Aug 26

Why I Was Ashamed of Multilevel Marketing The Old Fashioned Way

Why I Was Ashamed of Multilevel Marketing The Old Fashioned Way


Adrian Dorsey 

There was a time when multilevel marketing was looked upon with disdain and derision. I would like you to understand that every time I attempted to recruit a down-line by way of friends and family my stomach would flip and stay there for days and weeks on end.

That was the feeling of shame.

The bottom line was they just did not want whatever the product was no matter how healthy it was or the level of credibility was behind it or how long the multilevel marketing company had been around.

The only thing they saw was me as some multilevel marketing asshole trying to get my hands into their wallet.

I would feel embarrassed and inwardly ashamed that I was the one who approached them even though I had good intentions.

So I have known for a long time that people do not give a damn about product and they care even less about an multilevel marketing opportunity. I know this because when sales people approach me I automatically get defensive with my hackles raised!

Since I have started multilevel marketing with My Lead System Pro I do not have this icky feeling in the pit of my gut because I am not using old school methods.

I am learning about something called Magnetic Attraction by way of multilevel marketing.

This is a method by which I am connecting with people on a personal level by way of multilevel marketing without tossing the old fashioned sales pitch in their faces. I am literally meeting them where they are at and speaking to them at their level.

Most importantly I am forming friendly relationships with them that will build credibility. When they see that I have something valuable to offer through multilevel marketing that can make a difference in their lives they will come to me when they are ready.

Successful Multilevel Marketing is a Matter of Perspective.

All around me are men and women who are suffering because they are in pain with their multilevel marketing! Can you relate to the following?

Perhaps you are struggling to make ends meet but your day job is not enough.

You are limited to wages and the amount of hours you can work. Yet too many hours leads to exhaustion and no time to spend with loved ones!

Maybe you already own a home based businesses but are unable to generate enough leads to make a difference.

You could be an multilevel marketing affiliate who is just plain tired of prospecting.

I know you do not want some new product or multilevel marketing opportunity because that is a threat on your already dwindling financial situation.

The solution that you are really looking for is to live your dreams by being free of money restrictions. Yet you live in a world that revolves around the literal dollar sign. Your silent anguish is the inability to do the things you want, which is to have more time for friends, family, or personal endeavors. There is no better way to achieve this than through multilevel marketing.

You need downtime to recharge their batteries and reconnect with loved ones, but how can this freedom be experienced when this means sacrificing part of a pay check?

By identifying your multilevel marketing pain I provide you with the pain killer, but only when you are ready!

painkiller 4

 And only if you are willing to do some multilevel marketing hard work over an extended period of time because the financial results you are looking for are not going to magically appear.

My Lead System Pro offers an education program that provides you with a lead generating laser targeted trafficking funnel in a single platform so that you can magnetically attract the right kind of people that you need to opt into your business. I am helping you so that you in turn can help others and this will make all the difference in the world to your bank account.

Home based business by way of multilevel marketing is about personal liberty to be who you were created to be so that you can do those things that you were created to do.

Aug 23

Finally, Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Actually Make Sense!

Finally, Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Actually Make Sense!


Adrian Dorsey

It has taken years but finally, I have come across affiliate marketing techniques that work with some hard work and added patience.

A few years ago Amy and I joined a home business opportunity dealing with spray vitamins. We did not have much success trying to prospect with our affiliate marketing program because it involved chasing family and friends which quickly turned into cold marketing. We are very introverted when it comes to the rest of society and approaching strange people is not very comfortable so we stayed on the product but quit trying to push it.

Bottom line is that we should not have had to go out there hunting down affiliate marketing prospects throwing spray vitamins at their heads while trying to convince them that it was good for them.

It was not that we failed, we just did not have adequate information and there was no one willing to teach us how to utilize our affiliate marketing business properly. We were trying to be the hunters instead of putting ourselves into the position of being the hunted.

Allow them to hunt you is what this affiliate marketing stratagem is all about.

Do you enjoy Prospecting, Cold Calling, Buying Leads, Chasing Family & Friends, and Getting Rejected over and over again in the endless cycle of attrition?

If it is working for you then fantastic, I congratulate you and commend you on all the hard work, but if you are struggling with your home business and just plain tired of prospecting then it is time to join the big leagues and utilize some affiliate marketing concepts that actually do work.

Now, I am telling you that some people get off on the pain of old school affiliate marketing.

dino 2

I assure you that it is as obsolete as the dinosaurs and that is why you are failing.

Is your affiliate home based business allowing you to live the life you have always dreamed about?

The Affiliate Marketing Funnel at a Glance

I am just going to tell you about My Lead System Pro and leave it at that.

Try to understand that it is not a affiliate marketing sales pitch. I will not be that rude.

I certainly am not expecting you to stop whatever affiliate opportunity you are doing, quite the opposite in fact because I know this can help you with whatever your networking or home based business may be.

My Lead System Pro is an education company that provides a single platform affiliate marketing program.

Basically it is a fully integrated lead generating traffic funnel which means that it is an online tool. It will allow you to build any affiliate marketing business that you may be involved in once you understand the strategy but you still have to put some committed effort into it.


The problem is that online affiliate marketing still require sales and marketing which means that you have to learn how to use Magnetic Attraction techniques to draw in the right people who will want what you have.

No matter what the product or affiliate marketing service it will NOT sell itself.

You have to sell and market the product so you might as well use a tool which will enable you to do it in a way that reduces your stress and makes your time and effort worthwhile. My Lead System Pro is a tool that will allow you to use affiliate marketing in a way that makes sense and will bring you the success you have been looking for if you are willing to work hard to make it so.

