Tai Chi For Seniors Can Help Ease the Hands of Time

Tai Chi For Seniors Can Help Ease the Hands of Time


Adrian Dorsey



Tai chi for seniors can be a boon as well as a blessing to help ease the hands of time. Often described as a combination between yoga and meditation in motion tai chi utilizes the harmony of breathing with slow movements that help to increase strength and flexibility while improving balance.

Tai chi for seniors is very popular all over the world even though it is practiced by people of all ages.

A study concerning tai chi for seniors was done at the University in Cleveland Ohio as well as Oregon Research Institute which discovered that tai chi can actually reduce pain levels for those suffering from arthritis while at the same time can increase mobility in the motor functions of someone who is essentially a sedentary elderly person.

There needs to be an understanding here in North America that although Tai Chi is a martial art it is also a healing art. These subtle side effects of tai chi are often overlooked but I am here to inform you that this low impact exercise can be practiced throughout one’s entire life or one can begin at any age no matter their condition or state of health and begin to see improvements with serious consistent daily practice.

Tai chi for seniors is great because it places significant emphasis on regaining balance and musculature control which is so often lost with the impact of old age.

My oldest student was a gentleman named Harold who was 72 years old with Parkinson’s Disease. In spite of doing his daily exercises among which included swimming, his motor functions continued to degrade. He started doing tai chi with me and practicing every day over a period of six months. Over that time his ability to hold simple utensils dramatically improved. His doctor was impressed with the amazing progress which had been on a steady decline until he began tai chi. The advice from his doctor was simple. He told Harold to continue with the tai chi program because it was making a difference in a very good way!

I want you to understand an astounding fact that is often overlooked with tai chi and that is the fact that over 96% of the muscles in the body are worked during this exercise which includes circular movements of the waste to massage the internal organs which promote energy and life from within while working the extremities from without.


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Western Medicine Verifies That Benefits of Tai Chi For Seniors is Valid!

Eastern Medicine has praised the benefits of tai chi for seniors a long time but recently the Western modern schools of medicine are beginning to verify that this attributes are indeed valid.


I will list just a few of these here for consideration.

–          Increased balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness

–          Lower LDL (low density lipids) otherwise known as bad cholesterol by 20-26 mg.

–          Improves recovery for those who have had a stroke, heart failure, or heart attacks.

–          Beneficial effects for those with Muscular Schlerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Fibromyalgia.

–          Tai chi can improve one’s immune system.

–          Significant increase in one’s sense of well being reducing the effects of stress, anxiety, depression and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.tai chi me1 001 - Copy

–          Tai Chi has also been known to ease the discomforts of allergies, asthma, chronic pain, diabetes, migraines as well as quantifiable improvements in symptoms of diseases effecting the liver

–          Improves mental and physical coordination through the integration of mental imagery stimulating the brain.

–          Promotes the releasing of endorphins into the body rather than depleting them.

–          Stimulates mental processes making it easier to focus and concentrate.

Tai chi requires no more than around 20 minutes a day with significant rewards and no equipment or furniture is required!

The peaceful atmosphere promoted by tai chi would be a great meeting place for seniors with common interests.

Instructor Adrian Dorsey has been teaching tai chi for over a decade carefully selecting students over that time period. Adrian moved to Troy, Ohio, from Alberta, Canada, to live with his wife, Amy, who works at Premier Health in Dayton as a
Nurse Informaticist. Having realized that there is a need for tai chi in the community Adrian is offering his teaching skills to people of all ages including tai chi for seniors because the benefits should be experienced by as many as can and want to participate in this uniquely amazing fitness program.


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