years even. I blamed it all on gluten but I had no understanding of what major role sugar was playing in the equation. That explains why I have been so yang over the years… too hot internally… A lot of those yang issues I was experiencing have abated significantly. Now I am thinking that perhaps were it not for the inflammatories of empty calories I was pouring into my body that I may have not ever become gluten intolerant. But who knows.. that is neither here nor there… I am just saying that without inflammatories already making my guts a time bomb waiting to go off I might have been able to tolerate a lot more. I can never eat gluten grains again and I have no regrets on that note but I consider that sugar obviously played a role in that.

I started 12 1/2 years ago by eliminating gluten and all foods with enriched bleach flour. Eight years later I removed corn and more processed foods. A few years after that I finally figured out the sugar angle and that was three years ago.


Today I no longer have horrible empty calorie cravings for that little toxic sweetener. The only sugar I eat is from fruit and even then I use moderation. My health no longer fluctuates up and down. My moods have been balanced out a lot more which is fantastic because I used to suffer from clinically diagnosed sever aggravated depression.

I am OWNING MY LIFE because I control the fuel that I put into my body. I encourage you to do the same.

Do not take my word for any of this. I am simply sharing my thoughts according to my own research but you need to do some of your own so you can come to a proper educated decision on the matter of this bitter sweet truth concerning sugar.

In this instance knowledge alone is NOT power until you understand it enough to take action with your own health.

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