Aug 22

The Kung Fu of MLM Lead Generation

The Kung Fu of MLM Lead Generation


Adrian Dorsey


What on earth could MLM lead generation and kung fu possibly have in common?

First I know there are a lot of people out there who have no idea what kung fu really means.

I think many get the impression of the old spaghetti martial arts movies from the 1970’s through the 1980’s with real bad English dubs.

However, kung fu simply means “daily effort” or you could think of it as the consistent hard work that you do every day so you can see where this is going with MLM lead generation concepts.

In order to get very good at martial arts one has to dedicate themselves to a good solid routine of doing their form and applications daily over an extended period of time which literally means years. These same concepts can be utilized for successful MLM Lead generation strategies.

I have been studying kung fu for a decade.


Yes, that is my mug shot training with some exotic weaponry!

I believe the same kung fu concepts of effort and consistency can be applied to  MLM lead generation.

Daily effort without fail will eventually make a financial difference if you are willing to dedicate yourself to the formula over an extended period of time in order to produce your MLM Leads.

There is a daily Standard Operating Procedure that needs to be adhered to which is not that difficult to figure out but it is the ability to remain consistent every day with MLM lead generating activities which is what will make or break your efforts.

Did you know that Affiliate MLM lead generation programs allow you to attain multiple streams of income?

Can you wrap your mind around that reasoning?

You do not get MLM lead generation opportunities working at a regular or corporate location where you are limited to a particular wage and restricted to the amount of hours you can work. The most appealing aspect of online multilevel lead generation to make direct streams of income from home has to be that you can make a paycheck while spending time with those you care about.


Map Out These MLM Lead Generation Daily Procedures


1. You should consider MLM lead generation objectives. You have to be focused on the reason behind why you are doing this. If you are just curious but do not have a goal in mind then chances are you will end up quitting before you see the results. This is not going to be a get rich overnight agendum. There is hard work involved over an extended period of time. You have to be committed to these income producing MLM lead generation activities for at least 24 to 36 months.

2. Consider your main MLM lead generation priority. The best way to attract people through social media is through content that people will find both meaningful as well as valuable. Connect with them through postings, blogging, articles, videos, whatever, but meet them where they are at as one human to another.  I suggest targeting home business owners as well as frustrated network marketers who are just tired of prospecting. These people are suffering trying to make their residual income opportunities work because they do not know how to do proper MLM lead generating successfully.

3. Consider friendly MLM lead generation relationships through Magnetic Attraction techniques. You have to maintain your list of contacts on a daily basis. Let them know that you are active by posting relevant material. This will show them that you are dedicated to what you are doing and they will pay attention to this even if you are not always aware of it.

4.   Make your MLM lead generation activity habitual. This takes us back to the kung fu frame of mind. You need a daily consistent regimen that focuses on what you are going to physically do to generate your multiple streams of residual profit.

If you are serious about online marketing then make mlm lead generation your kung fu through My Lead System Pro which can help you catapult your primary business into the field of success so that you can live the life up until now you have only dreamed about.



Adrian Dorsey

First and foremost I am husband to my beautiful wife, Amy, without whose inspiration none of this would be possible.

I am an online marketing entrepreneur, author, instructor of Yang tai chi and baguazhang kung fu. Practitioner of qigong and DDPYoga!

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Aug 07

Survival is a Great Incentive

Survival is a Great Incentive

To Get Into Shape


Adrian Dorsey



There were a number of reasons that contributed to the reason why I decided to change my lifestyle for the better. I was sick much of the time due to a host of food allergies. There was the lower spinal and the torn ligaments in my hips. My posture was out of alignment which made it painful to walk very far or do hard labor. As for running that was laughable because there was no way I could run a hundred feet without blowing a heart valve. More than all of these something happened that was poignant enough that convinced me that I had to transform my life for the better.  If anyone has read my blog postings up to this point you know that I only started DDPYoga about ten months ago. However for the last ten years I have been studying martial arts, focusing on the styles of tai chi chuan and baguazhang. I leaned in this direction because of a single incident that turned into a physical assault. I got out of it okay and found out I could take a punch to the head without blacking out but all I could really do was push and shove at my opponent until he tired himself out. The whole incident lasted less than a few moments but I was exhausted, bruised in a few places, and drenched in sweat from head to foot. I swear it took me almost an hour to get my heart back to normal. After that I began to think about what happened and in the days and weeks that followed the whole thing really played on my mind. I was barely able to hold my ground with one asshole. What would have happened if there had been more than one? What if my kids would have been in the vicinity? I became stressed over the possibilities of how many ways I could become a victim or worse been unable to protect those I care about from being victimized as well. Two months later I stopped thinking about it and put my concerns into action.

For the first couple of years I studied kung fu as though I was preparing for the end of the world. In my mind I imagined scenarios of dystopic post-apocalyptic environments becoming a way of life. I learned the ways of the tai chi sword and bagauzhang introduced an exotic pair of weapons known as deer horn knives or deer hook swords. I was a martial artist. Through the process I was rebuilding my legs from the feet up, strengthening my core, and improving my balance. I was learning how to implement applications for real life situations such as multiple opponents. I was changing my diet, my body, and the way I organized my thoughts. Kung fu wasn’t just something that I did, it became a way of life.

But as Diamond Dallas says so often, “ There is always someplace else to go.” When I started DDPYoga I had already realized that there were elements that my body was still missing. My joints were sore, my spine would bother me occasionally, and at least once a year the old piriformis syndrome would flare up. Metaphorically speaking the old war wounds were still there. My instructor had been encouraging me for the last few years to do some cardiovascular, but because of my weight being an issue with spinal problems already prevalent, he cautioned me not to run because it would be too hard on me. I did the elliptical machine for about a year and a half until it broke from overuse. I tried skipping but agitated the old scars in my lower back and knees.

