Exactly What Is Your Affiliate Residual Income Marketing Financial Plan Of Action To Acquire More Time And More Freedom?

Exactly What Is  Your  Affiliate Residual Income Marketing Financial Plan Of Action To Acquire More Time And More Freedom?


Adrian Dorsey


Are your affiliate residual income marketing dreams vague concepts with futile thoughts that they might come to pass if only you can stay focused?

You do not have to answer these questions to me but take a moment and be honest with yourself.

Tom Clancy once said in his book Debt of Honor, “If you don’t write it down, it never happened.”

So let me rephrase this question just a little.

Have you written out your affiliate marketing aspirations in clear and precise concepts?

Better yet!

Have you given you affiliate residual income marketing concepts a deadline?

You do realize that multilevel network marketing with deadlines become goals that you can, with consistent action, turn into reality.

Do something every day, either big or small, toward the completion of your social networking financial goal and it will come to pass as you demand.



Reality check!

If you do not command your affiliate residual income opportunities by taking action and setting that deadline so that it becomes something more than wishful thinking than you will remain fruitless, unfulfilled, and likely poor.

The first step you can take is to write out the affiliate residual income marketing financial amount you want to acquire so that you bring it into the 2 dimensional reality of penmanship on paper. This way it is already touching the physical plane.

The second step you can do is consider what it is you intend to give in return. What will your sacrifice be in return for what you want. Napoleon Hills said, “There is no such reality as ‘something for nothing.” I cannot answer for you but for me I am sacrificing time and effort to learn and study each week the strategies of social media online business.

The third step is to look ahead and decide on a deadline that you want to possess your affiliate residual income financial security you desire.


Fourth Step is to create an affiliate residual income marketing decisive plan of action by which you will accomplish your goal. Do not wait for the right time because it will never happen. You have to begin where you are at with what you have available to you now! What will you do on a daily or weekly basis to make it come to pass?

Fifth Step is to actually write out your affiliate residual income battle plan along with your deadline and what your intention is to give in return for this acquired wealth. Make sure to write this out in plenty of precise detail as to how you intend bring this to pass. Basically what will your daily and weekly strategy be?

Sixth Step is to make this written statement your affiliate marketing mantra. Look at it a couple times a day and say it allowed as you are beginning  your day and as you are retiring for the night so that it will become engrained not just on the surface of your conscience but in your subconscious as well.

You are actually formulating  your own social media affiliate marketing strategy for success by following these steps by utilizing your DESIRE for riches which were first realized and written out by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich.

Now consider that you have to attract a specifically targeted people who will want whatever it is that you have decided to do. After all the only way to acquire weatlh in abundance is to provide services to people that have a problem and you have the solution.

I am not asking you if I am right. I KNOW I AM RIGHT!

You will need laser targeted traffic to be funneled into your primary business.

If you do not have a primary business then here is an opportunity to get involved with what I consider to be the foremost leading funneling software for attracting specific leads in MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO.


I also suggest that you learn how to magnetically attract prospects into your company or affiliate organization by means of engaging with people in relevant and meaningful conversations.

You want people to invite you into their lives as a guest instead of wasting your time by coming across as a sales pest.

Once people get to know and trust you they will realize that you have the solution to their problems and they will come to you when they are ready.

I want to inspire you to think about your residual income affiliate residual income marketing goals by making sure that are sound and that your actions are precise in acquiring the wealth you know that you deserve.

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