It is the Journey That Matters

It is the Journey That Matters


Adrian Dorsey




Ten years ago I was headed for a wheel chair and a whole world of misery. I was sick all the time. I had no idea that I was allergic to the kind of food that I was eating. A lower spinal injury, scar tissue from torn ligaments in my hips, a left leg that has very little nerve response, fallen arches in my feet to worsen the structure of my bones, and a right knee that had developed a fluid sack the size of an egg that felt like a fire was burning in it continually. How did I get that way? I could tell you that it all started from a specific accident that happened at a precise location in a single moment. The reality of the fact is that before your body becomes damaged it is usually already compromised and the injury is the end result of a weakened vessel that was just waiting to break. By vessel I am talking about your body. Injury is the surest outcome as a result of stress. What is stress? Anything that fills you with worry, doubt, anger, grief and all those negative emotions that lower your confidence in yourself as well as your ability to function. The image in your mind to which you get emotionally connected effects the results that you are capable of accomplishing until it eventually becomes your reality. During that time period I was depressed. That is putting it mildly. I was literally addicted to my depression.

There is more to DDP Yoga then just a series of movements and postures. There is a formula here which starts to change you from the inside outward as you start to get into the program. I recognize the process because you become initiated to an equation that guarantees success if you are willing to do the work. Diamond Dallas inspires you to become motivated. This creates either a subtle or perhaps a dramatic change that starts to altar the image in your mind of how you see yourself. Accompanying this is a food guide which demonstrates how to put proper fuel into your body while you are going through this transformation process. I have embraced this diet for a decade now. When I started my gung fu training of tai chi chuan and baguazhang the main staples of my diet was fast food, gluten, processed, soda pop. Through a lot of hard work and some trial and error accompanied by a whole lot of sheer determination I have eliminated gluten, lactose, and processed food from my diet altogether. I have gone so far as to look into a diet engineered for my blood type. There are blood type diets out there and you will be surprised that many of the foods you cannot tolerate are actually on the avoid list because you literally are not designed to consume them. Different blood types mean different fuel. I am just saying that a good part of this program I have been following in my own life for ten long years now.

The reason DDP was able to overcome his injuries was because he changed the broken beaten up image of himself being washed out of the ring into the idea that represented a greater expression of life that would bring success to his career. Certainly yoga played a significant role but the initial change had to happen in the mind and that is what affected the physical outcome of his efforts which manifested into the reality that changed his life. Arthur followed the same formula. He knew where he was headed. The doctors had negatively reinforced the fact that he was a one way trip down hill. Then something happened which flipped the switch of how he saw himself. The formula is simple and it works both ways. It will work for you as well as against you depending on how you see yourself. The image in your mind to which you get emotionally connected affects the outcome of your success.

All of you that are on this program including myself are also following this formula. Our results are dependent on the picture we see in our minds to which we connect our feelings. Once we plug those emotions in to whatever that image may be… whether it is success or failure… we begin to radiate that frequency outward into the universe. All of creation both animate and inanimate responds to bring about the very thing which we constantly hold in our mind. If you hang on to it long enough and do something every day you will eventually see it become reality. You will get out of it what you put into it. I see so many are achieving tremendous results and the individual stories are incredibly inspiring.

There is an adage by William Arthur Ward that goes something like this, “Any good teacher and teach but it takes a great teacher to inspire.” I once said this of my gung fu teacher because it was the inspiration I felt from him that made me want to stick with the training and the nutritional transformation as well as the spinal therapy and rehabilitation program which rebuilt my legs a decade ago. Now I am inspired to take my progress further with DDP Yoga as the image in my mind is to once again reach a place that can only be described as a greater expression of life which will make me thinner, improve my flexibility and core strength and improve my tai chi chuan and baguazhang to a place I have always wanted to take it. Maximum ability at its finest. However, it is not so much the goal that is important as it is the journey on how you get there. That is what matters.

Be strengthened. Be inspired. Anything that encourages a greater expression of life is worth turning into a lifestyle. I like the words of Napoleon Hill who once said, “I see only the objective, it is the obstacles that have to get out of the way.”

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