I needed a program that would jack my heart rate up without aggravating my joints, spine, and hips. That is where DDPYoga really did it for me because you get that heart rate amped to where it needs to go by using Dynamic Resistance without injuring your joints because it is 0 impact. I love it. I get my cardio while engaging specific muscles from position to position. The overall program has the foundation of yoga but with old school calisthenics and some rehabilitation techniques thrown in to the mix as well. My spine is being elongated which means that any subluxation through the discs are adjusted so the energy can move where it has to. My hips flexers are being opened up relieving the stress of emotional baggage I have collected over the years. That’s right, we carry our anger, depression, and negative feelings which gravitate down into our hips causing them to be tight and then we wonder why weight builds up there as well. The knee stabilizers are targeted as well helping to maintain posture and balance. Overall I can literally feel my body getting stronger, building muscle, toning and tightening where it should. It is not a metaphor when you consider the words of Diamond Dallas Page who says so often that, “you are holding back the hands of time.”

Bottom line is the condition of America today is getting scary. With the passing of the Patriot Act and most recently the National Defense Authorization Act, those whom we have entrusted to be in power brazenly regard us with complete contempt for our constitutional rights. The right to bear arms is being infringed upon. The right to privacy and security against unreasonable searches and seizures is being violated more each day. Many whom we believed were in authority positions to protect our rights of liberty and freedom have turned against us and we are expected to simply comply. As the right to self-preservation is imposed upon violent crime is sweeping throughout this country with increasing alarm.

I am not trying to get all paranoid here, but the reality is that if you are in shape you have a better chance to avoid or get out of a dangerous situation and save your loved ones. You need to have a body that is strong with good cardio and a healthy elongated spine to accomplish the task of successfully removing yourself from a threatening situation. If you know some manner of martial training to defend yourself than you should be capable of physically doing what you have to in order to secure your right and the rights of your loved ones to ensure the personal freedom of well-being. This is a bigger issue than a lot of people realize and a lot closer to home than many want to believe. Somewhere in the back of my mind I still imagine blood red skies and a world that is less hospitable but when I see what is happening all around us in our own country I realize that it is not just an overactive imagination. It is happening and unless something is done as a nation it will only get worse. So that is a huge part of my story. The idea of survival has proven to be great incentive.

Jul 31

Not Having Enough Energy

Not Having Enough Energy

Is A Misnomer Not An Excuse


Adrian Dorsey



This used to be my excuse to not work out. I was tired all the time and feeling burned out. There is a chemical balance within our bodies that keeps everything running smoothly and if the proverbial engine is off slightly that you are going to feel like crap. Perhaps the wrong kinds of foods are contributing that that sensation. Our body is designed to utilize proper foods for our cells to remain healthy, but in the face of the enormous quantity of horribly processed options loaded with sugars, gluten grains, petrochemicals, herbicides like glyphosate and genetically modified ingredients it is difficult to know what is acceptable and what to avoid. If you can muddle your way through all of that there is the stress of everyday life both at home and likely at your work place. You feel exhausted and I understand that because I have been there. I know how overwhelming it can be and the concept of throwing in a workout somewhere in the middle of it all can seem impossible.

I want to encourage you that by getting the ideal exercise for your body you can actually create more energy so that you can go about your job and deal with your home life have some to spare. I will tell you the reason why this works.

I have realized that if you want more energy you have to do some kind of physical activity to create it. Think of a fireplace. If you want heat then you have to light the logs. The carbon fuel has to burn in order to provide that warmth. Our bodies produce energy in a similar fashion internally through increasing our cardiovascular routine. However, contrary to what you might think you actually do not need excessive exercise to produce these results.

Consider some advice from Dr. Mercola;

“When you break your exercise session into short segments that alternate high intensity with a rest period in-between, known as interval training, it can dramatically improve your cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning capabilities in a fraction of the time… The researchers believe this type of exercise works because it produces a unique metabolic response.. Intermittent sprinting produces high levels of chemical compounds called catecholamines, which allow more fat to be burned from under your skin and within your muscles. The resulting increase in fat oxidation is thought to drive the increased weight loss.

Again, one of the best parts of interval training is that it cuts down on the amount of time you need to exercise, which is great if you don’t have time for hour-long cardio workouts.”

So if your daily activity is limited to the minimum amount of movement that it takes to get the house in order and to do your job but there is nothing to really get your heart rate up for intervals of time then you are going to certainly feel fatigued. If you are sitting at work for hours on end, or even if you are at home at the computer or watching television you have to understand that the seated position crushes your kidneys basically putting them to sleep which makes you feel even more tired because they are unable to function in the manner they should. In the American Journal of Kidney Disease there was an article published in October of 2012 that stated the following, “Sitting for long periods of time has now been linked to the development of kidney disease.”

So if your daily routine or perhaps your job entails that you sit for long periods of time you need to find a few minutes to occasionally stretch yourself out and go for a walk or something in order to avoid chronic damage occurring. I do a lot of writing on my blog throughout the week so I manage to reduce the prolongation of being in the seated position by doing a little bit of yoga occasionally throughout my day. Just a few minutes of elongating my spine does wonders for my body. Then I will walk around for a little while before getting back to whatever it was that I was doing. I find that I am more alert to focus my activities making it easier to complete.

Due to stupid injuries my body has sustained over the years I cannot do hard impact exercise and even some low impact workouts are difficult so I have opted for zero impact training by doing DDPyoga in combination with the internal kung fu styles of tai chi chuan and baguazhang. That is my formula which works for me and I feel freaking awesome.

By the way, just a quick side note. The video of the baguazhang link above is of my daughter and I doing a demonstration. Check it out. She drops my ass to the ground at the end. BANG!

