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Testosterone and Estradiol Levels In Men May Ultimately Be Effecting Fitness Results and Weight Loss

Testosterone and Estradiol Levels In Men May Ultimately Be Effecting Fitness Results and  Weight Loss


Adrian Dorsey


Imagine my surprise to learn about testosterone and estradiol levels in men and how it could be effecting weight loss and other significant health issues!

Today was an average work out for any Wednesday burning roughly 1,853 calories over 2.5 hours doing DDP Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan including sword forms, and baguazhang kung fu with trigram palms and deer horn knives.

I have been studying martial arts for ten years and training five to six days a week with no idea that high levels of estradiol in men could be so counter productive to my efforts to be fit.

Could it be estradiol in men that is responsible for contributing to the spare tire still hanging around the middle?

I admit that my ability to tone, build muscle, and lose weight has been a frustrating journey but I had no idea how detrimental excess estradiol levels in men could be the source.

I train like a bloody beast and I have “this” to show for it!

I will only use one picture here because this is basically my before…


AND AFTER eleven years of hard f*&#ing work!!

I have studied kung fu for eleven solid years without stopping and without suspecting the cause for my weight dilema. I had no idea that men could even have estrogen in their system or how it was closely connected to testosterone.

I would argue fiercely that my diet is gluten free, lactose free, sugar free… and consists of basically a vegan diet while drinking plenty of water.

How in the hell was I supposed to know that my depleting beneficial testosterone was converting in estradiol instead of DHT (dehydrotestosterone)?

There are not very many articles on the subject of estradiol effecting weight loss in men.

At the same time there is hardly anybody searching for this problem of estrogen conversion from the male hormone because I think this is largely overlooked in spite of the fact that I know there are many out there who have problems losing weight and yet they diet clean and exercise mean without ever getting lean.

I know! You look at me and snicker that I should look like an athlete not a lump whose on the level with the bubble in the middle.

Thanks for continuing to point that out.

Recently I discovered something about testosterone and estradiol levels in men that will surprise you as much as it did me!

I am going to be honest here.

Even though my wife and I suspected some kind of testosterone issue we had no idea about the significant role of estradiol in men.

Is not estrogen something that is only found in women? Think again!!!

When the blood work was all said and done my estradiol levels were higher than they should be and my DHT (dihydrotestosterone) came in at a much lower figure. With my estradiol so high the doctor suggesed that the testosterone production may not be the issue. The problem appeared to be in the conversion.

You must understand that estradiol levels in men plays just as significant a role as testosterone and both play major roles in men’s health especially when he reaches middle age.

Life Extention Magazine published the Dangers of Excess Estrogen in the Aging male in 2008 which shared the following concerns.

1. Excess estradiol in the middle aged man doubles the risk of stroke by promoting abnormal blood clots.

2. High estradiol in men can also cause thickness of the carotid artery!

3. HT Health put out an article September 12, 2013, that covers Estrogen weight gain… in men?

4. The problem of excess estradiol levels in men in comparison to deficient testosterone (which seems to be my situation) is that as the aging body produces less testosterone more of the beneficial testosterone is aromatized or converted into estradiol. This causes an estrogen dominance which research is realizing can be a precurser to cardiovascular disease.

5. There is also research to conclude that high estrogen is associated with prostate cancer with a contradictory result of first causing and then trying to fight the tumor but in the end the cancer becomes resistant to estrogen therapy and eventually uses endogenous estrogen to expediate its own growth.

What I really want to share is that after going on an estradiol inhibitor anastrozole for almost five months and I have dropped 25 lbs! I have more energy. My confidence factor is up of course. As well as a few other positive symptoms that I do not feel it necessary to go into because that goes into the serious subject of sexual matters.

I suggest that if you are eating right and exercising mean but you are not satisfied with the results then I suggest you get in to see your doctor and get a full complete check up.

Your before and after efforts should certainly not look like this!


Then point out the testosterone/estradiol connection and get those levels checked out.

I am still am shocked that the role of estradiol levels in men unequivocally effects such a wide range of health issues from sexual to cardiovascular, the prostate, and weight loss!

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Dec 02

Exactly What Is Your Affiliate Residual Income Marketing Financial Plan Of Action To Acquire More Time And More Freedom?

Exactly What Is  Your  Affiliate Residual Income Marketing Financial Plan Of Action To Acquire More Time And More Freedom?


Adrian Dorsey


Are your affiliate residual income marketing dreams vague concepts with futile thoughts that they might come to pass if only you can stay focused?

