Strange Sounds of 2012

Strange Sounds of 2012


Adrian Dorsey

Strange sounds are being heard all around the world that no one seems to be able to identify. We have video recordings of these events from Alberta and Manitoba, Canada, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Colorado, Borneo (wailing cat in this video may be reacting to the sound in the background), Costa Rica, Southern France, the Czeck Republic, Tung Chung, Bratislava Mlynska, Southern Sweden and every day the list of locations gets longer. My wife Amy and I have heard these noises here in Troy, Ohio, as well. She describes it as the sound of a train rumbling by but there is no whistle and nothing is on the railway tracks that are just up the road from us within eyesight. It seems to be coming from everywhere all at once with no pinpoint to the location. At times I think it reminds me of the sound of massive tanker hulls rubbing together. I find it very agitating on the nerves after an hour or so, especially if I am outside training kung fu at the same time as it is occurring.

There is only one explanation that I have found that anyone has offered that seems to be plausible as it connects these phenomena to the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). This article is by Yoichi Shimatsu,General Editor, The Japan Times Weekly. Titled Eerie Sounds – The Haarpies Orchestra Of Woodwinds And Brass.I think Mr. Shimatsu is trying to say that artificial belts of electromagnetic highly charged nuclear protons are being created at high frequencies that carry audible sound waves. These vibrations are then carried by carbon dioxide molecules with their two oxygen atoms that resemble bells not unlike that of an alarm clock carrying these aural signals through the atmosphere long distances around the other side of the world. These resonances are then picked up and magnified by carbon fibers such as wood in trees and building structures and they begin to hum amplifying the effect not unlike a piano or a cello with its metal strings and wooden structures. Only in this case the instrument is the entire global structure of the planet. The ultimate end goal of this could be to cause psychological effects which are known to be manipulated by HAARP frequencies which are able to create in people feelings of depression, fear, and intoxifying dread in the lower sound range.

Others offer a less complex explanation that it is the End of Times and the sounds are the angels of heaven sounding the trumpets of revelation announcing the opening of the seals of judgment.

I am inclined to consider that perhaps both theories are more in harmony with the truth then some would be willing to commit. Consider that these angelic messengers of long ago who delivered the message of trumpets and seals and such things are what some people today call ancient extra terrestrial visitors. Is it possible then to consider that these artificially created sounds are indeed the trumpets which were given in revelation of prophecy by beings who foresaw that the day would come when people would become technologically advanced enough to manipulate High Active Auroral Research Programs with such efficiency. That the image of the freaky naked cherub popping grapes and strumming HAARPS on clouds was a metaphor for the technology that the human race would be able to use for good or for ill in our modern age here and now. I just think there may be a possible connection of irony here that no one has considered. Then again perhaps no one cares. Either way I have said my piece and now I leave it up to you to make up your own damn mind.

The only thing I can offer is to stay focused. Remember your paradigm and what are your goals. Do not give in to fear just push ahead to fulfill your dreams as I describe in The Paradigm Formula; Your 2012 Survival Guide.

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