Through all of this I am just trying to say that if you want more energy than you have to burn the fuel. Do something to elevate your heart rate three or four times a week using high intensity interval but zero impact training which I believe adequately describes what you get with DDPYoga. Whatever you decide to do understand that it may be slow going in the beginning but I want to encourage you to persevere because eventually you will discover that you have more energy throughout the day both at home as well as at work and that you have some to spare for other activities. Working out properly does not mean that you are going to have less energy but more.

Think on it, be inspired, and just do it.

Jul 29

Understanding the Profit of Bodily Exercise

Understanding the Profit of Bodily Exercise


Adrian Dorsey



The enormity of this issue I am going to address is staggering. You could even say it is literally down right mind boggling. Around the time I graduated from High School which was the Class of ’90 there was a paradigm of thought among religious circles which was promoting the idea that there was very little profit in exercise. With my own ears I have actually heard this preached from pulpits. I have met individuals who were in great shape physically until they became associated with those who believed along these lines and they let themselves go. Sometimes it was by a spouse coercing their partner with the help of local ministers or those aligned in accordance with this belief. It was like a movement to hinder every person who exercised hard and tried to eat properly to dissuade them from health in the name of religion. I am only sharing this because I have seen this happen with my own eyes. For a while I was a part of a ministry after I graduated from school. I have mentioned in previous articles that I did play with free weights and do some cardiovascular routines a couple times a week. I was not overly devoted to exercise and at that time I certainly had no idea how to eat proper food that was beneficial to my body. What little I did was behind the scenes privately because I knew that there were people in my group of acquaintances that believed this verse out of the Christian King James bible which reads, “For bodily exercise profits little.” 1 Timothy 4:8. In the NIV bible the translation of the same verse reads, “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things.” The original intent of the author becomes sort of irrelevant in the face of presumed interpretation which in this case has become a religious person’s literal excuse to justify being lazy or perhaps too thin or too obese, and even emaciated as though their very health and well-being were a sacrifice for their belief. I am not making this up! Did you know that as of the year 2012 gallop poll there is over 77% of American people, that is averaging 9 in 10, affiliated with a Christian identity of organized religion? Now consider the weight of this statement as the paradigm for untold millions, even billions of people, and we wonder why obesity and health issues are a huge problem in this nation.

I am not saying that all organized religion pushes this frame of mind but in the area where I grew up that was very much the context. All I can say is that if the old patriarchs of the bible believed that bodily exercise had no profit then there is no way in hell that they would have been able to fight on the battle fields. The children of Israel did not waddle around the walls of Jericho because they were too obese. Samson did not slay a thousand men with the jawbone of an ass because he was a couch potato. David did not manage to slay the giant by whipping a marshmallow at his head. That book declares often enough that the holy men would die with their eyesight and all of their faculties intact. They were not decrepit with old age and blurry vision. Their skin was not hanging from bones that were equally frail and susceptible to fracture. They were in great shape full of health right up to the end. They did not get that way without some form of bodily exercise.

So I am telling you that what little profit one does get from bodily exercise is absolutely necessary.

There is another story that deserves sharing which comes from China and it concerns Da Mo Sardili who was also known as the Great Bhodidharma. He was born around the time of 483 A.D. when India was recognized as a great spiritual center in the East. Da Mo was a member of Mahayana Bhuddhism. During this time period many Chinese Emperors sent priests into India to become Bhuddhist students and to bring scriptures back to China. Sometimes priests would be invited to come up from India to preach. This is what happened in Da Mo’s case in 527 A.D. When Emperor Liang Wu Di decided that he did not agree with Da Mo’s philosophy of Bhuddism, the monk made the decision to retreat to the Shaolin Temple. Upon his arrival he was shocked to discover that the monks residing there were very unhealthy and even emaciated. It was at this point that he went into seclusion to ponder the problem and it is said that he did not emerge for almost ten years. When he came forth again he wrote two classic books.

The first book was the Yi Jin Jing (Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic) and the second was the Xi Sui Jing (Marrow/Brain Washing Classic). I am not going to write a treatise on these at this time but I do want to say that the first book taught the priests how to change their bodies from weak to strong. Their health improved very dramatically with steadfast dedication to the exercises offered and the result was increased strength beyond measure. This training would later be integrated into the martial arts of the Shaolin Temple increasing the effectiveness of their abilities. This change would become a considerable step in the martial arts program of Chinese Qigong.

The concept of letting the spirit grow but deny the body has not been very effective. Let us go back for a moment to take note that the Apostle Paul often stated that the body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and should not be defiled. Why would the any aspect of some all-powerful creator of the universe and all life within it want to dwell inside of a body that is sick, weak, and emaciated beyond being useful? A body that is frail is going to make a poor vessel to be used much for anything. Even if one does not pollute themselves with alcoholism and street drugs there is still the dangers of processed foods, Genetically Engineered Foods or GMO’s, processed sugar, gluten, and the petrochemicals and pesticides that are deliberately lacing so much of the produce available for consumption which promote sickness, emaciation, and obesity. I am not trying to preach here but that old Apostle was obviously trying to encourage people to maintain healthy bodies for the Holy Ghost to dwell in; bodies with eyesight and all their faculties intact.

Now to reinforce this from a slightly different angle without losing the scope of what I am trying to say.

I want to take a moment here to assure that I am not picking on Christianity for promoting this lack of consideration for bodily improvement. There are some aspects of Bhuddism today that totally ignore the Yin Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing Classics altogether. They believe that all their devotion should be to their spiritual nature and that the body is the least of their concerns.