You do not have to answer these questions to me but take a moment and be honest with yourself.

Tom Clancy once said in his book Debt of Honor, “If you don’t write it down, it never happened.”

So let me rephrase this question just a little.

Have you written out your affiliate marketing aspirations in clear and precise concepts?

Better yet!

Have you given you affiliate residual income marketing concepts a deadline?

You do realize that multilevel network marketing with deadlines become goals that you can, with consistent action, turn into reality.

Do something every day, either big or small, toward the completion of your social networking financial goal and it will come to pass as you demand.



Reality check!

If you do not command your affiliate residual income opportunities by taking action and setting that deadline so that it becomes something more than wishful thinking than you will remain fruitless, unfulfilled, and likely poor.

The first step you can take is to write out the affiliate residual income marketing financial amount you want to acquire so that you bring it into the 2 dimensional reality of penmanship on paper. This way it is already touching the physical plane.

The second step you can do is consider what it is you intend to give in return. What will your sacrifice be in return for what you want. Napoleon Hills said, “There is no such reality as ‘something for nothing.” I cannot answer for you but for me I am sacrificing time and effort to learn and study each week the strategies of social media online business.

The third step is to look ahead and decide on a deadline that you want to possess your affiliate residual income financial security you desire.


Fourth Step is to create an affiliate residual income marketing decisive plan of action by which you will accomplish your goal. Do not wait for the right time because it will never happen. You have to begin where you are at with what you have available to you now! What will you do on a daily or weekly basis to make it come to pass?

Fifth Step is to actually write out your affiliate residual income battle plan along with your deadline and what your intention is to give in return for this acquired wealth. Make sure to write this out in plenty of precise detail as to how you intend bring this to pass. Basically what will your daily and weekly strategy be?

Sixth Step is to make this written statement your affiliate marketing mantra. Look at it a couple times a day and say it allowed as you are beginning  your day and as you are retiring for the night so that it will become engrained not just on the surface of your conscience but in your subconscious as well.

You are actually formulating  your own social media affiliate marketing strategy for success by following these steps by utilizing your DESIRE for riches which were first realized and written out by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich.

Now consider that you have to attract a specifically targeted people who will want whatever it is that you have decided to do. After all the only way to acquire weatlh in abundance is to provide services to people that have a problem and you have the solution.

I am not asking you if I am right. I KNOW I AM RIGHT!

You will need laser targeted traffic to be funneled into your primary business.

If you do not have a primary business then here is an opportunity to get involved with what I consider to be the foremost leading funneling software for attracting specific leads in MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO.


I also suggest that you learn how to magnetically attract prospects into your company or affiliate organization by means of engaging with people in relevant and meaningful conversations.

You want people to invite you into their lives as a guest instead of wasting your time by coming across as a sales pest.

Once people get to know and trust you they will realize that you have the solution to their problems and they will come to you when they are ready.

I want to inspire you to think about your residual income affiliate residual income marketing goals by making sure that are sound and that your actions are precise in acquiring the wealth you know that you deserve.

For more information go here.

Nov 25

Affiliate Residual Income Production and The Surprising Link With Testosterone Production

Affiliate Residual Income Production and The Surprising Link With Testosterone Production


Adrian Dorsey


Affiliate Residual Income home based people have likely wondered at some point why it is that some people seem to do this business naturally while others take a much longer period of time and investment.

There are dozens of reasons why some get ahead in this affiliate residual income industry while others seem to struggle for a long time.

I am not going to get into all of the various details that could explain what constitutes success in the entrepreneurship arena from a thousand different perspectives but I am going to share something surprising that I am not sure many have considered at all and which I feel could play a huge impact on the success one experiences with affiliate residual income opportunities.

The reason I am bringing this up is because it is an issue that I myself have recently had to face and with a little bit of research I know it has affected my performance in how I have been managing my own affiliate residual income producing efforts.

That is testosterone!

testosterone LN

Yes, I actually said testosterone may have a link between home based affiliate residual income producers and the amount of success one is experiencing.

This goes beyond the mlm marketing industry but it does apparently have some kind of role to play when it comes to any kind of commercial trading or marketing arena whether it is online or off.

Consider this article written at  which offers actual clinical research on the subject.

“Researchers tested over 500 MBA students and they found that testosterone levels, together with risk aversion, could predict long-term career choices and financial decisions.

“Those who had high levels of testosterone and weren’t very risk averse, “were more likely to choose risky careers in finance.”

This is mind blowing!

