My Kung Fu Comeback Journey

My Kung Fu Comeback Journey

Adrian Dorsey



I wanna be careful how I word this because I am not one to go all caveman mopey brow on social media and boo hoo about my health expecting some kind of sympathy or empathy from a plethora of friends and followers as though their ordeal is an exhibition of idiocy or just plain ignorance because we are not taught to discipline our thoughts when it comes to success in both body and home and business. For this post, I will focus on healing pf my body.

I am not one to sit there with that, “Look at me… I am sick… feel bad with me, please! We can share popcorn and have ourselves a social pitty party!” I loathe how some people act like. Loathe it! LOL!

However, there are enough of you who have followed by Facebook posts concerning some health issues and you probably noticed that something is not quite right with me. It all started back in February and… well… let’s just say it has been an uncomfortable journey trying to maintain some measure of mobility.

Months of testing with negative results one after another. Including one physician commenting that I really do have the lab work of a kung fu master. I am living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle through and through! There is no inflammation in my body to trigger sickness and disease.

So why the pins and needles for three months like swarms of hornets under my skin rampaging about? Why the debilitating chronic fatigue which has taught me both humbleness and humiliation?

Yet, through all of this, I have not surrendered to these symptoms! I have not gotten angry or bitter at myself. I most certainly have NOT started cursing my body as I am sure a lot would have instinctively done. I have had the common sense to realize that my body is crying out for some TLC and we have had to go through testing to find out why.


I Hold Myself Accountable for Healing and Recovery

I am activity pouring all the self-love and gratitude into my nervous system, muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, bones, organs literally telling them how much I love them each individually. Low carb diet, intermittent fasting, 90 essential nutrients, and amino acids. Good fat to keep the nerves coated nice. Healthy fat to feed the brain too! Nearly a gallon of good filtered water throughout the day. Bone broth, real butter, coconut oil, with some seasoning almost every morning for breakfast, or at least at some point throughout the day. The image in my mind is one of healed and extreme health no matter how bad this has gotten. Even crawling up and down the stairs like a fucking baby at times… still telling my body I love it and I am trying to figure out how in the hell to fix myself.

Well… let me just say that a Prime Suspect has been located. I will not bore you with details. Let’s just say that it appears to be an anomaly in the upper cervical area that can cause all these symptoms. It can go away on its own if I do not aggravate it. This means keeping my neck and shoulders stabilized. No folding over or doing anything to raise blood pressure. Even outbursts of anger can exasperate the issue and it has in the past. It either goes away on its own or it may require surgical assistance.

I am holding out that it will go away on its own with the power of True Consecutive Thought which I will explain briefly in a moment.

Now that we have isolated a specific region where the anomaly resides I am already pouring love and gratitude verbally into my spine. My voice and thoughts are frequencies and the mind (Yi) leads the energy (chi).

My Nervous System has Already Gone Through an Incredible Restoration or Healing Process!

NO SIGN OF NERVE DAMAGE AFTER 20+ YEARS OF OBVIOUS NERVE DAMAGE. Doc takes his little gavel and hits my left knee and it would hang there like, “WTF was that for?” Tap the right knee and the leg will kick you where it counts! LOL!

Well, now both legs are operating and kicking properly! ALL PISTONS FIRING!

Nerves do not regenerate they say… Hmmm… well… the body can do miraculous things when you align yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically into a balanced harmonious lifestyle that is the real deal! And I am not a master at this by any means. I just have the balls enough to try and through hard work the results are coming to pass as I commanded them to.

But the chronic fatigue lingering has reduced me to about a tenth of my daily activities. That is still a serious and dangerous issue because I tend to overdo things easily. I am so used to being perpetual motion through my day! Training is reduced to a little Bagua circle walking, my tai chi form, qigong, and some standing Lai Tung Pai. As a DDP Yoga Level 1 Instructor it is really humiliating to admit that I can barely do the Diamond Dozen right now but it is daily effort always! So roughly ten minutes in the morning and I am done. I used to train for hours leading up till noon! Plus, getting the housework and yard work done on top of that because that is always a priority!

Point is… I have already had some miraculous healing which befuddles the neurologist who has no explanation. Nerves don’t regenerate but the body can do marvelous things when called upon and in the right way.

I have an incredibly healed nervous matrix and now my spine will be healed. Mark my words and be patient. You will see!

I am fighting this with True Original Thought processing such as was inspired by Wallace D. Wattles. That means that the Truth is that I am healed. For you Christians who are already about to quote something in my direction, trust me, I know! In the New Testament (Mark 11:24) it says, “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Hold True to original thought even if it is contrary to present appearances or circumstances!

Believe that ye receive them (your desires) and ye shall have them!

Don’t dismiss this important formula to co-creating your reality both inside your body and out because your religion or lack thereof has left your backside a little sore.

The idea itself works if you got the gonads to put a little pro-active effort to control your thoughts which direct the condition of your body.

This is NOT wishful thinking on my part… it is hard F’n work… on all levels to stay focused and frosty. Not easy when the circumstances are contrary to the reality you want. I know!

I will rise again and make the damn cosmic Pheonix from his ashes envious! LoL! I believe I will be stronger, faster, with more stamina and endurance than I ever had before once this journey is over and I can look back upon this time period in the rear view mirror!

I can easily see someone else surrendering to the condition. Giving up on life already. Likely on opioids to numb the symptoms rendering them useless, defeated, and helpless! Not understanding the power of their own thoughts and how it impacts the body I am quite sure many would have cursed themselves into a wheelchair or into a bedridden state by now. I am NOT kidding! This has been hell, but I have remained positive, stubborn, determined, focused through all of it. Sure I lost my composure for a few moments here and there. Who the hell wouldn’t but I refocus and do not stay in that dark place ruminating and making things worse.

I expect and demand a Greater Expression of life out of this.

So join me by helping to hold the image of a healed Adrian. Get emotionally connected to that. Only the sincere affectionate prayer (meditation, good thoughts, a few words, whatever… all the damn same peeps!) of the righteous (good-hearted) person avails much.

I am thankful and grateful that my spine is healed, whole, and vibrantly healthy! That is my daily motto from moment to moment as I go throughout my day. You wanna send some good healing energy my way by whatever your preferred method is. I will receive such positive energy with gratitude!

This is my Comeback Journey!

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