Strange Sounds of 2012 Continued

Strange Sounds of 2012



Adrian Dorsey

I see that more of these videos are showing up around the globe. Some of them are obvious fakes and the hoaxers know who they are. However, one just has to weed through them and come up with their own conclusions. I think that a few important details need to be taken into consideration here. First, that the technology to dub these sounds over an environmental scene is readily available. Secondly, is that the technology to record video is in the hands of so many people in the form of I-Phones, I-Pods, and probably every form of modern smart phone with its many multi faceted functions is just obvious. Gone are the days when one is witness to an event and they wish they had their camera with them or they regret being out of film. I can personally tell you that I don’t think I know anybody nowadays that does not have an I-Phone. Even when I was working in the gravel pit in north central Alberta during this past summer of 2011 most of the grunts working there had this tech with them at all times. They would shovel gravel for awhile and then pull their phone out to answer their email or whatever. I am just trying to say that communication via the internet is hugely convenient and it allows the ability to record events on the spot in real time as they occur.

We have news broadcasts confirming that these sounds in Costa Rica and Brasil are legitimate phenomena even though North American media has yet to pick up the story. Yet in Windsor, Ontario, Councillor Al Maghneih, told that over a 1,000 people in his ward have complained of the mysterious rumbling noise in their area to which he has been a personal witness by personally visiting the constituents at their own homes. The provincial Ministry of Environment did an investigation last April of what I assume to be 2011 and concluded that it was no industrial cause behind the strange noise.

I do not now what the sounds are. I know that I have heard some of them before. Such as the booming that was recorded in Colorado on August 22nd, 2011 and recently in Costa Rica mentioned above. The other noise is what I would describe as something similar to metal grinding against metal like the hulls of ships rubbing together. I have heard these here in Ohio as well as in Alberta over the last few years. I would stop and listen for awhile knowing that it was not a natural sound. It was obviously artificial but I could not think about what would be the cause other then some kind of steel work taking place in the local area. So I dismissed it and went about my day. Rest assure next time I hear these audible curiosities I will be ready to record them.

Anyway, my point is that some of these do appear to be first hand accounts of personal witnesses who simply hit the record button with the technology that is so conveniently available to them. They do not have to prove anything.

I can only suggest that you listen to the skies in your own area because I am sure that you have your own I-Phone or equivalent within arms reach. Then we will see who believes you.


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