Survival is a Great Incentive

Survival is a Great Incentive

To Get Into Shape


Adrian Dorsey



There were a number of reasons that contributed to the reason why I decided to change my lifestyle for the better. I was sick much of the time due to a host of food allergies. There was the lower spinal and the torn ligaments in my hips. My posture was out of alignment which made it painful to walk very far or do hard labor. As for running that was laughable because there was no way I could run a hundred feet without blowing a heart valve. More than all of these something happened that was poignant enough that convinced me that I had to transform my life for the better.  If anyone has read my blog postings up to this point you know that I only started DDPYoga about ten months ago. However for the last ten years I have been studying martial arts, focusing on the styles of tai chi chuan and baguazhang. I leaned in this direction because of a single incident that turned into a physical assault. I got out of it okay and found out I could take a punch to the head without blacking out but all I could really do was push and shove at my opponent until he tired himself out. The whole incident lasted less than a few moments but I was exhausted, bruised in a few places, and drenched in sweat from head to foot. I swear it took me almost an hour to get my heart back to normal. After that I began to think about what happened and in the days and weeks that followed the whole thing really played on my mind. I was barely able to hold my ground with one asshole. What would have happened if there had been more than one? What if my kids would have been in the vicinity? I became stressed over the possibilities of how many ways I could become a victim or worse been unable to protect those I care about from being victimized as well. Two months later I stopped thinking about it and put my concerns into action.

For the first couple of years I studied kung fu as though I was preparing for the end of the world. In my mind I imagined scenarios of dystopic post-apocalyptic environments becoming a way of life. I learned the ways of the tai chi sword and bagauzhang introduced an exotic pair of weapons known as deer horn knives or deer hook swords. I was a martial artist. Through the process I was rebuilding my legs from the feet up, strengthening my core, and improving my balance. I was learning how to implement applications for real life situations such as multiple opponents. I was changing my diet, my body, and the way I organized my thoughts. Kung fu wasn’t just something that I did, it became a way of life.

But as Diamond Dallas says so often, “ There is always someplace else to go.” When I started DDPYoga I had already realized that there were elements that my body was still missing. My joints were sore, my spine would bother me occasionally, and at least once a year the old piriformis syndrome would flare up. Metaphorically speaking the old war wounds were still there. My instructor had been encouraging me for the last few years to do some cardiovascular, but because of my weight being an issue with spinal problems already prevalent, he cautioned me not to run because it would be too hard on me. I did the elliptical machine for about a year and a half until it broke from overuse. I tried skipping but agitated the old scars in my lower back and knees.

I needed a program that would jack my heart rate up without aggravating my joints, spine, and hips. That is where DDPYoga really did it for me because you get that heart rate amped to where it needs to go by using Dynamic Resistance without injuring your joints because it is 0 impact. I love it. I get my cardio while engaging specific muscles from position to position. The overall program has the foundation of yoga but with old school calisthenics and some rehabilitation techniques thrown in to the mix as well. My spine is being elongated which means that any subluxation through the discs are adjusted so the energy can move where it has to. My hips flexers are being opened up relieving the stress of emotional baggage I have collected over the years. That’s right, we carry our anger, depression, and negative feelings which gravitate down into our hips causing them to be tight and then we wonder why weight builds up there as well. The knee stabilizers are targeted as well helping to maintain posture and balance. Overall I can literally feel my body getting stronger, building muscle, toning and tightening where it should. It is not a metaphor when you consider the words of Diamond Dallas Page who says so often that, “you are holding back the hands of time.”

Bottom line is the condition of America today is getting scary. With the passing of the Patriot Act and most recently the National Defense Authorization Act, those whom we have entrusted to be in power brazenly regard us with complete contempt for our constitutional rights. The right to bear arms is being infringed upon. The right to privacy and security against unreasonable searches and seizures is being violated more each day. Many whom we believed were in authority positions to protect our rights of liberty and freedom have turned against us and we are expected to simply comply. As the right to self-preservation is imposed upon violent crime is sweeping throughout this country with increasing alarm.

I am not trying to get all paranoid here, but the reality is that if you are in shape you have a better chance to avoid or get out of a dangerous situation and save your loved ones. You need to have a body that is strong with good cardio and a healthy elongated spine to accomplish the task of successfully removing yourself from a threatening situation. If you know some manner of martial training to defend yourself than you should be capable of physically doing what you have to in order to secure your right and the rights of your loved ones to ensure the personal freedom of well-being. This is a bigger issue than a lot of people realize and a lot closer to home than many want to believe. Somewhere in the back of my mind I still imagine blood red skies and a world that is less hospitable but when I see what is happening all around us in our own country I realize that it is not just an overactive imagination. It is happening and unless something is done as a nation it will only get worse. So that is a huge part of my story. The idea of survival has proven to be great incentive.

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