Jun 06

A Journey of Gong Fu Just a Little Incentive

A Journey of Gong Fu

Just a Little Incentive

By Adrian Dorsey


You must know what it is like to procrastinate indefinitely. I believe we have all done it from time to time. I guess this was how I was with making a decision on embarking along the process of investing in formal training of Gong Fu. I had my DVD version of the Yang style long tai chi form as well as the Classic Yang style sword form and I actually did siphon as much as I could from those tapes. However, there is only so much one can learn from a video. I just knew that I was missing components in the understanding of various postures. I just felt that I was lacking. Plus I had no idea of the offensive and defensive applications. Now I do credit Dr. Yang Jwing Ming for supplying some application material which I was able to sport with but I had no training partner to get that feeling of physical opposition. I would practice the material every night as I worked the graveyard shift of the front desk of the hotel my parents managed in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada. There was enough room in the lobby to do my stuff after the bar closed which gave me a window of a few hours before the cook arrived at 5:30 am to prep the kitchen. I continually thought about finding a teacher to answer my many questions. I would wander back into the Dragon’s Den from time to time and eventually purchased another Paul Chen damascus folded steel sword that was actually a Japanese katana. Unlike most katana’s though this weapon did not have that curved blade, it was straight and narrow with a hand and a half (tsuka) handle made of satin rose wood with matching scabbard. I believe this particular design was inspired by the old samurai television series in Japan called Zatoichi, the Legend of the Blind Swordsman. I would follow this purchase with yet a third Paul Chen masterpiece which would be the damascus tai chi jian. I would never be able to go back to the stainless steel counterparts available in the shopping malls. I knew I had two of the finest weapons available that any serious practitioner could be proud of. The owner of the Dragon’s Den offered to introduce me to one of the instructors if I was willing to take that extra step. I would hesitate but was seriously considering it. Yeah, don’t mock me, we have all been there from time to time.

Then it happened. One night while at work around 4:30 am in the morning. I went down to the bar to empty the money out of the vlt machines. The bar manager who was also the owner’s son, was still there along with the cook. They were drinking. I knew that the following morning the cook and I had to take the empty bottles in from the bar and he was looking pretty hammered. So I paused long enough to ask him if we was going to be able to show up around 9:00 am. A good haul would easily split over a hundred dollars between the two of us. So we chatted for a few moments while I waited on his doubtful affirmation. I was not bothered one way or the other but was trying to demonstrate pleasantries more than anything. The next thing I knew the owner’s son was throwing himself at me in a rage of fists. The unexpected confrontation caught me off guard but I held my own and the exchange see sawed back and forth. At one point I was evading him with a ward off left without even thinking what I was doing. That was the problem. I had no idea what I was doing. I was clumsy and dis-coordinated. I did find out I could take a wallop in the face without flinching. I finally got out of the situation with the pail full of vlt money and walked back to the office wondering what in the hell that was all about.

What bothered me afterwards was the stark realization that I was barely able to hold my own. Now I was not pummeled or pounded into oblivion I gave as much as I received. The haunting after shock was the fact that I was facing one opponent. What would have happened if there had been more than one? What if my children had been in the midst of it? The mind begins to go into what I can only describe as a kind of post traumatic stress syndrome after experiencing a violent encounter. This really started to nag at me.

In the end, two months later, after Christmas of 2002 passed and we brought in the new year I finally made my decision. On January 17th, 2003, I took the night off. Traveling into Calgary I made my way to the Dragon’s Den. I would be introduced to Sifu Muri Parsons who was instructing a short Yang style tai chi form at 7:00 pm that night. I was delighted to be actually doing this. I felt a friendliness with Sifu Parsons that was inspiring. I guess one of my fears was finding teacher who had a militaristic chip on his shoulder. I did not want to be yelled, cajoled, or bitched at in any way. I wanted a class where I could progress at my own rate without being humiliated. My concerns would prove to be unwarranted. Sifu Muri was no pushover. He was assertive and definitely demonstrated the proper method of posture and executing application as well as form but he did it in such a way that was inspiring. At least that is what I discovered over the next two and a half years. I will tell you more about that journey in time.

The bottom line was I had made a decision. No man was every going to lay their hands on me again. I would make sure that I could not only protect myself but those I care about as well. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Mine began that particular freezing Alberta winter evening.