The information goes on to discuss such things as testosterone being affected by win or lose scenarios as well.

When one feel like they have won at anything including affiliate residual income business then hormone levels go up generating elation to a job well done.

In the face of loss or rejection which is unavoidable in this affiliate residual income arena the stress can actually create an overproduction of cortisol which lowers the testosterone production. Stress can lead to anxiety if left unchecked, selectively reliving the negative moment, and this can lead to paranoia.

You have to see how testosterone can impact anyone’s affiliate income producing efforts!



Lack of motivation

blues salesman


Afraid to commit

Unable to remain focused on goals.

Unable to lose weight no matter what you do to stay fit which can make the above symptoms worse.

All of these could be indicators of hormone imbalance which could explain why your affiliate income producing efforts are suffering.

But do not take my word for it. Go see your doctor if you think this may be a concern and get it checked out!

I did!

All of those symptoms I listed above belonged to me. I thought I was having thyroid issues which can be similar but it turns out that it was a hormone imbalance.  I am doing something about it and I feel refocused  on my agenda of what I want to accomplish in the affiliate residual income industry.

There is an easier method to make your affiliate residual primary work for you the way that you want. Learn how to magnetically attract the exact kind of people you want by discovering how to get yourself invited into peoples’ lives as a guest instead of spamming them like some desperate pest.

Get the funnel marketing strategy available through My Lead System Pro so that you laser targeted leads go where you need them to go which is in your down line.




Adrian Dorsey

First and foremost I am husband to my beautiful wife, Amy, without whose inspiration none of this would be possible.

I am an online marketing entrepreneur, author, instructor of Yang tai chi and baguazhang kung fu. Practitioner of qigong and DDPYoga!

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Nov 11

Lest We Forget Our Veterans Bought Our Freedom With Their Blood

Lest We Forget

Our Veterans Bought Our Freedom

With Their Blood


Adrian Dorsey



Lest we forget what so many fought for and that there was a reason that tyranny was opposed during the European Theater.

My grandfather, Roland Harrison, had no idea how his little brother, Richard, had died in World War II. For 63 years the facts remained elusive. No one in the family had any clue as to the events that surrounded his demise. There were rumors that a bridge had been involved and from the letters he had sent back it was often joked that it had been his turn to steel a chicken for the boys to eat one night and upon returning he crossed a bridge that had been mined. None of us knew the full scope of the actual story until 2007 when my wife, Amy, assisted me in my online research to see if any new information could be divulged.

All we knew was that Uncle Richard had been a Private in the Westminster Regiment (Motor), R.C.I.C., Division R, out of Canada.

Amy located online Uncle Richard’s burial information which none of us had any previous knowledge of. He had been buried in Ravenna war Cemetery in Italy. I contacted the cemetery personally and paid a small fee for the pics of his headstone.

 ravenna war cemetery1

We finally had something concrete!

Not long after that I stumbled upon a book in pdf format called The Westminsters’ war diary : an unofficial history of the Westminster Regiment (Motor) in World War II by J. E. Oldfield.  There does not appear to be any copies available from any of the links I have found but I did find this on Google books.

I was shocked to disover in complete detail the story of Uncle Richard’s death on page 160 and 161. Details that no one in the family knew until that moment. I will paraphrase the following right from the book itself concerning the Adriatic Conflict they were participated in.

Ironically there was a bridge involved but it had nothing to do with stealing chickens for food!

Lamone Bridge

Lest we forget that the 11th Canadian Infantry Brigade had fought their way to the banks of the Lamone River where they were to cross at Villanova. Simultaneously the 1st canadian Division planned to cross near the vicinity of Russi.

Lest we forget that on December 7th and 8th, (B) and (C) Companies were in position against the Lamone ready to advance across once a bridgehead had been established. (A) Company paused briefly at Borghetto, ready to move out while Battalion transports under Captain H.E.Smith worked to bring as many personal over the rickety bridge at the Montone.

Lest we forget the 9th of December marked a continuous month of conflict from the moment the Westminsters first joined the line with Porter Force.

10th of December the Westminster Regiment came under the command of the 11th Canadian Infantry Brigade. The attack across the Lamone started that very night with success.

At 0600 hours December 11th, (A) and (C) Companies moved across the river in a number of trips in a leaky assault boat. The Cape Breton Highlanders would take over and complete this task at 0900 hours.

Once the takeover had finished (C) Company under Major Hoskin made their way straight forward but away from the river for about 3/4 of a mile, while (A) Company under Major Neil, pushed along the river bank on the right side through the small town of Villanova.

