How The Hell Do You Sugar Coat The Reality Concerning Fitness And Health? You Can’t

How The Hell Do You Sugar Coat The Reality Concerning Fitness And Health? You Can’t


Adrian Dorsey


When it comes to fitness and health you eventually come to a place where you realize that it has to become a lifestyle and a priority.

You cannot buy health improvements over the counter! As with any form of success it is only going to come in the form of hard freaking work. Your health must become your kung fu which in the literal sense means daily effort.

As Diamond Dallas Page says, “You alone control how you adapt, react, and take action so OWN IT!”

You have to OWN YOUR LIFE if you want to see changes in the area of fitness and health.

Unfortunately if you are like me then you will likely wait until you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I got lucky because for many people by the time they get that far it is almost too late to change even if they want to because of too many detrimental health factors.

I started my journey eleven years ago to avoid surrendering to the wheel chair due to a deteriorating spinal condition. Once I started to see the results of improvement I made fitness and health my lifestyle and never looked back.

Two months ago my beautiful wife, Amy, joined me on this journey which has taken me into new areas as well. Together we have pieced together a working formula that is really successful for us.

The equation for improving overall fitness and health that is presently very successful for us is a very real formula of nothing less than daily consistent effort.

Amy likes it when I say that a multitude of symptoms got us into the mess our bodies were in and it has taken a multitude of solutions to get us out of it and in the direction we really want to go.

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Our Fitness And Health Regimen Looks Something Like This

  1. We have adopted what we call a paleo vegan diet after eliminating all grains, sugars, GMO’s and crap from our diet. We eat lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts and a little bit of carefully selected meat.
  2. Sleep! You must get actual sleep at night to recharge properly. This article by Dr. Mercola discusses that in detail.
  3. Drink enough water to flush the toxicity from the body. There is some studies that indicate you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces but do not exceed over a hundred ounces because that can create other problems. Listen to your body! You will know when you need to drink.
  4. You need the right kind of exercise and this is where you should be inclined to do some research. I personally do a combination of kung fu, DDP Yoga, cardio and the real game changer which my wife and I discovered a few months ago was weight lifting.

How was weight lifting a game changer when it comes to fitness and health? I thought you would never ask!

The component of weight lifting for fitness and health was a revelation to me as well. I had no idea until recently that you can do all the cardio in the world but it is not necessarily going to mean results if you are trying to lose weight. So consider that a lb of muscle burns more calories than a lb of fat and after you have finished your strength training those muscles will continue to burn those calories for a quite some time. That is the reason professional weight lifting men and women look as cut and chiseled like they do.

Dismiss the myth about turning into a muscle bound goon especially if you are a woman because that is bullshit. I sincerely mean that! I have personally spoken to lots of professional weight lifting people of both genders and they unanimously agree that so long as you keep chemicals out of the program the only results you will get from weight lifting is looking lean, sexy, and amazing!

So when it comes to fitness and health be motivated and inspired and OWN IT!

Over a decade of diligent daily kung fu and almost two years of DDP Yoga and only now with the added element of weight lifting is the weight finally dropping like a stick of melting butter from my hips and waist. My wife is seeing the same results in herself and she is looking totally great and she has always been beautiful! We are immensely pleased with our progress and I realize now what fitness pro’s mean that you get addicted to the results and want to keep going.

My wife and I have agreed to stick with this program and all of the above elements that go into this formula of fitness and health.

I told her to trust me and give it a solid two years and we will rebuild ourselves from the ground up.

I want to encourage you to make fitness and health your lifestyle and join us on the journey of feeling better and looking kick ass great!


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