Finally, Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Actually Make Sense!

Finally, Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Actually Make Sense!


Adrian Dorsey

It has taken years but finally, I have come across affiliate marketing techniques that work with some hard work and added patience.

A few years ago Amy and I joined a home business opportunity dealing with spray vitamins. We did not have much success trying to prospect with our affiliate marketing program because it involved chasing family and friends which quickly turned into cold marketing. We are very introverted when it comes to the rest of society and approaching strange people is not very comfortable so we stayed on the product but quit trying to push it.

Bottom line is that we should not have had to go out there hunting down affiliate marketing prospects throwing spray vitamins at their heads while trying to convince them that it was good for them.

It was not that we failed, we just did not have adequate information and there was no one willing to teach us how to utilize our affiliate marketing business properly. We were trying to be the hunters instead of putting ourselves into the position of being the hunted.

Allow them to hunt you is what this affiliate marketing stratagem is all about.

Do you enjoy Prospecting, Cold Calling, Buying Leads, Chasing Family & Friends, and Getting Rejected over and over again in the endless cycle of attrition?

If it is working for you then fantastic, I congratulate you and commend you on all the hard work, but if you are struggling with your home business and just plain tired of prospecting then it is time to join the big leagues and utilize some affiliate marketing concepts that actually do work.

Now, I am telling you that some people get off on the pain of old school affiliate marketing.

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I assure you that it is as obsolete as the dinosaurs and that is why you are failing.

Is your affiliate home based business allowing you to live the life you have always dreamed about?

The Affiliate Marketing Funnel at a Glance

I am just going to tell you about My Lead System Pro and leave it at that.

Try to understand that it is not a affiliate marketing sales pitch. I will not be that rude.

I certainly am not expecting you to stop whatever affiliate opportunity you are doing, quite the opposite in fact because I know this can help you with whatever your networking or home based business may be.

My Lead System Pro is an education company that provides a single platform affiliate marketing program.

Basically it is a fully integrated lead generating traffic funnel which means that it is an online tool. It will allow you to build any affiliate marketing business that you may be involved in once you understand the strategy but you still have to put some committed effort into it.


The problem is that online affiliate marketing still require sales and marketing which means that you have to learn how to use Magnetic Attraction techniques to draw in the right people who will want what you have.

No matter what the product or affiliate marketing service it will NOT sell itself.

You have to sell and market the product so you might as well use a tool which will enable you to do it in a way that reduces your stress and makes your time and effort worthwhile. My Lead System Pro is a tool that will allow you to use affiliate marketing in a way that makes sense and will bring you the success you have been looking for if you are willing to work hard to make it so.

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    This website truly has all the info I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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