Social Proof! The DDP Yoga Gorilla Official Certified Level 1 Instructor

Social Proof! The DDP Yoga Gorilla 

Official Certified Level 1 Instructor


Adrian Dorsey


There is an old Chinese proverb which accurately describes my DDP Yoga journey and it goes like this, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Just over three years ago I began my journey with DDP Yoga but that was not the beginning of my fitness lifestyle. That really began nearly 14 years ago when I found out that I would likely be in a wheel chair by the time I was 40 years old. An accident in the summer of 1992 left my T3, T6, and T9 damaged. The innermost ligaments holding my hip bones together was also torn to hell. As a result this included nerve damage to my lower back going straight down my left leg.

Yeah, my left leg is basically a peg leg!

I made a decision at that time from which there was no turning back. I was started to learn kung fu in January of 2003 in the hopes of changing my destiny. Used tai chi chuan and baguazhang styles to restructure my legs from the ground up during my first two years as well as some amazing spinal therapy. After that I simply made kung fu a way of life training every day. My instructor, sifu Muri Parsons, encouraged me to start teaching so that is exactly what I did.

Nearly ten years of kung fu had brought amazing results to my body, mind, and spirit, but occasionally I still had spinal issues and bad piriformis/sciatica problems once or twice a year which would bring my daily efforts of tai chi and baguazhang to a standstill for brief periods.

It was August of 2012 when sifu posted on his facebook news feed the story of Arthur Boorman. The Guld War Vet who had spent 15 years on crutches. Doctors had given up on him. He was depressed and approaching 300 lbs. Arthur was motivated to try DDP Yoga, the program developed by Diamond Dallas Page (3x Heavy Weight Champion of World Championship Wrestling). In 15 months Arthur dropped something like 140 lbs as was not just walking without crutches he was running and owning his life again!

I was inspired by the video so I enquired of sifu what his opinion was on yoga. He informed me that he did Asthanga Yoga daily as a part of his curriculum. I was astonished. He mentioned that it would improve my flexibility by opening my joints and elongating my spine in ways that kung fu was just not designed to do. He was adamant that yoga would improve my kung fu exponentially!


I was sold on the idea from that instant. I told my wife I wanted to try DDP Yoga and she surprised me by ordering it the very next day.

Now three years later of doing DDP Yoga every day as a precursor to my kung fu conditioning I can do things which I could not do even after ten years of martial arts! DDP Yoga has improved my tai chi and baguazhang in amazing ways! Plus I have dropped 50 lbs which is awesome too!

As a landmark to my DDP Yoga progress I entered the Level 1 certification program which I completed on November 10th, 2015.

Now back to that old Chinese Proverb about the thousand miles beginning with a single step, but here is my spin on that.

The journey of a thousand days began with day one!

Now I am officially a Level 1 Certified Instructor of DDP Yoga teaching others to transform their lives with this amazing program!

What does DDP Yoga do? The foundation is Ashtanga Power Yoga, but with added calisthenics, rehab techniques, slow motion dynamic resistance for strength training, and some kick ass cardio. All of this with minimal impact on your body. Increase flexibility! Improve core strength! Tone and build muscle! Amazing cardio! Zero impact on your joints and spine!

You want to hold back the hands of time then get DDP Yoga and elongate your spine!

Here is my social proof of my DDP Yoga accomplishment under Certified Instructors!

Certification Social Media Proof

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    • Connie Losee on January 10, 2016 at 2:19 pm
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    Want to thank you for your youtube video on exercises for sciatica. I have herniated disc pinching sciatica nerve. Cannot drive or sit, even to eat. Badly hurting our income as farmers too since that is labor intensive. Because of you and one other DDP Yoga enthisiast, I have ordered the program and have high hopes of avoiding the surgery my general doctor seems to think is my fate. MRI showed it is.a.very small herniation tho causing a lot of pain. Hope this is my answer. Thanks again. Losee

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