Aug 26

Why I Was Ashamed of Multilevel Marketing The Old Fashioned Way

Since I have started with My Lead System Pro I do not have this icky feeling in the pit of my gut because I am not trying to use old school methods. I am learning about something called magnetic attraction. This is a method by which I am connecting with people on a personal level without tossing the old fashioned sales pitch in their faces.

Aug 23

Finally, Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Actually Make Sense!

Do you enjoy Prospecting, Cold Calling, Buying Leads, Chasing Family & Friends, and Getting Rejected over and over again in the endless cycle of attrition? Now, I am telling you that some people get off on the pain of old school marketing but I assure you that it is as obsolete as the dinosaurs and that is why you are failing.

Aug 22

The Kung Fu of MLM Lead Generation

kung fu is not that difficult to understand in the literal sense once you realize that it simply means daily effort or you could think of it as the hard work that you do regularly. I believe the same concepts can be applied to online marketing.

Aug 07

Survival is a Great Incentive

…the reality is that if you are in shape you have a better chance to avoid or get out of a dangerous situation and save your loved ones. You need to have a body that is strong with good cardio and a healthy elongated spine to accomplish the task of successfully removing yourself from a threatening situation.

Jul 31

Not Having Enough Energy

Working out properly does not mean that you are going to have less energy but more.

Jul 29

Understanding the Profit of Bodily Exercise

..if the old patriarchs of the bible believed that bodily exercise had no profit then there is no way in hell that they would have been able to fight on the battle fields. The children of Israel did not waddle around the walls of Jericho because they were too obese. Samson did not slay a thousand men with the jawbone of an ass because he was a couch potato. David did not manage to slay the giant by whipping a marshmallow at his head. That book declares often enough that the holy men would die with their eyesight and all of their faculties intact.

Jul 24

Get Over Your Addiction to Feeling Like Hell and try DDP Yoga For Regular Guys.

I was addicted to feeling like hell. That dread and self-loathing was a self-styled abyss that I created to feel sorry for myself. It was my man cave where I could hold my own private pity party anytime I wanted. I did not have time to think about being healthy because every second was being spent in the effort to be sick.

Jul 24

Consider DDP Yoga Stretches When Your Piriformis/Sciatica is Being a Bitch

When your piriformis muscle and sciatica is being a bitch try some DDP Yoga and gently stretch it out! BANG!

Jul 22

Elongating my Spine With DDP Yoga is Holding Back the Hands of Time

My long term goal is to be able to be healthy enough to enjoy every day no matter how old I live. I want to be able to be confidently independent in my ability to do what I want with mobility that is never fading. I want to be like the patriarchs of old of whom it is said when they passed away that they had their eyesight and all their faculties intact.

Jan 17

What Now? That is the Question part 3

What Now…? Hmmmm… Part 3 By Adrian Dorsey   Problem is kind of a catch twenty two. I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I want to write and publish and make a living off of my work. At the same time I certainly do not need to know who is …

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