Lest We Forget … Let Us Remember!

Trouble began almost immediately.

German Mark IV tanks approached both columns along either route. This made a grim situation worse since the Bridge over the Lamone  was under construction and was no where near completion. None of the battalion’s anti-tank guns were able to be positioned forward to bring them into play against the assault.

Lest we forget, previously routed German infantry en-heartened at the sight of their armored reinforcements joined the battle with vigor.

(C) Company was hit first taking a pounding from both tank artillary and small arms fire. CSM S. L. Salsbury, a (C) Company Stalwart, who had a key role in the companies prior actions was killed by a sniper bullet. Sgt. Paddy Clark stepped in to fill his place and the company weathered and endured the counter attacks all of that day.

Lest we forget….

At the same time (A) Company dug in among the buildings of Villanova faring no better. Enemy tanks from all sides of Mezzano rolled down the streets into the midst of their position. With that kind of firepower in the heart of the community they proceeded to take the company apart house by house. The situation was desperate but the Canadian boys of (A) Company proved equal to the task.

Lest we forget; Number 2 platoon, flanked a Mark IV right outside the door of the residence they occupied for cover. As the tank was firing up the street in the direction of HQ, LT. Eddie Hoult shot the tank commander who had made the foolish gesture of opening his turret for a look around. In that same instant Cpl. Pewtress quickly fired 3 PIAT bombs into the side of the iron beast shattering the track in several places. The only thing that saved the tank crew was the arrival of German infantrymen who were advancing parallel on either side of the road.


Lest we forget that it was fire from these latter that killed Pte. Richard Harrison, and forced the remainder of the platoon to seek further cover.

No. 3 platoon in position between No. 2 and the HQ found themselves coming under a murderous assault from both tanks and infantry.

The remainder of the day was hell for both companies (A) and (C) but the Germain tanks pulled back out of the range of the PIAT bombs which had proven effective. Stubborn persistence won out as the Jerry infantry finally withdrew.

The diary goes on but the part about Uncle Richard’s death in Villanova December 11th, 1944, was there for us to read in black and white.

When I presented these facts along with the pictures of the headstone at the Ravenna War Cemetery my grandfather had tears in his eyes. He could not remember how many years had passed without knowing the truth of what happened. I was relieved that he appreciated the work that Amy and I had put into the research.

Let us not forget those veterans who are still with us today. Honor the memories of those who did not return from the war or who have passed on. They fought to maintain our freedom so that we would not have to live under tyranny. Lest we forget do not let present “powers that be” disgrace all that was done to preserve the hope that evil would not infringe upon our liberties.

Harrison Island006 - Copy

Nov 04

Weight Loss Exercises and Residual Income Affiliate MLM Marketing is an Awesome Combination

Weight Loss Exercises and Residual Income Affiliate MLM Marketing is an Awesome Combination


Adrian Dorsey

Consider the freedom that is offered by affiliate residual income opportunities when it comes to maintaining a complete fitness weight loss program.

It is a far gone conclusion that residual income allows you to be more independent with more time and more freedom. So along with that comes the liberty that allows you to focus on becoming involved in a regular exercise program for weight loss.

I do not know how many times I have heard people say that they do not have enough time and yet affiliate residual income marketing can give you that time. They are exhausted from trading their time for dollars and when they get home the few moments left in the day are spent trying to decompress from the stress of the daily burden.

The irony is that in order to have more energy you need to get the adrenaline pumping just as with residual income marketing  you have to work in order to see success. Your muscles, ligaments, fascia tissue all need to be stretched and flexed and massaged with movement that is provided by consistent exercise such as yoga, calisthenics, rehabilitation techniques as well as core strength training with weights or using slow motion isometric dynamic resistance movements as well as high intensity interval training for cardio.

Ironically all of these weight loss components are provided in a single program called DDP Yoga which I do every day and after more than a year the results are absolutely amazing.

hood ornament

MLM Marketing by way of affiliate residual income programs can allow you that time to get into shape and embrace that total weight loss fitness that you have wanted but did not know how to squeeze into your day.

Imagine for a moment how awesome it would feel to be able to do yoga, martial arts, or total body sculpting and make money while your busting your sweat!

Harvard Medical School recently published an article about the 5 top best exercises ever that you might want to consider.

How would you like to be making a residual income while getting fit?

I know that many people find it a struggle to stick with weight loss exercise programs because of the slave mentality that you have to trade time for money in order to survive.