Jun 05

A Journey of Gong Fu Enter the Baby


A Journey of Gong Fu

Enter the Baby


Adrian Dorsey

This is my story to put it simply. I am going to sum up in a number of blogs the journey of what has now become ten years of martial arts. I realize that as soon as someone sees the words ‘martial arts’ or ‘gong fu’ or its western counterpart ‘kung fu’ they immediately expect the great words of a wise old master. On that note I may disappoint. I am just a student of Gong Fu although I am knowledgeable to instruct the basics concerning what I know. I have passed on a good deal of what I have learned to a few hand picked students during this decade including my own daughter. If you seek the wisdom of a master than go and find one. However, if you feel like reading about the serious hard work that is not without its ingredients of pain, blood, sweat, and the persistence of hard f*#king work that would become one man’s journey then stick around. I will not pretend to give wisdom but perhaps through my story I can inspire one or two people to do something good for themselves then this will be worthwhile.

My formal training started on January 17th, 2003, just a few days before my 31st birthday. At the time I was living in Southern Alberta, Canada, and it was about as cold a winter as it can get. Now, leading up to this I had thought about martial arts for years but I just did not know where to start. I did not like some of the external styles I had been introduced to while growing up. My body was also in a stressful situation with the lower back injury I had sustained in September of 1992. Over the years I had tried exercises to work around the damage but it was still there. I was in pain a lot of the time. My lower back swelled up like a water melon if I had to lift anything or if I just wanted to walk from one end of the shopping mall to the other. It hurt to walk let alone do anything else but I had learned to live with it as a normal part of my life.

I liked the demonstration of tai chi chuan and eventually I picked up a video of the Yang style long form which I played with for a few years. What really intrigued me was when I discovered in the late fall of 2002 that there was a sword technique that accompanied the tai chi form. I had a fascination with weaponry. So I googled martial arts stores in Calgary, AB, and chose an outlet called simply the Dragon’s Den. I sent an email inquiring about any available information concerning this style. Within a day the owner responded that there was a good video by Dr. Yang Jwing Ming on Tai Chi Sword Classical Yang Style. I wanted it so he went ahead with the order. A few weeks later it came in. I made the hour drive into Calgary to the Dragon’s Den completely excited. I did not waste any time purchasing the then sixty dollar video. I remember asking the owner what manner of sword I would use for this. I had no idea. I made the comment about going to the House of Knives store in the Chinook Mall and buying the biggest Scottish Claymore. He kind of chuckled and said that one required an actual tai chi sword. I had no idea that tai chi had its own specially designed sword. Where would I get one of those? He smiled and indicated that there were some hanging on the wall on the other side of his office. He showed me a cheap practice blade that really did not appeal to me. I had no idea they would be so petite in thickness. Their length was ideal but the width appeared almost fragile. Definitely not the broad viking or Roman weapons of Europe. He explained to me how the tai chi sword was not designed for hacking at an opponent or crashing metal on metal. At that point the owner reached to the top of the rack to pull down a silver and black tai chi sword. He pulled forth from a black wooden scabbard to reveal a very nicely tempered piece of steel. His next words resonated as he confided in me that this sword was his baby. I could tell that he meant it because it glistened with oil. The price of this one was almost a couple hundred dollars. It was a Paul Chen tai chi practical training sword. I held it for a moment pondering to make a decision. One thing kept nagging at the back of my mind. If I was going to learn the sword than I wanted to invest in a weapon that I could be proud of and not some cheap design. It took a few moments and I let the owner go about his business while queried in my own mind. I waited patiently until the gentleman was finished with his next customer. When he turned back to me I grinned and told him I wanted the Paul Chen, the one he referred to as his baby. I could tell he approved as he wrung the price up.

A few moments later I walked out of that store with video and sword in hand heading for home. I would play with the techniques provided on that VHS tape for the next four months. You may notice that I had not started my formal training yet. At this point all I had was some inspiration as well as some focused motivation but I would discover soon enough that there is only so much one can learn from a video. There comes a time in our journey of hard work and daily effort when we need some incentive to really get going in the direction we should be. Sometimes it happens in ways that we cannot begin to understand until we look back with the realization that there was a pattern to what appeared to be madness at the time. Bare with me, because there would be a key event that  would be the deciding factor that made all the difference in the world.

Feb 09

The Moon is Falling


The Moon is Falling


Adrian Dorsey

Over the past few years my wife, Amy, and I have noticed some unexplained anomalies concerning the moon. Now we have not been avid moon gazers but still when the moon is up there doing its thing every month you cannot help but notice it. When a change occurs which has never happened during the forty years of my life span I cannot help but notice that. I know that often Amy has asked me why the moon appears to be closer than usual. The harvest moon syndrome is expected in October but she does not recall ever seeing it in January or June or some other month of the year. We have been curious about the moon for sometime now but have not seen anything on the news and for the longest time there was nothing on the internet either. Until the last year of 2011. It appears that we are no longer the only ones noticing that there are obvious changes in Earth’s only satellite and in the star’s themselves. Even the Canadian Arctic Inuit and Inuinnait peoples have come forward saying that they have observed changes in the Earth’s poles and in the sun and the moon and that they no longer recognize the stars in the night sky. I recently read an article where one fellow observed the moon on August 15th, 2011, flip 90 degrees from the time it rose until it set.

