Jun 06

A Journey of Gong Fu Just a Little Incentive

The bottom line was I had made a decision. No man was every going to lay their hands on me again. I would make sure that I could not only protect myself but those I care about as well. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Mine began that particular freezing Alberta winter evening.

Jun 05

A Journey of Gong Fu Enter the Baby

If you seek the wisdom of a master than go and find one. However, if you feel like reading about the serious hard work that is not without its ingredients of pain, blood, sweat, and the persistence of hard f*#king work that would become one man’s journey then stick around.

Feb 09

The Moon is Falling

  The Moon is Falling By Adrian Dorsey Over the past few years my wife, Amy, and I have noticed some unexplained anomalies concerning the moon. Now we have not been avid moon gazers but still when the moon is up there doing its thing every month you cannot help but notice it. When a …

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Feb 08

The Monkey King Ancient Alien History Part 2

The Monkey King Ancient Alien History Part 2 By Adrian Dorsey In the story of the Monkey King called “Monkey” by Arthur Waley, we see similarities with the Mesopotamian story of Gilgamesh as the stone simian becomes concerned with his mortality and desires to know how he can overcome Yama the god of death. He …

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Feb 07

The Monkey King Ancient Alien History?

The Monkey King Ancient Alien History? By Adrian Dorsey    I am an ancient alien theorist so when I read books where the characters wield magical powers and gods and goddesses are ascending and descending from the heavens I do not see the world of make belief but the possibility of technological sciences misinterpreted by …

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Jan 21

Strange Sounds of 2012 Continued

Strange Sounds of 2012 Continued By Adrian Dorsey I see that more of these videos are showing up around the globe. Some of them are obvious fakes and the hoaxers know who they are. However, one just has to weed through them and come up with their own conclusions. I think that a few important …

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Jan 19

Strange Sounds of 2012

Strange Sounds of 2012 By Adrian Dorsey Strange sounds are being heard all around the world that no one seems to be able to identify. We have video recordings of these events from Alberta and Manitoba, Canada, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Colorado, Borneo (wailing cat in this video may be reacting to the sound in the …

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Jan 11

The Fourth Turning and the Hero Generation

  The Fourth Turning and The Hero Generation By Adrian Dorsey This blog posting is largely inspired by the words of David Morehouse, Phd, who is a former Army Special Forces Major involved in the CIA program called Project Stargate, as described in his international best seller Psychic Warrior. I am in the process of …

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Jan 10

Survive 2012 From a Mayan Elder’s Perspective

Survive 2012 From a Mayan Elder’s Perspective   By Adrian Dorsey I have often said that no one should take my own words for granted. I always encourage those who read my words or who listen to me talk to do their own damn homework on the subject I am discussing. In fact I challenge …

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Jan 02

The Year is 2012 And it is Time to Live!

The Year is 2012 And it is Time to Live! By Adrian Dorsey   I am sitting here on the 2nd day of 2012 watching Congressman Ron Paul on CNN’s State of the Union. I am thinking that it has been an exhausting journey to get to this year with all of the propaganda that …

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