I am telling you that generating one or multiple streams of residual income is a better way.


You Can Have More Time and More Freedom Through Residual Income Affiliate Marketing Businesses


You just need one mlm marketing niche that works for you to find that success.

I know what it is like to bust my ass helping to build someone elses dream. I know what it is to be limited to the hours one can work as well as the wage one can make with little to no room for advancement. There is no greater example of a pyramid scheme than working for an employer who gets off on your sweat, blood, and tears while they sit back reaping the rewards of your labor.



You deserve better!

You can stop dreaming about it and get involved in mlm marketing so that you can create multiple streams of residual income while getting fit enough to physically enjoy that more time and freedom that you have earned after a lifetime of slavery.

I can show you how to attract laser targeted traffic into whatever your primary residual income business may be by using My Lead System Pro. Those specific people in a given niche that need what you are offering.

I can demonstrate to you how to magnetically draw people into your mlm marketing campaigns without having to cold prospect. You can position yourself in such a way that people will invite you into their lives as a guest wanting what you have as the solution or pain killer to their problems.

The rewards for generating multiple streams of residual income by way of mlm marketing is more time and more freedom for such things as exercise so that you can maintain a healthy living enjoying those moments with those you care about and just doing those things that you would rather be doing every day.

Oct 10

Enforced Flu Vaccinations VS. the Freedom Provided by Multilevel Marketing

Enforced Flu Vaccinations VS. the Freedom Provided by Multilevel Marketing


Adrian Dorsey


There is recognized a tremendous advantage you can obtain from Multilevel marketing direct streams of income in your own home.

I am certain that many individuals are acquainted with influenza immunizations which have been driven each year at this time.

Knowledge is power but it really is only beneficial if you happen to know the best way to use it, therefore I am expressing that multilevel marketing is one sure way to maintain the capability to preserve freedom of choice. The ability to decide to take the injection or not is gradually being removed with every passing year.

Many individuals who yet trade their time for dollars end up in the precarious spot of being not able to carry on at their present occupations on account of mandatory vaccinations. I would prefer to produce limitless cash flow by multilevel marketing from the convenience of my very own home than to be compelled to take a pharmaceutical drug which the CDC, Center for Disease Control, cannot really actually support with sufficient research to determine that it is effective at all.

Get educated….


Before you get vaccinated!

My wife and I are actually in such a situation. She is required to take the damn shot in order to continue her management system profession at the hospital. This is certainly motivation for me personally to continue driving my endeavours to produce residual direct streams of income from online home based multilevel marketing opportunities such as My Lead System Pro together with Magnetic Sponsoring.

I have assured her that by means of multilevel marketing effectively I most certainly will make sure that she will under no circumstances have to take the associated risk of such a controversial vaccination ever again. We should always have the independence to determine precisely what we put into our bodies particularly when the investigative analysis behind this medicine is misleading as well as low quality at best with a thinly veiled threat of “take it no matter what is in it or even what the negative effect could be, or else.” Each and every year we hear incidents regarding how a growing number of persons are getting sick after taking the vaccination.

By creating your own income at home it is possible to uphold your choosing to do with your body as you will. That freedom must not be prohibited us as it would be an incursion on our personalized liberty in addition to constitutional rights as persons within the country of the United States.

The one Definite Solution to Preserve Individual Freedom will be to Build Home Based Revenue By means of Multilevel Marketing

Do not be left to the mercy of people you are required to do trade money for time for. Free yourself of the Matrix lie simply because you do have an option. By means of multilevel marketing you will have the amazing potentiality to develop multiple streams of earnings enabling you additional time together with freedom otherwise the alternative is to be a slave to the system.

It is not necessary to support me on the flu vaccination agenda versus the personalized liberty provided by multilevel marketing. Nevertheless doctors, particularly Dr. Mercola and even Dr. John Cannell, are starting to take a stand against the matter because more analysis is aiming in the direction that influenza viruses appear to be a vitamin D deficiency concern. The signs and symptoms increasingly being eliminated as a consequence of boosted natural supplementation or activity is as follows.

1.  Vitamin D from the sun or even the D3 substitute.

2. Be nutritionally meticulous, that includes steering clear of sugars.

3. Exercise regularly in addition to a sufficient amount of sleep.

4. Manage stress and anxiety levels.

5. Last but not least personalized cleanliness which include washing your hands frequently.

The most important consideration is the fact that you ought to have the right to determine precisely what goes into your system understanding that determinations must not be imposed on your behalf by the state or federal legislation. One definite solution to preserve that personal freedom is for you to establish home based residual revenue by way of multilevel marketing and be in control as your very own boss.