 I guess I have become somewhat a moon enthusiast since Christmas of 2011 because my wife gave me a great set of binoculars which are powerful enough to see the craters on the moon and even four of the moons of Jupiter. So far I am familiar with two craters on the side we can see from Earth. Those would be Tycho and Aristarchus. In a picture taken on November 8th, 2002, one can see Tycho at an obvious six o’clock position and Aristarchus is roughly located at the ten o’clock position.

 I remember that January of 2011 the moon look odd and even I described it as egg shaped. Yet still nothing of it was mentioned in any media. Then I stumbled upon a video that starkly reveals that something strange has indeed occurred. The moon has shifted dramatically and the start of this phenomenon seems to coincide with the deaths of millions of birds and ocean life around the world.

Is this phenomenon due to the fact that the Earth itself is experiencing a pole shift. A fact that has slipped into the news but briefly such as msnbc who gave the event a whole 56 seconds of air time on January 7th, 2011. Perhaps the wobble of the Earth which seems to be moving 40 miles each year now is causing the moon to wobble and turn.

 I write this little blog piece on February 9, 2012, after my wife informed me as she arrived home from work that the moon was unusually large in that almost uncharacteristic harvest moon fashion rising in the Eastern sky. My stepson grabbed the binoculars with the tripod hauling it outside for us to take a look. I managed to get the moon situated nicely in the lens but allowed him the first opportunity to give it a good studying gaze. Less than a moment passed before he exclaimed that Aristarchus had moved downward. He was so excited as he described it sitting at about the seven o’clock position and Tycho was probably in the five o’clock position. I realized he was using the face clock method to analyze the only two craters that we are familiar with. Last month Aristarchus was probably at around the nine o’clock and Tycho was at an estimated five o’clock. I took a look for myself feeling some uneasy excitement building. In my estimate Tycho was actually closer to perhaps the four o’clock or perhaps three thirty position and Aristarchus is now located at the seven o’clock. The time we viewed this was between 8:00 pm and 8:30 pm. There was definitely been a shift in the moon since the last time it was full. Something strange is going on in the sky.  I do not know. I am not an astronomer or a scientist, but I am a concerned citizen of planet Earth wondering what in the hell is going on and I have to wonder if it is natural or manufactured.

Feb 08

The Monkey King Ancient Alien History Part 2

The Monkey King

Ancient Alien History

Part 2

By Adrian Dorsey

In the story of the Monkey King called “Monkey” by Arthur Waley, we see similarities with the Mesopotamian story of Gilgamesh as the stone simian becomes concerned with his mortality and desires to know how he can overcome Yama the god of death. He seeks out an immortal teacher to instruct him in the ways of longevity making him impervious to age, disease, or any earthly or heavenly weapons. In time he humiliates Yama the god of death by forcefully crossing his name off the book of the dead and further insults the Dragon Kings of the China Seas. Both emissaries of Yama and the Dragon Kings seek recompense from the Jade Emperor and many battles ensue to bring the stone Monkey to justice. These battles are described as immense confrontations that take place in the skies as well as on the ground. Monkey’s weapon is a magical staff that is capable of extending to any size that he desires. Eventually his ego gets the best of him and he declares himself the Heavenly Sage Equal to Heaven. Begrudging the fact that the Monkey is unbeatable as he is invincible the Jade Emperor relents to give him a position in the palace but Monkey’s mischievous nature gets the best of him and he ends up gorging himself on the immortal elixirs intended for a feast.

Concerning the immortality idea I want to mention that the Anunnaki were believed to be immortal gods because one year to them was the equivalent to 3,800 years on Earth. I do not believe this proves that they were magical beings but they simply had longer lifespans. Their year was called a Shar which was indicative to one revolution of their home world Nibiru in its elliptical orbit within our solar system. One could use the comparison of a human lifespan to that of a housefly. Another way to look at it is to consider that one day to one of these beings was comparable to ten earth years. It is all the same math in the end. So it was not that they were immortal but the natural continuity of their lives was just so much longer than our own.