I admit that no matter what your religion may be I personally do not agree with this. I respect those who are content to follow this but for myself there must be a harmonizing between the body and the spirit that makes sense. When I lived a life of denying my body I was in too much discomfort and pain from physical ailments to employ any kind of strategy toward a spiritual growth. To add insult to my physical injuries my diet consisted of all the foods that promoted sickness. When I changed all of that with the decision to study martial arts in the effort to improve my condition I realized a number of things. The healthier and stronger my body felt, the more powerful my sense of awareness of spirit became. I have always been a student of enlightenment seeking after gnostic truths. If anyone has followed my blog you may recall that my spiritual journey started in the spring of 1989 which led into the deliverance ministry in Northern Alberta which involved an intense introduction to dealing with paranormal events, negative entities of a poltergeist nature and the laying on of hands to heal. I continued to seek out knowledge of spiritual affairs after these events but the sicker my body became the more difficult it was to feel attuned to matters of the inner truths. When I started tai chi chuan and baguazhang in the January of 2003 my teacher soon placed me on a special rehabilitation program. I am paraphrasing his words but I remember them going something like this, “If you remain my student for two years I will rebuild your legs from the ground up.”

During the first year of kung fu my body went through some of the most painful but necessary transformations that I have ever experienced. I had fallen arches in my feet so getting orthopedic arch supports was the first step. Being introduced to the nutritionist and learning about the dangers of gluten and lactose and sugar was the second step. That alone almost killed me when I realized all the food I loved to eat was causing most of my digestive and bowel problems. Then I started my spinal therapy for the damage that had been done nine years earlier. An X-ray revealed that my spine was actually border line between a stage 2 and stage 3 deterioration.  There are only 4 stages and the final one is basically an infirm invalid. The therapist commended me for coming in saying that if this damage had been left unchecked I could well be in a wheel chair by the time I was 40 years old. To make matters even worse my right knee developed a fluid sack about the size of an egg which was enflamed all the time, especially when I walked the circle training in baguazhang. The slightest pressure on the knee made it worse. I ended up having to wrap it each time I wanted to just stand in the combat position. I did the rehabilitation program over and above the actual lessons. After about a year my sifu admitted that he had never known anyone endure the level of pain that I had and yet I continued to stick with it. Encouraged and inspired by those words I pushed myself even harder. It actually got to the point where he told me to not train physically between classes because my body just had to rest. I was burning out. It was difficult to take that advice but I found a way. Even though I could not physically train I started doing it all mentally. I would envision the tai chi form my mind and imagine the baguazhang combat applications as vividly as I could articulate. Finally, about eighteen months into the program it suddenly dawned on me that the fluid in my knee was almost gone. The tenderness was not really there and I did not feel like I had to wrap it anymore. My spine was feeling great. My digestive system was improved significantly. My connection to spiritual matters during my meditations was more productive. I had improved my vessel and would continue to do so. You need to understand that I was not just doing kung fu, I was making it a lifestyle.

As awesome as the tai chi and the baguazhang has been and it will always be an integrated aspect of my daily life I also realized in August of 2012 that there is always someplace else to go. My wife, Amy, had started talking about yoga. She wanted to go to classes at the hospital. I did not know a whole lot about it but I always encourage her in everything she has ever wanted to do. Around the same time my kung fu instructor shared the video of Arthur Borman on facebook. As amazing as Arthur’s story was I was surprised to see one of my favorite wrestling superstars of all time behind the program that made all the difference in this man’s world; Diamond Dallas Page. I shook my head a bit and watched the video over again three or four times. Then I wrote my sifu and asked him what he thought of the yoga. Again I am paraphrasing but his words were encouraging. He basically summed up that kung fu is great conditioning but it just does not open the joints, hips, or elongate the spine the way that yoga does. He encouraged that it would improve my martial arts ability immensely. He himself did yoga. I remember that the warm ups at the beginning of our classes seemed to involve yoga postures once in a while. I just had no idea the benefits of incorporating it into a daily routine alongside the study of tai chi chuan and baguazhang. For about a month or so I did everything that Amy brought home to show me. However, those classes were on a trial basis and soon came to an end. I would go to the DDPYoga website to check prices and think about it. Finally I just said that I wanted the full package deal of the DDPYoga program. I actually started about the middle of October 2012. The rest is history.

I am 41 years old this year and I feel tremendous. I want you to understand something and I want to speak honest and plain here so do not be offended with my colorful adjective, but what got me here today was ten solid years of hard fucking work.

Sifu always cautioned that we students should maintain an external exercise regimen such as some weight lifting, push-ups, leg strengthening. This was because the relaxed explosive strikes of the palms while maintain a meditative breathing state encouraged the practitioner to rely on energy or chi rather than muscular effort. Muscular effort is limited and finite but energy knows no such boundary. When we students pressed him on this issue for understanding he would explain with such examples of an external martial artist with uncontrolled breathing backed by rigid physical strength building and endurance training often find themselves exhausted after less than five minutes of real combat. However, internal martial artists maintaining the fluidity of redirection through controlled breath could remain in combat for thirty minutes before breaking a bead of sweat. Relying too much on energy had a tendency to reduce the effectiveness of the physical health of the body and that the vessel needed to remain strong enough to properly contain the chi life force effectively. Sifu’s own instructor, Sigung, became very sick because of too much reliance on sheer energy with no physical exertion at all. When it came to opened palm strikes, Sifu would acknowledge that he could think of no other man on the planet with palms as deadly powerful as Sigung’s.  Yet there had to be a balance between the two. The last I had heard about the outcome of Sigung was that he was doing much better after a several months of adding some physical activity to his daily regimen.

