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Right off the top I want to say that this is my own personal experience with gluten, gmo products such as corn, as well a sugar. I want to encourage you to do your own research or consult with your doctor before eliminating these things from your diet. I include a brief synopsis about my food sensitivities and the decisions I made which improved my health. Do your own research before deciding how you want to proceed.

Twelve and a half years ago I thought I was dying from the inside out. I had suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for years without realizing that I had sensitivities to the food that I was eating.

Forgive the old cliche but it is the truth in my case, “I simply got sick and tired of being sick and tired!”

Back in 2003, not long after I started to learn the kung fu styles of Yang tai chi chuan and Emei baguazang, my instructor, sifu Muri Parsons, suggested that I go see his nutritionist. Acting on that advice I did just that. The first thing that was suggested was for me to eliminate gluten from my diet and see how my body reacted. It was not an easy decision for me to make because I was not prepared to really find alternative sources of food that did not have that bleached wheat flour in it, but almost immediately my body showed signs of improvement after a few weeks so I decided to stick with it. Although I was not tested for Celiac disease I embraced the Celiac diet which my body seemed to agree with.

Gluten free

I will admit that the first year of living gluten free was the worst because I realized every time I walked into the grocery store that almost 95% of food items in there were designed to irritate my digestive system and kick start the irritable bowel syndrome back into full swing.

Over the last decade I realized that simply eliminating gluten grains like bleached flours was not enough to maintain a healthy digestive system. Even though i was gluten free with no room for cheating without dastardly consequences I had a disturbing inflammation reaction within my colon during October of 2011 which led to a colonoscopy to make sure that there was no polyps waiting to erupt into something further. I had to do significant research to understand why this happened because I had absolutely no grains in my system at all.

I found out about GMO genetically modified corn which is especially harsh on the body. Almost all corn in North America is GMO corn so I removed that from my nutrition and the inflammation vanished almost immediately.


But I still had issues to some extent.

Further investigation led me to understand that the dangers of processed sugars.

I had a real struggle with that one because I loved my chocolate. I came off of it in stages but not without the worst discomfort that was over and above gluten and gmo foods like corn. I had a hell of a time with cravings that almost physically hurt. My mood swings were incorrigible. I found out that sugar actually triggers the same areas in the brain as cocaine and heroin! That it is an addiction often worse then street drugs! Worst of all is that sugar is an inflammatory! Once I realized these things I understood I was in the fight for my life. Almost all sickness and disease begins with an inflammation long before it erupts into something that can be given a name by the medical profession. Sugar is the fuel that feeds cancers!


On this new page I will include information as well as recipes that I have come to use over the years on a daily or weekly basis that work for me in keeping and maintaining a healthy body. I have read plenty of fitness professionals say that the core of any fitness program is 70% what you do in the kitchen and 30% what you do in the gym or on your yoga mat.

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