Let us take a look at the Dragon Kings whom the Monkey greatly offends with his arrogance. Most notably Ao Kuang who is the Dragon of the East China Sea. I find it more than ironic that today there is a location known as the Dragon’s Triangle that stretches from Japan to Taiwan and Yap Island. In the early 1950’s it is alleged that 700 people went missing within this region including a scientific expedition and as a result the Japan government declared this entire area a danger zone. Unidentified flying objects are often seen emerging as well as submerging beneath the waters. Is it possible that even though the fire breathing dragon idea can be dismissed as volcanic activity that perhaps there is an extra terrestrial underwater base somewhere in the vicinity wherein lives such creatures that again are misinterpreted as myth when in actuality they are real. I am not saying this is the case but I am asking you to take a leap of the imagination and consider the possibility of technological advanced beings living here on earth from ancient times may still be here in some form even to this day. I just find it ironic that in the same body of water mentioned in this historical account we have modern day phenomena that many attribute to something otherworldly because it cannot be explained away with adequate certainty that something strange is not down there below the waters.

The battles that Monkey has with the Jade Emperor’s armies are not so dissimilar to the aerial conflicts that we see written in scriptures of India where we have gods combating in the skies with Vimana spacecraft. Vishnu‘s arrows are notable for doing the kind of destruction akin to nuclear or atomic devastation. As we read about Monkey’s battle with Ehr-lang it ranges all over the heavens as well as the earth. The Commander of the Host of Heaven is Vaisravana who is in charge of overseeing the Monkey brought to Justice before the Jade Emperor. Ehr-lang suggests that Vaisravana position himself halfway between heaven and earth and use what is called a magic mirror to record the conflict so that if Monkey tries to escape they can play the images back and see which way he went. This sounds like an obvious recording device of some kind that can be compared to hand held technology that we possess today.

The latter end of the story of the Monkey King sees him escorting Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang also known as Tripikata to India in search of Buddhist sacred texts. A sojourn that started around 630 A.D. and took him until 645 A.D. to return back to China. This is historical fact that the journey was indeed made by such a scholar who actually did bring back the canon of 657 Pali Tipitaka Sanskrit texts to China. So while common sense folk down play the Monkey side of the story which is too amazing to be true we have around the same time period in Europe such stories as a boy king pulling a sword from a stone, fighting dragons, and knights searching for magical cups of splendor.

I suppose in the end I am really only reinforcing the words of Arthur C. Clarke with confidence that, “Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” For every myth that arises from within any given culture, I personally believe there was a witness to something amazing that gave birth to such stories. If only we could travel back to behold such events for ourselves with 21st century eyes, I know beyond the shadow of any doubt that we would see things from a most unique perspective that would surprise even the most skeptical of closed minds. I do not think that myths should be dismissed as entertainment so lightly.

Feb 07

The Monkey King Ancient Alien History?

The Monkey King

Ancient Alien History?

By Adrian Dorsey


 I am an ancient alien theorist so when I read books where the characters wield magical powers and gods and goddesses are ascending and descending from the heavens I do not see the world of make belief but the possibility of technological sciences misinterpreted by the people of an older time. Arthur C. Clarke was right when he said that, “Sufficiently advanced technology can be indistinguishable from magic.”

My efforts are not to offend the concept behind this masterful accomplishment of the Monkey King but rather the opposite by expanding and enlightening on the possibility that there was something more taking place here. The English translated novel by Arthur Waley does much honor to this sixteen century story which is probably the most popular fable in the history of China and the rest of the Far East. A story of encounters with gods, demigods, monsters, demons, and battles that are great and terrible which range from the ground to up in the sky. Consider that what has come down to us as myth was perhaps grounded in actual fact that was really misinterpreted technology. Now it could be that the story is purely imaginative but I would encourage you for just a moment to take a leap of technological interpretation. Some of the details seem a little too ironic and even suspicious to me to the point that I just cannot dismiss them as fiction.

We have this stone Monkey emerging from what appears to be a rock like egg that was located on top of a mountain. To me this resembles an escape pod or vessel used to safely enter the atmosphere from orbit. I am reminded here of the Babylonian legend that Ishtar descended from heaven in an egg that landed in the Euphrates River. According to those that saw it the egg broke open and she emerged and this heralded the season of spring. What was this egg? I offer that it simply opened up as a vehicle would be designed to do and the appearance of this technology was beyond what the people could comprehend. So was the stone egg that Monkey emerged from then a vehicle that descended from the heavens? I think we have to take into consideration that throughout the story we have the palace of the Jade Emperor located in the heavens not unlike a space station. There are also divine beings that flew throughout these lofty places which I believe were located in orbit around the planet. Considering the immense havoc that Monkey creates in the palace of the Jade Emperor that brings the wrath of heaven down on him I am inclined to lean in this direction of thought.