For more information about how you can be in control and own your own life go here.





Adrian Dorsey

First and foremost I am husband to my beautiful wife, Amy, without whose inspiration none of this would be possible.

I am an online marketing entrepreneur, author, instructor of Yang tai chi and baguazhang kung fu. Practitioner of qigong and DDPYoga!

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Sep 18

Sexy Attractive Google Plus Formatting

Sexy Attractive Google Plus Formatting


Adrian Dorsey

I am just featuring eight simple steps for making your google plus formatting attractive so that you can motivate an increase in traffic. This is certainly essential when you are using social media to enhance your business.

It is just as necessary if you are using google plus  formatting for leisure. The point of emphasis is the fact that posts which are done properly will be targeted by individuals who are attracted by such features as a bold title or an astonishing excellent

quality horizontal graphic.

The Initial Google Plus Formatting Steps

1. The initial step in google plus formatting should be to provide the post a witty, attention-grabbing title engineered by way of keyword research.

Place an * on each side of the heading which will make it bold.

*Sexy Google Plus Formatting*

To italicize the tagline position an underscore at the very start as well as end of the sentence.

_Tagline sentence with underscores will look like this._

2. Second step in google plus formatting should be to provide several impressive sentences concerning the subject theme.

You do not have any character restriction to how much you may write like there exists in Twitter so have at it moreover put plenty of detailed description.

3. Here is the step in google plus formatting which you ought to put your link, assuming you have one.

Choose or to minimize it without hassle.

If you do not have a link do now worry about it.

Just skip this step if that is the case.

4. Express your own insights together with thoughts and opinions concerning the theme that you are presenting.

Visitors will likely appreciate the insights of your own particular point of perception wrapped up nicely in the package of your google plus formatting.

5. Interact with Viewers by asking them a couple of questions to entice a response.

Be courteous, keep it uncomplicated and also easy.

Respond in kind to remarks.

At this point you might possibly even tag several people in your circles who may well discover your subject fascinating.

6. Hashtags in google plus formatting are important however you merely need 1 to 3.

Its not necessary to get carried away.

Just use the # sign followed by a specific word or phrase.


#googleplus  #googleplusformatting   #hashtags

These hashtags are keywords that people are using in the search engine and it will help them find your article.

7. Decide on a high quality picture of somekind.

Ideally horizontal rather than vertical works better for google plus formatting.

This is because the broader your image the increased exposure it is going to get across the page.

Bigger really does make a difference in this digital environment.

8. Be thoughtful and therefore touch on your chosen sources for whatsoever your content is about. Who should you acknowledge for the research compilation that has contributed towards your information. For instance… I extend my sincere recognition out to +Dustin W. Stout, +Mack Traphagen, and +Peg Fitzpatrick for their extremely helpful details about google plus formatting without which this might not have been possible.

The bottom line is that if you do not want people getting mad at you for using their information than make sure you give them credit as your source and be particular about what it was of theirs you found useful.

Regardless, your sources will appreciate you mentioning them because this means more exposure to their benefit as well because it will make it easier for people to find them in return.


It is a win win!

Finally I want to encourage you to be absolutely consistent every time you post!

Daily consistent hard work is your kung fu!

Call to Action Through Google Plus Formatting

Subsequently if you happen to be a mlm network affiliate marketer this is certainly a call to action.

I don’t care just what exactly your current primary is… get signed up with to My Lead System PRO which can help you attract laser targeted traffic by means of one single marketing funnel platform which can catapult your online business into the arena of financial success and abundance.

I make available the link in the video description section so just do it.

You will thank me later.

You are doubtless utilizing social media marketing to assist your end results which means you must understand exactly what I am telling your right here today.

Make use of eye-catching sexy google plus formatting to boost your lead generation method and funnel those individuals into your autoresponder so that you may start to see results.

Sep 14

The Broken Path of Building Residual Income Up the Mountain of Success

The Broken Path of Building Residual Income Up the Mountain of Success



Adrian Dorsey



There is something lacking with the industry of building residual income that leads up the mountain to success! I am not complaining because I became involved in this for a reason. To eventually be able to successfully market future books I self-publish.

What amazes me is the lack of knowledge beforehand going into this industry of building residual income.

I signed up to build residual income through my father, Robert Dorsey, which averages $20.00 a month which is not bad but let us take into account that I am not employed at the moment. I have no savings beyond the space on my credit card.

