Sep 02


Too many times I listen to the complaints of friends and family concerning the ailments of their unfit symptoms as though this is a natural process of old age… but I assure you that it is anything but natural. Regardless of age or condition you have made the decision to physically be in the condition you are today. Read more…

Jul 31

9 Exercise Excuses That Just Don’t Fly

9 Exercise Excuses that I have heard very often and all of them just do not hold much weight in comparison to the benefits of a good fitness program that you can enjoy no matter what your age. Read more…

Jun 22

The Beneficial Impact of Tai Chi Chuan On Kidney Failure

Kidney failure disease has been treated in China for thousands of years with the gentle aerobic exercise of tai chi chuan which helps to alleviate these symptoms by promoting stress reduction in the mind as well as the body by gently massaging the internal organs such as the kidneys back to health while promoting a state of better well being for the whole body.

May 20

Tai Chi For Seniors Can Help Ease the Hands of Time

Tai chi for seniors can ease the discomforts of old age by helping to improve balance while increasing strength and flexibility through the low impact movements that enable the practitioner to flow from one posture to the next.

Mar 15

How The Hell Do You Sugar Coat The Reality Concerning Fitness And Health? You Can’t

There is just no way to sugar coat the reality when it comes to fitness and health. I like to say that a multitude of symptoms go you to where you realized you needed change, and a multitude of solutions will take you in the direction you need to go to feel better and look great!

Mar 04

My Home Based Affiliate Marketing Journey Since Starting Last August Has Left Me Feeling A Little Bit Jaded

It is laughable that I meet so many successful internet affiliate marketing individuals who are so blind to their own need and desperate for success that they only understand how to throw their biz opp in everyone’s faces. Time to stop being a rookie and start being successful in your affiliate marketing program! Read more…

Jan 15

Yang Tai Chi Benefits Weight Loss and Undeniably Improves Fitness

Tai chi is an amazing martial art originally conceptualized for self defense but today its gracefully structured exercises of soft flowing limbs is loved and practiced by millions of people the world over as the most widely practiced exercise in the world dramatically improving health, balance, flexibility, core strength and having a positive influence on many health issues in huge way.

Jan 08

A Whole Life Challenge Concept I Have Derived From A Harvard Study That May Surprise And Inspire you!

The Whole Life Challenge is an 8 week fitness and dietary program designed to inspire change and create new habits to equip you with the tools to help take control and literally own your life! To read more…

Jan 03

Do You Realize That Exercise Releases Endorphins Which Can Inspire You To Become Addicted To Fitness In A Totally Awesome Way?

Exercise releases endorphins reducing stress hormones and elevating feel good chemicals with a variety of positive effects including taking the edge off of the severity of physical exertion during training so that you can become pleasantly addicted to working out and actually want to come back for more! You can read further about this…

Dec 17

When It Comes to Affiliate Residual Income Opportunities What Exactly Does More Time And Freedom Mean To You?

When It Comes to Affiliate Residual Income Opportunities What Exactly Does More Time And Freedom Mean To You?

I can think of no better way to acquire more time and more freedom then to get involved in Affiliate Residual Income mlm marketing opportunities which allow you to work from the comfort of your own home! Discover how to….