Perhaps Monkey was a genetic anomaly that was purposely created by some scientific minded deities. Could it be that they saw within the genetic code that the creature they were creating would become unpredictably powerful? The story does say that the Monkey was a prodigy of heaven born of the elements. That does not mean that he was necessarily a freak creation by chance nor does this indicate that Monkey is a figment of the imagination! I think that he may have been something that was genetically designed. Here are the questions that I think need to be asked regarding the issue. If he was engineered by some scientific minds that realized how dangerous he could become; was the project abandoned by placing the primordial substance that would become the stone monkey into a life pod or vehicle which was then jettisoned into the atmosphere of the planet to be destroyed? Or perhaps it was to save him by making it appear that he was an anomaly created by accident. Either way we have in the personification of the Monkey King what I interpret as a technologically enhanced being that was made from science and believed to be magical coincidence until finally diluted to the idea of a myth woven into the tapestry of a wonderful story.

The basis of my argument is that this was during a time when divine beings were known to have their influence upon many peoples all around the world. Every culture around the globe is consistent in the belief that their gods were beings that descended from the heavens with magical powers that today we can easily interpret with the understanding of technology. Anyone can reference these stories passed down to us from the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and all throughout the Middle East. Of course I respectably have to mention the Native American Indigenous People such as the Hopi, the Cherokee, and even the Choctaw who often speak of what they call the Star Ancestors who come from the sky to teach them how to live in harmony with the planet. It does not matter what culture you choose to investigate. There is no one that is untouched by the visitors from the sky that claim to come from distant stars. The pattern is repeated so many times with the primitive people mistakenly interpreting their advanced technological capabilities as magic.

All I am asking you to do is consider the idea for only a moment. I do not seek to dishonor this magnificent story of the Far East, but to bring it to life under conditions that may have certainly been plausible.

Jan 21

Strange Sounds of 2012 Continued

Strange Sounds of 2012



Adrian Dorsey

I see that more of these videos are showing up around the globe. Some of them are obvious fakes and the hoaxers know who they are. However, one just has to weed through them and come up with their own conclusions. I think that a few important details need to be taken into consideration here. First, that the technology to dub these sounds over an environmental scene is readily available. Secondly, is that the technology to record video is in the hands of so many people in the form of I-Phones, I-Pods, and probably every form of modern smart phone with its many multi faceted functions is just obvious. Gone are the days when one is witness to an event and they wish they had their camera with them or they regret being out of film. I can personally tell you that I don’t think I know anybody nowadays that does not have an I-Phone. Even when I was working in the gravel pit in north central Alberta during this past summer of 2011 most of the grunts working there had this tech with them at all times. They would shovel gravel for awhile and then pull their phone out to answer their email or whatever. I am just trying to say that communication via the internet is hugely convenient and it allows the ability to record events on the spot in real time as they occur.

We have news broadcasts confirming that these sounds in Costa Rica and Brasil are legitimate phenomena even though North American media has yet to pick up the story. Yet in Windsor, Ontario, Councillor Al Maghneih, told Star.com that over a 1,000 people in his ward have complained of the mysterious rumbling noise in their area to which he has been a personal witness by personally visiting the constituents at their own homes. The provincial Ministry of Environment did an investigation last April of what I assume to be 2011 and concluded that it was no industrial cause behind the strange noise.

I do not now what the sounds are. I know that I have heard some of them before. Such as the booming that was recorded in Colorado on August 22nd, 2011 and recently in Costa Rica mentioned above. The other noise is what I would describe as something similar to metal grinding against metal like the hulls of ships rubbing together. I have heard these here in Ohio as well as in Alberta over the last few years. I would stop and listen for awhile knowing that it was not a natural sound. It was obviously artificial but I could not think about what would be the cause other then some kind of steel work taking place in the local area. So I dismissed it and went about my day. Rest assure next time I hear these audible curiosities I will be ready to record them.

Anyway, my point is that some of these do appear to be first hand accounts of personal witnesses who simply hit the record button with the technology that is so conveniently available to them. They do not have to prove anything.

I can only suggest that you listen to the skies in your own area because I am sure that you have your own I-Phone or equivalent within arms reach. Then we will see who believes you.


