Why I Was Ashamed of Multilevel Marketing The Old Fashioned Way

Why I Was Ashamed of Multilevel Marketing The Old Fashioned Way


Adrian Dorsey 

There was a time when multilevel marketing was looked upon with disdain and derision. I would like you to understand that every time I attempted to recruit a down-line by way of friends and family my stomach would flip and stay there for days and weeks on end.

That was the feeling of shame.

The bottom line was they just did not want whatever the product was no matter how healthy it was or the level of credibility was behind it or how long the multilevel marketing company had been around.

The only thing they saw was me as some multilevel marketing asshole trying to get my hands into their wallet.

I would feel embarrassed and inwardly ashamed that I was the one who approached them even though I had good intentions.

So I have known for a long time that people do not give a damn about product and they care even less about an multilevel marketing opportunity. I know this because when sales people approach me I automatically get defensive with my hackles raised!

Since I have started multilevel marketing with My Lead System Pro I do not have this icky feeling in the pit of my gut because I am not using old school methods.

I am learning about something called Magnetic Attraction by way of multilevel marketing.

This is a method by which I am connecting with people on a personal level by way of multilevel marketing without tossing the old fashioned sales pitch in their faces. I am literally meeting them where they are at and speaking to them at their level.

Most importantly I am forming friendly relationships with them that will build credibility. When they see that I have something valuable to offer through multilevel marketing that can make a difference in their lives they will come to me when they are ready.

Successful Multilevel Marketing is a Matter of Perspective.

All around me are men and women who are suffering because they are in pain with their multilevel marketing! Can you relate to the following?

Perhaps you are struggling to make ends meet but your day job is not enough.

You are limited to wages and the amount of hours you can work. Yet too many hours leads to exhaustion and no time to spend with loved ones!

Maybe you already own a home based businesses but are unable to generate enough leads to make a difference.

You could be an multilevel marketing affiliate who is just plain tired of prospecting.

I know you do not want some new product or multilevel marketing opportunity because that is a threat on your already dwindling financial situation.

The solution that you are really looking for is to live your dreams by being free of money restrictions. Yet you live in a world that revolves around the literal dollar sign. Your silent anguish is the inability to do the things you want, which is to have more time for friends, family, or personal endeavors. There is no better way to achieve this than through multilevel marketing.

You need downtime to recharge their batteries and reconnect with loved ones, but how can this freedom be experienced when this means sacrificing part of a pay check?

By identifying your multilevel marketing pain I provide you with the pain killer, but only when you are ready!

painkiller 4

 And only if you are willing to do some multilevel marketing hard work over an extended period of time because the financial results you are looking for are not going to magically appear.

My Lead System Pro offers an education program that provides you with a lead generating laser targeted trafficking funnel in a single platform so that you can magnetically attract the right kind of people that you need to opt into your business. I am helping you so that you in turn can help others and this will make all the difference in the world to your bank account.

Home based business by way of multilevel marketing is about personal liberty to be who you were created to be so that you can do those things that you were created to do.

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