At this point in my yoga development I believe that there is a combination of both external and internal progress happening here. DDPYoga is zero impact as it should be but it also includes the benefits of dynamic resistance throughout the postures which increases the cardiovascular output for short periods of time before resting again with softer movements. High intensity interval cardio programs are realized to be most optimal as it does not put unnecessary strain on the heart through prolonged durations. Even Dr. Mercola concurs that a few moments of activity followed by intermittent intense exercise done over a period of twenty to thirty minutes has proven to be most optimal to your health more-so than a straight hour of cardio with no rest. I personally believe that DDPYoga utilizes this concept nicely. I feel my heart rate jacking for a few moments and then I can feel it leveling out again. Using a heart rate monitor I can actually keep an eye on what is going on and remain in my fat burning zone or I can slow it down if it goes too high. My fat burning zone is between 120 and 140 beats per minute.

In conclusion I am saying that in order for your mind and your spirit to be strong you require a healthy body to house it. There needs to be a balance between internal and external development. Exercise is not just about the outer musculature, but your fascia tissue and organs need to be worked through movement in order to remain healthy. These internal benefits are experienced throughout the yoga postures as well as tai chi chuan and baguazhang where the focus of energy is empowered by controlling the breath. Few people realize that how you breathe really determines everything that you do or accomplish. So what profit there is from bodily exercise is certainly necessary for you to be who you were created to be so that you can do the things you were created to do.

Jul 24

Get Over Your Addiction to Feeling Like Hell and try DDP Yoga For Regular Guys.

Get Over Your Addiction to Feeling Like Hell and try DDP Yoga For Regular Guys!


Adrian Dorsey


There is a program that is designed as yoga for regular guys and I an assure you if you are looking for one hell of a workout then this program will kick your ass!

I do not know how many times I have heard people say that they have no energy to work out. I am not pointing fingers at anyone because I used to be just like that until I tried this DDPYoga for regular guys.

I tried to exercise with weights occasionally but my joints and back would ache afterward which did nothing for my enthusiasm. At that time I knew nothing about this yoga for regular guys.

To do anything requires motivation.

Occasionally I would try a beginner yoga dvd but the postures were still too advanced with no demonstrations on how to modify them so that was discouraging.

I Was Addicted To Feeling Like Hell


A decade ago my journey toward wellness began with tai chi chuan and baguazhang kung fu. However, as great as that has been I still had back problems, sciatica/piriformis flare ups, and joint issues. My kung fu teacher strongly suggested I get into this yoga for regular guys because it would open my joints and elongate my spine in a way that kung fu was not designed to target.

Living healthy is not something you just do, it becomes a lifestyle and can be done through some hard work and effort with yoga for regular guys.

I finally got to the place where I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

That was my incentive to try this DDPYoga which literally is a down to earth approach to yoga for regular guys.

I made the decision to change with this program of yoga for regular guys.


Then October 15th, 2012, I took the step to try out DDPYoga.


Literally a yoga for regular guys program developed by three time heavy weight wrestling champion Diamond Dallas Page.

So I made the decision to quit thinking about it and just do this yoga!

Ten years ago realized that if you want more energy you have to do some kind of physical activity to create that energy.

Think of a fireplace. If you want heat then you have to light the logs.


The fuel has to burn in order to provide. You know where I am going with this. Yoga for regular guys turns your internal fires on and starts heating you up catapulting you into your fat burning zone.

DDP Yoga for Regular Guys is High Intensity Interval Training


If you have been looking for a good work out which has zero impact on the body then DDPYoga for regular guys is without a doubt for you personally.

This yoga for regular guys is actually a hybridization of American Ashtanga Power Yoga, calisthenics, rehabilitation techniques, with a whole new component of slow motion dynamic resistance implementing isometric strength building, in addition to high intensity interval training that jacks your heart rate up into the FAT Burning zone for a kick ass cardiovascular program.

Consider some advice from Dr. Mercola;

“When you break your exercise session into short segments that alternate high intensity with a rest period in-between, known as interval training, it can dramatically improve your cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning capabilities in a fraction of the time… The researchers believe this type of exercise works because it produces a unique metabolic response.. Intermittent sprinting produces high levels of chemical compounds called catecholamines, which allow more fat to be burned from under your skin and within your muscles. The resulting increase in fat oxidation is thought to drive the increased weight loss.

Again, one of the best parts of interval training is that it cuts down on the amount of time you need to exercise, which is great if you don’t have time for hour-long cardio workouts.”

When I directly asked Dallas Page if this accurately described what we were doing he responded with these words, “HIIT sounds a lot like what we’re doing with DDP Yoga!”

Bottom line is DDPYoga is yoga for regular guys and it sure as hell ain’t your mama’s yoga! This yoga will kick your ass! So man up, get on the mat, and get ready to freak’n burn!

You can make the formula your own and modify the positions any way you have to until you get stronger. No other beginner yoga dvd that I have seen demonstrates alternatives to advanced postures. Then when you are ready you progress through intermediate and then advanced programs all the way to extreme psycho yoga.

Stop being addicted to feeling like hell and get DDPYoga which is the only yoga for regular guys and OWN YOUR LIFE already.

For more information go here.

Jul 24

Consider DDP Yoga Stretches When Your Piriformis/Sciatica is Being a Bitch



Consider DDP Yoga Stretches When Your Piriformis/Sciatica is Being a Bitch


Adrian Dorsey


I did not realize how effective sciatic DDP Yoga stretches could be in relieving this painful flare up. I would caution to consult your doctor though before trying these!

I am only sharing with you what works for my piriformis/sciatica condition when it acts up.

The last time it happened I rested for about half a day before getting online to do some research about this atrocious agony that feels like a cold knife stabbed through your buttock twisting every which way no matter what you do.

