Sweat Can be as Sexy as it is Vital!

Sweat Can be as Sexy as it is Vital!


Adrian Dorsey

Too many people forsake the benefits of an extremely healthy and meticulously chiseled body because of their fear of that vital fluid that begins to seep through their skin as soon as their muscles begin to exert some steady consistent effort; sweat!

I will be the first to admit that sweat does have a poor image, mostly because it is misunderstood.

I want to reinforce that sweat is just as vital as it can be downright sexy!

If you have read my previous part 1 and part 2 articles concerning “What You Should Know About the Importance of Sweating” then you already have some information about the purpose that it serves as far as its health benefits.

Sweat is your body’s way of getting rid of the water, salt, and excess toxins and minerals in a way that prevents the body from overheating. Sweat is to your body what antifreeze is to a vehicle. Simply knowing the function of sweat and why the body produces it may not be enough for some of you, so let us approach it from a different angle.


The image of a sweaty person improving their health and performance ultimately implies self-respect and pride in personal health and well-being.

People who care for their bodies walk with a sense of confidence and pride that other people usually lack. A fit person is someone who is glowing with the resilience because they often feel like they OWN their life physically with a work ethic that has a powerfully positive impact on them emotionally as well as psychologically.

I know that it is my own personal goal to be as strong, flexible, and as fit as I am capable of being so that I can simply enjoy each and every day that I am alive for however long that may be!

An unknown author once penned the following words and if I ever find out who they are I will certainly give them credit for every syllable.

“A well built physique is much more than about how good one looks. A well built

physique is a status symbol. It reflects that you worked hard for it. No money can

buy it. You cannot inherit it. You cannot borrow it. You cannot hold onto it without

constant work. It shows dedication. It shows discipline. It shows self respect. It

shows dignity. It shows patience, work ethic, passion. That is why it is attractive

and worth striving for.”   ~Unknown


To reiterate something I said in an earlier post, “… you may find as I do that your sweat is like a fine mist that does not feel disgusting but actually invigorating and odorless. I can attest to that after years of good eating and kung fu, DDP Yoga, and some weight lifting on a daily basis.”

 Ultimately sweat is sexy when you see your partner, the object of your desire, sparkling and glistening after a tough workout, you are witnessing the fruits of their hard f’n work!

My beautiful wife, Amy, thinks I am nuts when we are done working out and I want to lap the droplets from her skin! What can I say? Sweat is sexy! And my wife sparkles when she sweats and that turns me on.

Bottom line is that a strong heart, fit body, clear skin, toned muscles, calm nerves makes for happy souls and big smiles and between two people that is everything that can last a lifetime!

The couple that trains together is happier together because they distress together, eat right together, sleep right together, and completely OWN THEIR LIVES TOGETHER!


When you are busting your ass working out you are literally demonstrating that you care about yourself.

You are showing that you are dedicated to the task at hand to be your best and to offer the best of yourself to your partner who deserves all that you can possibly be.

You are reinforcing that you face challenges with determination to conquer by giving it your everything so that you can be the person you were created to be enabling you to do those things you know you have been created to do and that is sexy!

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