The Kung Fu of MLM Lead Generation

The Kung Fu of MLM Lead Generation


Adrian Dorsey


What on earth could MLM lead generation and kung fu possibly have in common?

First I know there are a lot of people out there who have no idea what kung fu really means.

I think many get the impression of the old spaghetti martial arts movies from the 1970’s through the 1980’s with real bad English dubs.

However, kung fu simply means “daily effort” or you could think of it as the consistent hard work that you do every day so you can see where this is going with MLM lead generation concepts.

In order to get very good at martial arts one has to dedicate themselves to a good solid routine of doing their form and applications daily over an extended period of time which literally means years. These same concepts can be utilized for successful MLM Lead generation strategies.

I have been studying kung fu for a decade.


Yes, that is my mug shot training with some exotic weaponry!

I believe the same kung fu concepts of effort and consistency can be applied to  MLM lead generation.

Daily effort without fail will eventually make a financial difference if you are willing to dedicate yourself to the formula over an extended period of time in order to produce your MLM Leads.

There is a daily Standard Operating Procedure that needs to be adhered to which is not that difficult to figure out but it is the ability to remain consistent every day with MLM lead generating activities which is what will make or break your efforts.

Did you know that Affiliate MLM lead generation programs allow you to attain multiple streams of income?

Can you wrap your mind around that reasoning?

You do not get MLM lead generation opportunities working at a regular or corporate location where you are limited to a particular wage and restricted to the amount of hours you can work. The most appealing aspect of online multilevel lead generation to make direct streams of income from home has to be that you can make a paycheck while spending time with those you care about.


Map Out These MLM Lead Generation Daily Procedures


1. You should consider MLM lead generation objectives. You have to be focused on the reason behind why you are doing this. If you are just curious but do not have a goal in mind then chances are you will end up quitting before you see the results. This is not going to be a get rich overnight agendum. There is hard work involved over an extended period of time. You have to be committed to these income producing MLM lead generation activities for at least 24 to 36 months.

2. Consider your main MLM lead generation priority. The best way to attract people through social media is through content that people will find both meaningful as well as valuable. Connect with them through postings, blogging, articles, videos, whatever, but meet them where they are at as one human to another.  I suggest targeting home business owners as well as frustrated network marketers who are just tired of prospecting. These people are suffering trying to make their residual income opportunities work because they do not know how to do proper MLM lead generating successfully.

3. Consider friendly MLM lead generation relationships through Magnetic Attraction techniques. You have to maintain your list of contacts on a daily basis. Let them know that you are active by posting relevant material. This will show them that you are dedicated to what you are doing and they will pay attention to this even if you are not always aware of it.

4.   Make your MLM lead generation activity habitual. This takes us back to the kung fu frame of mind. You need a daily consistent regimen that focuses on what you are going to physically do to generate your multiple streams of residual profit.

If you are serious about online marketing then make mlm lead generation your kung fu through My Lead System Pro which can help you catapult your primary business into the field of success so that you can live the life up until now you have only dreamed about.



Adrian Dorsey

First and foremost I am husband to my beautiful wife, Amy, without whose inspiration none of this would be possible.

I am an online marketing entrepreneur, author, instructor of Yang tai chi and baguazhang kung fu. Practitioner of qigong and DDPYoga!

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