May 15

No Matter What Exercises You Do, If Sugar is Getting Into Your Diet Under Any One of Its 56 Elusive Names That is The Reason You Are Not Seeing Results

No Matter What Exercises You Do, If Sugar is Getting Into Your Diet Under Any One of Its 56 Elusive Names That is The Reason You Are Not Seeing Results


Adrian Dorsey

More addictive than cocaine, feeds cancer, contributes to obesity, and if you are thin than you are likely the sickest of all because of this sweet poison!

There is no way to sugar coat the reality that sugar is a poison that your body cannot metabolize and instead stores it in your cells!  

It is not about calories in calories out! That is the lie the establishment wants us to believe. It is about putting proper fuel into your bodies. You want to lose weight than get the damn sugar out. 

It is not about limiting essential fats in your food because that is what you absolutely need! Consider that anything that says “Fat Free” is really just a chemical sh*t storm because it is empty calories packed with sugar! Back in the 1970’s the fats in food were reduced and loads of sugar were dumped in as empty calorie replacement. That is when our troubles as a society began! 


Do your own god damn research because you are addicted like the crack and coke heads on the street. If you want change then you are in the fight for your life!

Sugar is MORE ADDICTIVE than cocaine! Yet you must break the cycle of this poison and get it out of your system if you want to see results!


Get the sugar out and leave it out! 

Knowledge alone is not enough if you are unwilling to take action and fight for your health! But you can begin by watching such programs as FED UP as well as some of the lectures and materials by Dr. Robert Lustig on youtube and Dr. Mercola as well as several others who are waking up to help us break free of this Matrix! 

Processed and alternative Sugars are the literal blue pill that keeps us trapped in the Matrix of our lives unable to experience the physical changes we struggle to attain! 

BluepillThe only sugar that your body can metabolize is that which is found in food like fruit because you are digesting it with fiber. Sugar with lots of fiber is acceptable BUT NOT the added empty calorie sugars or alternative sugars. 

Learn the names that sugar hides under and most certainly avoid the artificial sugars offered which are even more dangerous such as aspertame, sucralose (Splenda) which is a combination of fructose and glucose combined, and high fructose corn syrups now hiding under other names as well such as fructose or isolated fructose.  

You want change in your life? Then do some research and fight for your right to be fit, healthy, and alive! 

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