I just spent another $100.00 for a keyword research program.

Then there was the article marketing robot software for $150.00.

Not to mention the SEO formatting for backlinks and page ranking required for building residual income.


Oh, yeah, I must also mention the wordpress tools for your own hosted domain which is necessary for blogging because a free domain will never be looked at as an authority site nor will it be taken seriously.

It has been almost a month and just now I am finding out through my steadfast research that the cornerstone of online mlm marketing is the automated responder which will average $156.00 to $300.00 per year depending on which program you use.

This is the data tracker for all of the contacts you meet out there who will follow you. You will get to know them and they will know and trust you as someone who can offer them solutions of value through your materials, products, and services.

Your cannot expect to be building residual income without it!


Your list of contacts is your only equity!

Of course there is education material which I have been investing in as well that has cost almost $500.00 so far and it is not going to stop there.

The part that blows me away is that there is no warning of how much you will have to invest! The information is not transparently obvious what is required to building residual income business online!

Sure you can build a residual income on a budget as I have to do but I am annoyed at the complete lack of details readily available to introduce someone ahead of time into the enormity of this industry.

I thank my father, Robert Dorsey, for informing me that I would require some software programs in order for it to work so I had some small concept on a visceral level what it was going to take, but I think he was trying to ease me into it to because he understands my financial situation.

Some of the best entrepreneurs in this affiliate marketing talk about the 97% who fail at building residual income.

I now understand why.

What? You Thought This Was Going to Be A Party?

There is no one at the door warning these people that this is a building residual income is not a party.

Why is someone not telling them that in order to make this work you will have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to acquire the tools necessary to accomplish it?

Who is pointing out the reality check that this will probably take anywhere from two to five years or more before you crack the code of success so that building residual income will work for you.

This is why I say the path up mountain to building residual income as a business is broken. There is a gross negligence of properly educating people before they get involved in this field and we wonder why the turnover rate is so high?

People do not become a doctor or an engineer without some concept of the price tag or the length of time necessary to go through the education process. Depending on who you are and which path you take and how well you can acclimate to the right business mind, you could end up investing just as much money and time into becoming a successful entrepreneur as the previous mentioned careers.

Up and coming entrepreneurs hopeful about building residual income often perish in this business because of lack of proper training and a severe negligence of adequate information.

If you want to succeed and not be a statistic then I advise you to educate yourself here.

Aug 29

The Completely Integrated MLM Lead Generation Marketing Funnel

The Completely Integrated MLM Lead Generation Marketing Funnel


Adrian Dorsey




Learning the concepts of MLM lead generation has been pretty challenging.  There are methods that are extremely effective which reduce the rigor of embarrassing rejections and the monotony of cold prospect marketing.

I mean it!

Connect with these struggling mlm lead generation business owners on a personal level by way of social media! Build friendly relations with them. The payoff is that once people realize that you are a person with their best interest at heart and not some jerk pitching a sale in their face while reaching for their wallet trying to convince them that you know what they need better then they do, they will realize that you are sincere.

It is the nature of the beast that people want solutions to their problems not just products that they may or may not use. You have to find out what it is that they need.

What do they want?

What is their pain?

Why are they struggling?

What do you have that can make the difference?

So the idea is to allow these frustrated mlm lead generation marketers see that you have the solution to their suffering. Some of you are asking, “What do you mean their in pain?” Well, it is likely that they are unable to generate mlm leads into their primary opportunity therefore they are unable to make the kind of money that they would like.

If the key is to connect with people on a personal level than the solution to their financial problems is to provide them with the pain killer so they can operate their mlm lead generation business at optimum efficiency.

To do this you require a single MLM lead generating funneling system that can help you attract specific targeted traffic to your site so people can see what you have for themselves.

When They Invest It Is On Their Time But On Your Terms! 

It is time to get your mlm lead generation business off the fence and set it on fire so that it can generate the kind of income that you need it to in order to live the life that you would prefer.

That is what it is all about!

You want more time and freedom to do the things that you want but in order to do that you need more money obtained through mlm lead generation. You will never experience financial independence so long as you are in a situation where you are limited to the amount of money you earn because you are trading your time for dollars.

You cannot tell me that it is just the way it is. That is the lie you have been fed to keep you in a system of control not unlike the movies of the Matrix Trilogy.

Matrix5Throw off the shackles of mediocrity and stop settling for the lower half of the spectrum. You know your dreams are higher than that.