It hurts worse to sit than it does to stand. If you manage to lie down it is difficult to get upright again.

The real crazy thing is that the more you rest the worse the pain gets!

I started scouring Google and YouTube to see if anyone had some advice.

There were a couple of videos that demonstrated how to stretch the piriformis muscle which plays a role with the sciatic nerve.

In fact the name Piriformis Syndrome has been given to intense discomfort which I have come to know well over the years.

The pain can be the result of a number of situations.

  1. Trauma due to injury may be the result of occasional flare up.
  2. Sitting for long periods of time can also cause trouble in this area.
  3. It is also possible to over exert with too much exercise which overworks the tissue to the point of exhaustion.

Even though I trained martial arts five or six days a week for ten years with specific exercises to strengthen my legs muscles I didn’t have anything specific in my routine that targeted the piriformis.

I guess in the end gently working this little muscle seems to be the most consistent solution agreed upon by doctors and sports rehabilitators.


That little piriformis needs to be performing in order to be happy.

I came across a few videos explaining how to stretch this muscle through a series of easy simple postures. Easy to learn but when you are in the middle of the agony it is hell to get into those positions.

I did what any determined meat head would do and did them anyway. I gritted my teeth and did the first posture holding it for one minute and then the second posture grunting and seething all the way.

Little did I know at the time that I was doing sciatica yoga stretches!


Get With the DDP Yoga Program, Your Piriformis Will Thank You


My wife started doing yoga a couple of times a week at the hospital where she works. She ended up showing me what she was learning. I did everything she showed me and recognized immediately the positions that targeted the piriformis muscle.

The best sciatica yoga stretches that I have found which target the piriformis region respectively according to the description in DDPYoga is Can Opener, also called Pigeon Pose.

Can Opener

This elongates the spine opening up the hips, groin, and hamstring and if done correctly it will relieve the stress on the piriformis muscle and the lower back.

Then there is the actual piriformis Figure Four Leg Stretch.

Figure 4

In the program we do this after the phenomenal hip stretch. Where you lie on your back with knees pointing up then drop them to one side. Stretch your arms out like wings and look toward the hand opposite the direction your knees are going.

So if you drop your knees to the left, then look at your right hand and take a few nice easy deep breaths for about half a minute.

I demonstrate this myself in a video I have put on youtube called Sciatica Yoga Stretches with DDPYoga.

You do this first one side and then the other so just imagine your right knee is pointing upward at the ceiling with your foot flat on the ground.

Cross your left leg over your right so that your ankle is over the right knee. Reach one hand through and the other hand around to grab the under-side of your right knee.

I like to lie back at this point to get a nice stretch and as I exhale I pull that right knee toward me automatically moving the left foot toward my face. You cannot help but feel the stretch in your buttocks and hips if you do it right. Inhale relaxing back and exhale pulling that foot toward your face again. Three or four times works for me after which I relax doing the same on the other side.

So when your piriformis syndrome is being a bitch, you may want to try sciatica yoga stretches with DDPYoga because if done correctly it should be a step toward being the fix.

Jul 22

Elongating my Spine With DDP Yoga is Holding Back the Hands of Time

Elongating My Spine  With DDP Yoga is

Holding Back the Hands of Time


Adrian Dorsey



After a decade of martial arts but still persistent back pain and sciatic flare ups I realized that I had to learn to elongate my spine and I decided to do this with a fitness program called DDP Yoga.

I feel like a different person and my martial arts abilities have improved dramatically. I am not saying that I look ripped like an athlete… yet…  but I do feel great!

Combine this with the elimination of gluten, GMO’s, lactose, and sugar from my diet and words cannot describe how incredible I feel. Do you know how wonderful it is to eat food that is not going to come back and haunt you later? If you are reading this article then you probably do understand what I am talking about because you have probably been down that road too. It is likely that you know that change is worth the effort. It is not something that you do, it becomes a lifestyle.

There is no way I could have ever started the journey if I had not come to a place where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I used to hate exercise even though I played with free weights and had a bench to goof around on. When you feel like crap you just don’t have a lot of energy to exert much effort into anything. My spine had damage in the Thoracic region from an accident in the summer of 1993.

Spine Thoracic Region - Copy

I tried lifting a 300 lb plate tamper used for landscaping and with that act I tore the inner upper and lower ligaments deep inside my hips. Those ligaments are the suspenders that hold your iliac crest or hip bones together. Well, mine were separating so I ended up wearing a special belt to hold them in place. I had a friend who was into ballet and modern jazz dance and he showed me some routines which I started to do regularly which helped. A few exercises like lunge steps and stretches. After about a year I was able to take the brace off but I had no feeling down my left leg, which was a sign of nerve damage. Tap my knee with a hammer and it just hung there limp staring back at you. The bottom line was that I was starting to feel better and I no longer needed to tie my hip bones together so the exercising had helped. I knew the damage was still present but the body is resilient and it will rearrange itself internally to compensate for a lot of issues working around the problem sometimes.

My diet through the 1980’s and 1990’s was atrocious!

The only things I ate were fast food, pop, gluten, sugar, corn, and everything containing bleached flour.

I used to make fun of people with food allergies as I wolfed down a greasy burger with fries and chased it with a chocolate shake or soda and then suffered with bowel problems for the rest of the night. I had no idea that I was my own worst enemy. I was sick every week and in bed for at least three or four days every month. The irritable bowel syndrome and rotten egg burps were disgusting. I had to plan any driving trip by mapping out where each washroom facility was because I would have to hit every one of them along the way.