Jan 19

Strange Sounds of 2012

Strange Sounds of 2012


Adrian Dorsey

Strange sounds are being heard all around the world that no one seems to be able to identify. We have video recordings of these events from Alberta and Manitoba, Canada, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Colorado, Borneo (wailing cat in this video may be reacting to the sound in the background), Costa Rica, Southern France, the Czeck Republic, Tung Chung, Bratislava Mlynska, Southern Sweden and every day the list of locations gets longer. My wife Amy and I have heard these noises here in Troy, Ohio, as well. She describes it as the sound of a train rumbling by but there is no whistle and nothing is on the railway tracks that are just up the road from us within eyesight. It seems to be coming from everywhere all at once with no pinpoint to the location. At times I think it reminds me of the sound of massive tanker hulls rubbing together. I find it very agitating on the nerves after an hour or so, especially if I am outside training kung fu at the same time as it is occurring.

There is only one explanation that I have found that anyone has offered that seems to be plausible as it connects these phenomena to the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). This article is by Yoichi Shimatsu,General Editor, The Japan Times Weekly. Titled Eerie Sounds – The Haarpies Orchestra Of Woodwinds And Brass.I think Mr. Shimatsu is trying to say that artificial belts of electromagnetic highly charged nuclear protons are being created at high frequencies that carry audible sound waves. These vibrations are then carried by carbon dioxide molecules with their two oxygen atoms that resemble bells not unlike that of an alarm clock carrying these aural signals through the atmosphere long distances around the other side of the world. These resonances are then picked up and magnified by carbon fibers such as wood in trees and building structures and they begin to hum amplifying the effect not unlike a piano or a cello with its metal strings and wooden structures. Only in this case the instrument is the entire global structure of the planet. The ultimate end goal of this could be to cause psychological effects which are known to be manipulated by HAARP frequencies which are able to create in people feelings of depression, fear, and intoxifying dread in the lower sound range.

Others offer a less complex explanation that it is the End of Times and the sounds are the angels of heaven sounding the trumpets of revelation announcing the opening of the seals of judgment.

I am inclined to consider that perhaps both theories are more in harmony with the truth then some would be willing to commit. Consider that these angelic messengers of long ago who delivered the message of trumpets and seals and such things are what some people today call ancient extra terrestrial visitors. Is it possible then to consider that these artificially created sounds are indeed the trumpets which were given in revelation of prophecy by beings who foresaw that the day would come when people would become technologically advanced enough to manipulate High Active Auroral Research Programs with such efficiency. That the image of the freaky naked cherub popping grapes and strumming HAARPS on clouds was a metaphor for the technology that the human race would be able to use for good or for ill in our modern age here and now. I just think there may be a possible connection of irony here that no one has considered. Then again perhaps no one cares. Either way I have said my piece and now I leave it up to you to make up your own damn mind.

The only thing I can offer is to stay focused. Remember your paradigm and what are your goals. Do not give in to fear just push ahead to fulfill your dreams as I describe in The Paradigm Formula; Your 2012 Survival Guide.

Jan 11

The Fourth Turning and the Hero Generation


The Fourth Turning


The Hero Generation


Adrian Dorsey

This blog posting is largely inspired by the words of David Morehouse, Phd, who is a former Army Special Forces Major involved in the CIA program called Project Stargate, as described in his international best seller Psychic Warrior. I am in the process of studying his instructional material on Remote Viewing which involves a lot of quantum physics understanding that is just tremendous. I reached the end of chapter five where he discusses something called the Four Turnings of Global Society. These are the cycles of evolutionary change brought about by the succeeding generations born into the human condition. How each generation is subject to the components of global growth and must deal with ideological conformity which in turn leads to a process of global decay that brings about a period of ideological divisiveness. How the parental attitudes have an effect on the values and attitudes of the successive generation that will inherit the categorical imperatives bringing about the global circumstances that ultimately have to be faced for the continuation or the destruction of humanity as a species. As each generation is understood to be the lifespan of a single human from birth to death we can see that the cycle of the Four Turnings has gone on indefinitely since the founding creation of the human species repeating itself over and over again like a grand cosmic soap opera.

The First Turning is called the Rebuilding Phase. This is the time period where we can see global society expanding and prospering. In this atmosphere children are raised in an optimistic atmosphere of liberty where they are free to explore the social values of the frontiers of freedom. These are the ones that grow up into what develops into what is called a Prophetic generation as they are hungry to pursue life with the depth of meaning while nurturing an air of distrust for the status quo that leads to defiance of the ruling authority. They see the political regime of their age as overly oppressive and extremely out of touch with reality.

