Testosterone and Estradiol Levels In Men May Ultimately Be Effecting Fitness Results and Weight Loss

Testosterone and Estradiol Levels In Men May Ultimately Be Effecting Fitness Results and  Weight Loss


Adrian Dorsey


Imagine my surprise to learn about testosterone and estradiol levels in men and how it could be effecting weight loss and other significant health issues!

Today was an average work out for any Wednesday burning roughly 1,853 calories over 2.5 hours doing DDP Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan including sword forms, and baguazhang kung fu with trigram palms and deer horn knives.

I have been studying martial arts for ten years and training five to six days a week with no idea that high levels of estradiol in men could be so counter productive to my efforts to be fit.

Could it be estradiol in men that is responsible for contributing to the spare tire still hanging around the middle?

I admit that my ability to tone, build muscle, and lose weight has been a frustrating journey but I had no idea how detrimental excess estradiol levels in men could be the source.

I train like a bloody beast and I have “this” to show for it!

I will only use one picture here because this is basically my before…


AND AFTER eleven years of hard f*&#ing work!!

I have studied kung fu for eleven solid years without stopping and without suspecting the cause for my weight dilema. I had no idea that men could even have estrogen in their system or how it was closely connected to testosterone.

I would argue fiercely that my diet is gluten free, lactose free, sugar free… and consists of basically a vegan diet while drinking plenty of water.

How in the hell was I supposed to know that my depleting beneficial testosterone was converting in estradiol instead of DHT (dehydrotestosterone)?

There are not very many articles on the subject of estradiol effecting weight loss in men.

At the same time there is hardly anybody searching for this problem of estrogen conversion from the male hormone because I think this is largely overlooked in spite of the fact that I know there are many out there who have problems losing weight and yet they diet clean and exercise mean without ever getting lean.

I know! You look at me and snicker that I should look like an athlete not a lump whose on the level with the bubble in the middle.

Thanks for continuing to point that out.

Recently I discovered something about testosterone and estradiol levels in men that will surprise you as much as it did me!

I am going to be honest here.

Even though my wife and I suspected some kind of testosterone issue we had no idea about the significant role of estradiol in men.

Is not estrogen something that is only found in women? Think again!!!

When the blood work was all said and done my estradiol levels were higher than they should be and my DHT (dihydrotestosterone) came in at a much lower figure. With my estradiol so high the doctor suggesed that the testosterone production may not be the issue. The problem appeared to be in the conversion.

You must understand that estradiol levels in men plays just as significant a role as testosterone and both play major roles in men’s health especially when he reaches middle age.

Life Extention Magazine published the Dangers of Excess Estrogen in the Aging male in 2008 which shared the following concerns.

1. Excess estradiol in the middle aged man doubles the risk of stroke by promoting abnormal blood clots.

2. High estradiol in men can also cause thickness of the carotid artery!

3. HT Health put out an article September 12, 2013, that covers Estrogen weight gain… in men?

4. The problem of excess estradiol levels in men in comparison to deficient testosterone (which seems to be my situation) is that as the aging body produces less testosterone more of the beneficial testosterone is aromatized or converted into estradiol. This causes an estrogen dominance which research is realizing can be a precurser to cardiovascular disease.

5. There is also research to conclude that high estrogen is associated with prostate cancer with a contradictory result of first causing and then trying to fight the tumor but in the end the cancer becomes resistant to estrogen therapy and eventually uses endogenous estrogen to expediate its own growth.

What I really want to share is that after going on an estradiol inhibitor anastrozole for almost five months and I have dropped 25 lbs! I have more energy. My confidence factor is up of course. As well as a few other positive symptoms that I do not feel it necessary to go into because that goes into the serious subject of sexual matters.

I suggest that if you are eating right and exercising mean but you are not satisfied with the results then I suggest you get in to see your doctor and get a full complete check up.

Your before and after efforts should certainly not look like this!


Then point out the testosterone/estradiol connection and get those levels checked out.

I am still am shocked that the role of estradiol levels in men unequivocally effects such a wide range of health issues from sexual to cardiovascular, the prostate, and weight loss!

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