Unhealthy foods - Copy

When I started my martial arts training in 2003 and my teacher suggested I speak to his nutritionist I had no idea what I was in for. When the nutritionist informed me that I had to eliminate gluten from my diet for a start I almost died right there. I could not see how I could possibly survive without the bleached flour food products I loved to eat. It took some effort but I listened to the advice and started removing wheat products and lactose from my menu. I noticed changes almost right away but it was not easy. I was craving the food that was killing me. I was like a crack addict but my bowels reminded me every day how sick I was and that I just had to do it. I was literally dying from the inside out. To be more precise I was rotting from my bowels upward.

As my martial arts progressed my teacher got in touch with one of his students from his earlier schools who had become a spinal therapist. It just took an introduction to start me on a two year journey of rehabilitation therapy. Twice a week for almost a whole year he worked on my back before I headed to the Gung Fu Club. He explained to me how delicate the spine really is. That there are three stress factors that have a huge impact on our body. Everything we experience is reflected in the operation of our spine. It is the central nervous system not unlike the main breakers that control the electrical currents through a house, but in this case the power flow is going out to affect every function the body performs as well as the organs involved.

The three main stresses that affect our spine are physical, emotional, and nutritional.

Physical stress is obvious. It often occurs with the experience of an accident like falling or being impacted by some force, or tearing by lifting the wrong way, as in my case. Usually the physical injuries are the end result of prolonged stress from the other two symptoms.

Emotional stress is created by expressing negative feelings which flood our minds with unpleasant images which in turn influence our bodies to radiate with things like dread, anger, sorrow, worrying, and most common is anxiety. All of these tell the body to create natural toxins which seep through our cell structure weakening the function of our organs or the responsiveness of our digestive system. Our bodies our resilient in that whatever feeling we desire it will give us, even if some feelings are poisonous to our own well-being. I admit that I was addicted to being depressed. That dark feeling of dreadfulness fueled by anxiety was something that had me in its clutches for many long years. I had no idea the long term affect this would have on me.

Finally there is nutritional stress. I can only speak for myself on this issue because you have to come to your own conclusions on what is right for you. Wheat was killing me and I had no idea Genetically Modified Foods are basically patented death to our bodies. Soda pop everything sugary were the only things I would drink. Water was not even an option that I would consider. My whole menu was a one way trip to irritable bowel syndrome hell.

Each of these three factors was red flagged for me. It is no wonder I was such a bloody mess.

Of the four degenerative phases to the spine, mine was a phase 2 bordering on phase 3! 

Spinal phase 2_3

2003 was a transition unlike anything I had ever expected it to be. I started to study kung fu. At the same time I was learning the pros and cons of nutrition. The spinal therapy was providing some long overdue relief from the damage I had done to myself ten years earlier. This was just the beginning of a journey that would demonstrate to me a completely new and healthy way to live.

In October of 2012 I started DDPYOGA. As awesome as the martial arts has been I had no idea how important it could be to properly elongate the spine. Kung fu does not specifically target the back so this has been a revelation of discovery. After nine months I now do DDP Yoga six days a week. The opening of the joints and hips release tension and stress unlike anything I have ever experienced up to this point. Each posture is like a sigh of relief. My progress is steady and I am seeing improvement every month. I feel even better then I imagined possible. I cannot help but borrow the words of Diamond Dallas Page as my own mantra which I speak over and over again throughout my day, “Elongating my spine holds back the hands of time.” A second powerful phrase he says is, “Only you control how you react, adapt, breathe, and take action.” These words are tremendously motivating and inspirational. I am grateful for this program that Dallas has put out there for us to take advantage of and improve upon ourselves developing a greater expression of life for each of us with the desire and the determination to make change happen.

My long term goal is to be able to be healthy enough to enjoy every day no matter how old I live. I want to be able to be confidently independent in my ability to do what I want with mobility that is never fading. I want to be like the patriarchs of old of whom it is said when they passed away that they had their eyesight and all their faculties intact. What more could one ask for. I am going to live with health, strength and flexibility and be grateful for every breath because life is far too precious to be anything less. I used to take it all for granted but not anymore. So much of what I do is an attempt to demonstrate a greater expression of life. If I pass nothing more than this onto my children and those who are fortunate to cross my path than it is enough. I can fulfill my journey with a feeling of completeness because I can believe that I have done well.

Jan 17

What Now? That is the Question part 3

What Now…? Hmmmm…

Part 3


Adrian Dorsey


Problem is kind of a catch twenty two. I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I want to write and publish and make a living off of my work. At the same time I certainly do not need to know who is reading my work. I have no idea what kind of people will have access to it or what gender they may be. I do not know whether they are moral or immoral. Yet these simple details seem to indeed be prevalent. What kind of people do I want to read my material? Who should read my material? Is this something that can be policed? Should it be policed? Should there be gender restrictions? Hell, perhaps there should also be age restrictions as well even though nothing I write is obscene, erotic, or very grossly graphic in nature. I never paused to ask these questions before. I do not know if these are the questions that need to be brought to the fore. Well, in my case I think they must be considered. These are the issues that my beautiful wife needs answered. I love her very much and I know she gets insecure about a great many things as soon as anyone notices something I wrote. I do not mean to cause her insecurity but my writing has inadvertently caused her much injury over the years. Never mind the barrage of obvious answers which need to be forthcoming to such questions as; Who are they? Why are they reading my work? Where are they from? Are they male or female? What do they want? You didn’t talk to them did you?

I think there is only one solution for the present. This fact came out recently while taking part in an online training webinar by Lynne Klippel. She is an author who has been through her own roller coaster of successful writing. The one thing I brought out of that hour was the fact that, at least for the present, I simply lack conviction to write anything. The bad guys and the spirit of insecurity have won. What else is there left to say. Until something changes there is no dishonor in admitting defeat. I hope it is better to bow out and live to write another day… or something like that.