The Second Turning is the Sustainment Phase. There is a sense of global equilibrium that society manages to maintain. It is during this time that spiritual passion begins to sweep through the land. The adults become continuously preoccupied in the pursuit of self discovery in preparation for the upcoming millennium and this by and large leaves the children to fend for themselves. Left to their own devices in the wake of the adult distraction to seek illumination, the youth on a global scale become a Nomadic generation. Hardened by their upbringing they are the “wild child” syndrome that is branded with the bad reputation as they are forced to be the scapegoats for the ensuing condition of the social chaos that is starting to envelope the land.

The Third Turning is the Unraveling Phase. The Nomad generation with their toughened exteriors as the result of their upbringing break from the bonds of tradition, and the associations that their peers held so dear are discarded. The offspring born into this environment is raised in an air of pessimism because the social climate has turned almost toxic with a suffocating degree of imposed laws that bring with it harsh measures enforced by their elders. The Global consensus is for society to go to war as there is an unraveling of moral and ethical values. These are replaced by the masks of corrupt political agendas to control the people like herds stripping them of their human identity and treating them more like animals. The lands of democracy and liberty become what can only be described as a fascist penal colony under the constant threat of military authoritarianism.

This is where we are today! With the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act which officially abolishes the Second Amendment of the American Constitution with the threat of indefinite detention without trial by jury it is a declaration of martial law throughout the land that was once known for its democratic liberty.

The Fourth Turning is the Destructive Phase. The whole World goes to war on a scale that is incomprehensible. It is during this time that the Hero Generation comes of age and the political order is transformed according to the new values, which we see emulated in the earlier Second Turning or Sustainment Phase. Heroes rise up on a Global scale realizing that if a shift does not occur that demands a greater expression of life in a positive way that this could potentially mean the end of the species as a whole. This is a most difficult time fraught with many dangers. It is during this period that the children are reared in a protective heavily sheltered environment, but that is okay, because this promotes within them the sensitivity to develop into an Artist generation. It is this Artist generation that that becomes the soothing healing and boon of the social amendments to be brought back into order thus returning the cycle to the original condition of the First Turning and they become the inheritors of the new regime.

Consider what is happening this very moment with the impending threat of going to war with Iran.

I was inspired to write this blog as I watched Congressman Ron Paul’s victory speech in New Hampshire this morning. It was a thrilling sensation listening to the crowd cheer with thunderous applause as he reinforces the ideals of liberty and an end to the Federal Reserve accompanied with the promise to limit the government from controlling peoples lives. These are the voices of the Hero Generation that has realized that a change must occur for the hope of the future of humanity, not just here in America, but around the World!

You are not going to lay down your life in 2012. I reinforce this fact in my book The Paradigm Formula; Your 2012 Survival Guide! You are going to take your life back and fulfill your dreams of being who you were created to be so you can do those things that you have been created to do. You can only do that by taking control of your freedom by ensuring the success of liberty!

Jan 10

Survive 2012 From a Mayan Elder’s Perspective

Survive 2012

From a Mayan Elder’s Perspective



Adrian Dorsey

I have often said that no one should take my own words for granted. I always encourage those who read my words or who listen to me talk to do their own damn homework on the subject I am discussing. In fact I challenge you to do your own research because unless you are looking with eyes wide shut you will come to the same conclusions that I have. I am trying to encourage you to change your paradigm if you think that this is your final year on Earth. Just change your way of thinking about it will make all the difference in your world.

So here I offer this little bit of feedback concerning the end of this pivotal year. Carlos Barrios, an actual living breathing bona fide Mayan elder. He is also an Ajq’ij; a ceremonial priest and spiritual guide of the Eagle Clan. He has spent time studying different Mayan calendars in circulation along side nearly 600 traditional Mayan elders to broaden his understanding on this subject. Yes, the Maya are alive and well in South Central Mexico in our modern day and age for those of you who believe the lies that they mysteriously vanished off the face of the planet a millennium ago. Don’t get me started on this again. Do your own homework and you will find that 4.6 million Mayan descendents are alive today gingerly going about their daily lives believing that the world is not going to stop any time soon. In the words of one of their own elders, this is what he had to say on the subject,

“Anthropologists visit the temple sites and read the inscriptions and make up stories about the Maya, but they do not read the signs correctly. It’s just their imagination. Other people write about prophecy in the name of the Maya. They say that the world will end in December 2012. The Mayan elders are angry with this. The world will not end. It will be transformed.”- Carlos Barrios.

