Insecure About Sweat? What You Should Know About The Important Role of Sweat Part 1

Insecure About Sweat? What You Should Know About The Importance of Sweating

Part 1


Adrian Dorsey


Awhile back I told some people that I thought sweating played a huge role in the maintenance of health and personal hygiene and they looked at me like I had grown a third head. What they did not realize is the depth of my consideration before speaking those words. Sweat really is a cleansing for your body and that is what hygiene is all about. As much as we love to stay squeaky clean on the outside of our skin we should desire to stay clean on the inside of our bodies as well!

The immense power of sweat can assist with this in ways that many people take for granted because they think that sweating is something nasty to be avoided.

I am here to tell you otherwise!

Ingredients of sweat is mostly water with elements of lactic acid, ammonia, sugar, salts and other minerals with traces of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium. Let us not overlook trace metals either which are excreted through sweat such as zinc, copper, iron, chromium, nickel, and lead.


sweat eye


How can sweat possibly enhance hygiene and other health benefits when it is so yuck?


You know those billions of little pores in your skin? Well thanks to our environement to which we are exposed to on a daily basis they are full of dirt and toxins which sweating helps to flush out keeping your skin clean and healthy. There is no sense in showering or having a bath if you never sweat enough to open up those pores so they can breathe! This is why many shower in the morning and at some point in the day, not surprisingly after they have worked out or done something to get their sweat on, they shower again and they look and feel radiant!

I am always trying to encourage my beautiful wife, Amy, when she works out with me that she is not sweating, but sparkling! I love the way she glistens when she works out!

Surprisingly, if your skin is clean before you start to perspire than sweat has no odor! Any smell at all comes from your hair as well as the follicles on your skin which can generate an odor if they are not clean ahead of time. So you need to know that the mere act of sweating is not the cause of any smell.

I personally think it also depends on the fuel you put into your body which determines the texture of sweat. If you are eating sugary, gluten filled crappy foods that have been genetically modified or tampered with which are full of toxic petro chemicals then of course this may effect perspiration texture and perhaps even odor.

However, if you are eating clean with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of good water to keep your system flushing you may find as I do that your sweat is like a fine mist that does not feel disgusting but actually invigorating and odorless. I can attest to that after years of good eating and kung fu, DDP Yoga, and some weight lifting on a daily basis.

Consider that in order to keep your skin healthy and alive you need to sweat! After all your skin has to be active since it is the largest organ your body has.

Sweating also acts as the antifreeze of your body helping to cool you down when you are overheating. When your temperature becomes too high your body will sweat in the effort to bring that temperature back down to an optimal level. This helps to avoid the real nasty overheating effects such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion which are identified often by symptoms of weakness or disorientation.

Sweat is an essential role that is necessary to keep your body healthy!



To be continued…

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