Consider DDP Yoga Stretches When Your Piriformis/Sciatica is Being a Bitch



Consider DDP Yoga Stretches When Your Piriformis/Sciatica is Being a Bitch


Adrian Dorsey


I did not realize how effective sciatic DDP Yoga stretches could be in relieving this painful flare up. I would caution to consult your doctor though before trying these!

I am only sharing with you what works for my piriformis/sciatica condition when it acts up.

The last time it happened I rested for about half a day before getting online to do some research about this atrocious agony that feels like a cold knife stabbed through your buttock twisting every which way no matter what you do.

It hurts worse to sit than it does to stand. If you manage to lie down it is difficult to get upright again.

The real crazy thing is that the more you rest the worse the pain gets!

I started scouring Google and YouTube to see if anyone had some advice.

There were a couple of videos that demonstrated how to stretch the piriformis muscle which plays a role with the sciatic nerve.

In fact the name Piriformis Syndrome has been given to intense discomfort which I have come to know well over the years.

The pain can be the result of a number of situations.

  1. Trauma due to injury may be the result of occasional flare up.
  2. Sitting for long periods of time can also cause trouble in this area.
  3. It is also possible to over exert with too much exercise which overworks the tissue to the point of exhaustion.

Even though I trained martial arts five or six days a week for ten years with specific exercises to strengthen my legs muscles I didn’t have anything specific in my routine that targeted the piriformis.

I guess in the end gently working this little muscle seems to be the most consistent solution agreed upon by doctors and sports rehabilitators.


That little piriformis needs to be performing in order to be happy.

I came across a few videos explaining how to stretch this muscle through a series of easy simple postures. Easy to learn but when you are in the middle of the agony it is hell to get into those positions.

I did what any determined meat head would do and did them anyway. I gritted my teeth and did the first posture holding it for one minute and then the second posture grunting and seething all the way.

Little did I know at the time that I was doing sciatica yoga stretches!


Get With the DDP Yoga Program, Your Piriformis Will Thank You


My wife started doing yoga a couple of times a week at the hospital where she works. She ended up showing me what she was learning. I did everything she showed me and recognized immediately the positions that targeted the piriformis muscle.

The best sciatica yoga stretches that I have found which target the piriformis region respectively according to the description in DDPYoga is Can Opener, also called Pigeon Pose.

Can Opener

This elongates the spine opening up the hips, groin, and hamstring and if done correctly it will relieve the stress on the piriformis muscle and the lower back.

Then there is the actual piriformis Figure Four Leg Stretch.

Figure 4

In the program we do this after the phenomenal hip stretch. Where you lie on your back with knees pointing up then drop them to one side. Stretch your arms out like wings and look toward the hand opposite the direction your knees are going.

So if you drop your knees to the left, then look at your right hand and take a few nice easy deep breaths for about half a minute.

I demonstrate this myself in a video I have put on youtube called Sciatica Yoga Stretches with DDPYoga.

You do this first one side and then the other so just imagine your right knee is pointing upward at the ceiling with your foot flat on the ground.

Cross your left leg over your right so that your ankle is over the right knee. Reach one hand through and the other hand around to grab the under-side of your right knee.

I like to lie back at this point to get a nice stretch and as I exhale I pull that right knee toward me automatically moving the left foot toward my face. You cannot help but feel the stretch in your buttocks and hips if you do it right. Inhale relaxing back and exhale pulling that foot toward your face again. Three or four times works for me after which I relax doing the same on the other side.

So when your piriformis syndrome is being a bitch, you may want to try sciatica yoga stretches with DDPYoga because if done correctly it should be a step toward being the fix.

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