I offer this as a bit of hope for those of you that are busy putting your affairs in order. Now of course we look at the news and see a lot of crap going on. The United States has become a military police state with the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act. There is the impending war that America and Israel want with Iran and Syria. Not to mention Russia and China threatening to ally with Iran. We still have oil leaking from the BP Oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico polluting our Atlantic Ocean. Radiation spilling millions of microsieverts into the Pacific Ocean and around the world from Fukushima, Japan. I know it looks bad. However, I want to share with you that all of these things are ironically human engineered disasters. The military conflicts are human affairs based on decisions of the ruling ‘powers that be’. The natural disasters that are taking place are suspiciously under the influence of HAARP technology controlled by people who can now use weather and earthquakes as covert weapons of mass destruction. Nothing that is presently going on is cosmic in nature. I even say in my book, The Paradigm Formula; Your 2012 Survival Guide that if anything does happen… because I do not say that nothing is going to happen… I merely reinforce that if anything does happen this year it will be a man made orchestrated agenda that will ultimately be blamed on ancient prophecy, nature, and even God as the ultimate scapegoat.

Jan 02

The Year is 2012 And it is Time to Live!

The Year is 2012

And it is Time to Live!


Adrian Dorsey


I am sitting here on the 2nd day of 2012 watching Congressman Ron Paul on CNN’s State of the Union. I am thinking that it has been an exhausting journey to get to this year with all of the propaganda that this has led up to it. For some ungodly reason “the powers that govern our modern media” want us in a state of fear and paranoia. They want this to be a global phenomena. Why is that? What is it so important for the world to believe that after this year there will be no more birthdays? That Christmas of 2012 may not even happen because the planet might no longer be here? The fearful whoring war mongrels that control this babble demand that you quit thinking straight so that you can spend all of your time and energy in quivering terror anticipating what horrible demise that awaits you in eleven months down the road. Even the Mayan people of today do not believe their calender foretells the end of times. It is only the end of a calender which of course demands that it start over again from day one.

I have spent the last ten years studying kung fu. Most notably the styles of Emei baguazhang and Cheng Man Ching’s Yang style tai chi chuan. Five or six days a week I train steady taking one day off to rest. Now I admit that during a lot of those years I trained under the utmost expectation that these skills will some day be necessary to withstand the crazy hordes that will be wandering the streets like a bunch of ding-a-lings in a dystopic post apocalyptic scenario. But I underwent a change a few years back that brought all that fear and paranoia under control. It is easy to give in to the fear. In fact it can be addictive the same way that depression is known to be. There is a little training exercise that I would like you to do with me. I want to share with you the importance of just being an “observer” in the moment. I want you to try and just remain in the “now”. Just stay here with me and do not think about the possibilities of a future you have no idea how it is really going to unfold. Do not worry about the past that is already gone by. Just stay right where you are at. Here. Now. Because this is where you need to be. Before this moment ends lives will have passed on and new lives will be born into the world. In this same time frame kingdoms will fall while new ones will arise. I only want you to remain with me right here… for just a moment.

I want you to think about what you would like to do with your life if the world does not end at the the conclusion of this year. What would you like to be doing? What dreams would you fulfill if given the time and the opportunity to accomplish them? Now, see yourself living that dream as though you have already fulfilled it. See the kind of life the fulfillment of that vision would bring. Picture the kind of home you would live in, or perhaps improvements that would be provided to your existing home. I want you to get detailed as to the décor you would possess if you could live the life you want. I am talking about everything from the kind of food you would eat to televisions, couches, rugs, dining room tables and chairs, curtains, and the works. Just take a moment to see it all in your mind. What kind of vehicle would you be driving? What color would it be? What make and year? I encourage you to go as grand as you dare yourself to believe.

Can you see it? Your vision manifest in your mind’s eye.

If you have taken the moment to do this little exercise I want you to know something. You have already changed your destiny and your world cannot end in eleven months. You have sent out an impression of energy like a frequency from your body outward into the Universe like the radiance of a sun. The Law of Nature demands that whatever you send out must come back to you in the same manner multiplied many times over.  Wallace D. Wattles knew this. Napoleon Hill spent a quarter of a century learning it. Bob Proctor has spent decades teaching it. Your thoughts become things!

I intricately talk about this in my book called the Paradigm Formula; Your 2012 Survival Guide.

You see that image in your mind. That image of the life you want to live. I want you to get emotionally attached to it. It is your emotions that send out the frequency wave into the Universe and everything organic and inorganic in nature will begin to respond to bring into physical reality the image of whatsoever it is that you are emotionally attached to. I want you to give your dream a deadline so that it is transformed from an elusive wish into the actuality of a defined goal with purpose. Now, here is the challenge. I want you to actively do something every day toward the completion of your goal. It does not matter how big or how small. Just DO SOMETHING!

So stop transmitting fear and the anticipation of the end of the world. Start to transmit the emotions of life toward the fulfillment of your dreams.

The year is 2012 and it is time to live!