The Fully Designed MLM Lead Generation Networking Funnel

I speak a solid truth here and you can feel it resonating inside of you. You know what your dreams are and it is your desire to fulfill them but the reality is that you need to attract more mlm leads that will be interested in what you are selling. You do not want people going to your site if they are not the right people who will invest what you have.

You need a specific niche of MLM Lead Generation traffic that sees that what you have to offer is a solution to their predicament and without that information they will not be able to get to where they want to go.

My Lead System Pro can and will do for you!

MLM lead generation through MLSP is not a band aid solution neither is it a quick fix. You still have to bust your ass to generate the success you are looking for. The difference will be that your lead generation efforts will finally produce results.

Take a look at it and see what you think because My Lead System Pro is what the most successful marketers in the business use to generate MLM lead generation and it is why they are sitting where they are at today.

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Adrian Dorsey

First and foremost I am husband to my beautiful wife, Amy, without whose inspiration none of this would be possible.

I am an online marketing entrepreneur, author, instructor of Yang tai chi and baguazhang kung fu. Practitioner of qigong and DDPYoga!

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The Key to Multilevel Marketing Online Today

The Key to Multilevel Marketing Online Today


Adrian Dorsey

Since I have started to study the industry of multilevel marketing I have been overwhelmed at the amount of information that is available. It is said by successful marketers like Rob Fore, Ray Higdon, Gary Vanerchuk, Brian Fanali, and my own father, Robert Dorsey, that it can take an average of two to five years to get anywhere in this field.

I began looking at statistics comparing the multilevel marketing process to other forms of education.

When I started to study tai chi chuan, my sifu told the class one time that it takes about two years to learn the form and about five years to do it well and ten years to do it right. I am paraphrasing but you get the gist where multilevel marketing is concerned.

Any basic program of education is going to take close to twenty four months to compile a basic understanding of how it actually works but you do not stop, every day is a new lesson. My father has been doing this multilevel marketing for at least two years and he is just starting to see the progress of receiving checks in the mail every week.

So I believe that my analogy may be a reasonable conclusion that this is a journey.


As important as the destination is, when it comes to multilevel marketing online, it is the journey that should not be overlooked or taken for granted.

Just One of the Secrets Revealed

There are multilevel marketing concepts which have surfaced thanks to successful internet marketer Mike Dillard with his Magnetic Sponsoring approach which have turned the antiquated techniques upside down. Instead of pestering strangers I get to know them on a personal level so that they invite me into their life. People come to me appreciating the multilevel marketing strategies that I have to offer because they have gotten to know me over time and have become aware that I have something of value that can help them.

The mlm marketing individuals I am talking about are not just anybody at random.

The target market is home based business owners struggling with their primary multilevel marketing idea as well as online entrepreneurs who are just literally exhausted physically, emotionally, and mentally from prospecting.

It is a far gone conclusion that people do not want to be sold by way of multilevel marketing and they sure as hell do not want to feel as though you are reaching into their wallet while you are throwing a sales pitch in their face.

I have always regarded multilevel marketing in this approach as rude, callous, and totally inappropriate.

The concept of magnetically attracting mlm business prospects is by far more successful but it requires more patience over an extended period of time. However, the payoff is much greater than then it has ever been because this reduces the anguish of rejection to near absolute zero.

This is the key to the whole Multilevel Marketing Concept.

Are you paying attention?


knock knock


I provide a fully automated multilevel marketing education platform called My Lead System Pro that is developed into a single funneling system designed to generate specific targeted leads for your primary business that will allow you to finally set your enterprise on fire.

Perhaps you do not have a primary multilevel marketing business but that is okay because this program can be your main objective or it can operate as a secondary.

If you are a home based online entrepreneur doing most of your work on the internet you need to generate a specific genre of traffic in order to be successful. There is no other way for it to work.

I want to offer encouragement that you do not have to settle for mediocre accomplishments in your main multilevel marketing primary because you can turn your progress into a Roman candle of absolute triumph. You can be putting money in your bank account while you spend more time with yourself, your friends and family.

You can succeed at your multilevel marketing and I can help you to get to where you want to be.

I want to encourage you to connect with me so we can remove the stranger out of the equation.

I want you to understand that I am a friend who wants to help you succeed in your multilevel marketing efforts of acquiring abundance.

When you realize that you can trust me then you can make the decision on your terms when you decide that you are ready to learn what My Lead System Pro’s multilevel marketing trafficking funnel platform is all about and how it can help you achieve your financial independence so that you can be the person you were created to be with the freedom to do the things you know you were created to do.