The Beneficial Impact of Tai Chi Chuan On Kidney Failure

The Beneficial Impact of Tai Chi Chuan On Kidney Failure


Adrian Dorsey


When it comes to kidney failure, tai chi chuan has been used as a beneficial remedy in China for ages with amazing results!

The health benefits of tai chi chuan are numerous including stress reduction by quieting the mind, improving blood flow, lung functionality, while strengthening the legs and core of the body with absolutely minimal impact on the joints.

Tai chi also helps to improve balance, gently opening up the joints restoring tendon and ligament function, and undeniably impacts the digestive and immune system in positive ways.

With so many positive side effects what can be said about tai chi chuan and kidney failure?

Many people here in North America do not realize that tai chi chuan in conjunction with qigong has been used as a remedy for kidney diseases in China for thousands of years with success!

Physiologically tai chi chuan helps to harmonize imbalances caused by high blood pressure by settling the heart rate through the breathing process which is connected very closely with the movements. The gentle turning of the waist massages internal organs including the kidneys helping to reduce such issues as inflammation. The internal organs respond to the circular turnings by showing improved functionality and with no exception this has been witnessed in patients suffering from kidney failure.

I can attest that tai chi chuan does improve inflammation symptoms after suffering from my own health issues over the years and have overcome these hot issues adequately!


Tai Chi Chuan Alleviates Symptoms of Kidney Disease With Conclusive Surprising Results

Tai chi chuan is one of the exercises that can be successfully utilized to treat kidney failure disease. Consider that tai chi has been used in China for a long time to treat kidney problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other ailments with surprising success at relieving many chronic symptoms.

It cannot be overstated that a huge contributor to kidney failure problems is the state of one’s emotional mental health which has a huge impact on the function of the kidneys. Tai chi chuan promotes a relaxing of the mind along with the body in such a manner as to produce optimistic good feelings throughout your entire being. This in turn affects the cortisol output by the adrenals often caused by various states of emotional stress. Once this relaxation is tapped into the adrenals can perform proper hormone production to improve balancing out the overall health of the entire body.

kidney failure can be further irritated by high blood pressure and in some cases even anemia. Emotional stress can impact one’s appetite to eat properly which can do further kidney damage that can eventually compromise the immune system making the body more susceptible to viruses and bacteria infections like colds and flu.

Kidney failure patients often go on to suffer from renal osteopathy so they require proper exercises to improve bone conditioning which tai chi chuan is adequately proven to provide. Tai chi can improve kidney conditions dramatically when in conjunction with Vitamin D naturally from the sun. Remember that artificial Vitamin D supplements can lead to over calcification in the blood so it is best to get it from its most natural source radiating down upon us from above.

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A Hong Kong study done in 2003 looked at the results of such a home based exercise such as tai chi chuan and its impact on end stage kidney disease patients. The conclusion was this low capacity aerobic exercise did beneficially improve the conditions of those who participated.

Tai chi chuan provides an excellent alternative to outdoor and group exercise that helps to alleviate symptoms and improve conditions of kidney failure disease by those who make this a part of their daily lifestyle.

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