Jan 17

What Now…? That is the Question Part 2

I know damn well, this stupid son of a bitch is sitting at a desk in an undisclosed location such as Langley or beneath the Denver Airport; both of which have reportedly been connected to CIA headquarters, sending harassing emails not to me, but to my wife to this very day.

Jan 17

What Now? That is the Question

You do your thing while I quietly do mine and I won’t impose the fact that I exist upon you if you don’t impose the fact that you are even alive in my direction.

Dec 28

Faces of History Emotionless Golems

The next book I am going to write is going to attempt to fill in the gap of a few particular individuals that have left their remarkable impact upon the most ancient of days. I will write from an emotional perspective in the effort to capture some form of essence that I hope will allow for some development to the characters that can appeal to anyone’s humanity at a level of empathy. The subject will cover a series of articles about the Anunnaki Gods.

Oct 22

It is the Journey That Matters

The image in your mind to which you get emotionally connected effects the results that you are capable of accomplishing until it eventually becomes your reality.

Oct 17

My Introduction to DDP Yoga in 2012

I was assured me that DDP Yoga could improve my gung fu training immensely with added core strength and flexibility that I could not begin to imagine.

Oct 16

My Journey to Here and Now Part 2

Bottom line is as John Gabriel puts it, “A body that wants to be thin will be thin no matter what kind of fuel you put in it.” The trick is to turn the “FAT” switches off. Eating the right amount of calories and carbs and exercising smart should come as a natural process of weight loss without the internal struggle which makes all the effort futile.

Oct 16

My Journey to Here and Now Part 1

The diet changes, the spinal therapy, the gung fu of tai chi and baguazhang. All of it became a daily effort which I would adopt as a lifestyle.

Oct 04

Baguazhang It’s a Lifestyle

One of the styles which I study is baguazhang. The literal translation equates to eight trigram palms. The concept is the ability to change direction quickly in difficult circumstances.

Sep 24

The Three Stresses

The Three Stresses By Adrian Dorsey       I know that I have written about a lot of things. From the Paradigm Formula for achieving success all the way to the paranormal activity on the farm to the deliverance ministry in Northern Alberta, Canada which led into the encounters with what I called the …

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Jun 08

A Personal Treatise on Baguazhang

The tight circle stepping reminded me of the Tazmanian devil from looney toons. It was like a dance of fluidity and grace with these opened palm strikes and post steps sending opponents to the ground like scattered leaves.