My Introduction to DDP Yoga in 2012

My Introduction To DDP Yoga in 2012


Adrian Dorsey




It came as a random foot note sort of deal when Amy said to me about two months ago that my gung fu instructor had posted something on facebook. It was a video. Now I know that he does not post anything unless it has some form of significance so I started to watch it.

The short program was about this over weight veteran named Arthur who had sustained incredible injuries to his body from too many parachute drops while in the military. He could barely walk without the support of modernized crutches. He started to do this yoga which was having an incredible impact on his condition.

Arthur Boorman

Arthur was almost three hundred pounds when he started and his body was a wreck. The progress he made was phenomenal and reminded me of my struggle ten years ago with my lower back and legs… and now with my own weight which had been approaching three hundred.

I really started paying attention when I realized that this yoga was promoted by Diamond Dallas Page. I blinked in disbelief and turned the volume up. I used to watch DDP wrestle in WCW from the time he entered wrestling up to being rewarded the heavyweight championship title. I turned the volume up at this point and started the video over again really paying attention to it.


What was this yoga stuff about? After I watched Arthur’s story I quickly located the video about Diamond Dallas Page’s own story “What DDP did to overcome his ALL his injuries”. I remember seeing him all banged up with bandages around his ribs coming down to the ring time and again and at one point I said to my friend, “Christ, how much more punishment can this guy take?”

I wrote my teacher back and asked him about this yoga stuff. I remembered him mentioning yoga occasionally but it was a gung fu class and we were there to learn self defense not yoga so it did not become the focus at that time ten years ago. He responded that gung fu is great for combat but it does not open up the joints and the spine the way that yoga could. He assured me that yoga could improve my gung fu training immensely with added core strength and flexibility that I could not begin to imagine.

I was sold on the idea.

My wife Amy went to a few yoga classes and showed me what she learned when she came home. So I have been working on twenty five postures or asanas for over a month now. About a week and a half ago I suggested to her that I really wanted to get DDP Yoga. She surprised me by ordering it the next day. Last Thursday October 11th, 2012, the package arrived. I have been doing the Diamond Dozen daily since then as a part of my morning warm up before my gung fu forms and combat training.

DDP is right about it being a lifestyle. This will help me take what I already have and make it even better.

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