Do You Realize That Exercise Releases Endorphins Which Can Inspire You To Become Addicted To Fitness In A Totally Awesome Way?

Do You Realize That Exercise Releases Endorphins Which Can Inspire You To Become Addicted To Fitness In A Totally Awesome Way?



Adrian Dorsey

Exercise releases endorphins throughout your body helping you to deal with the strain of training and also the stress of every day life.

There was a time when I had no idea that exercise releases endorphins into the body so when my friends told me that they loved lifting weights or doing yoga I would look at them like they had all grown second heads.

The irony was that this was 1994 and I was dealing with an injury which had resulted from an accident that had done damage to my lower spine and caused nerve problems to that same area that went down my left leg.

Yep, left leg is basically a peg leg…


With all the pistons firing on the right!

I would suffer with my debilitating problem until in 2003 I started an intense program of rehabilitation techniques in conjunction with tai chi and baguazhang kung fu. My kung fu instructor assured me that if I stuck with it he would help me rebuild my legs from the ground up in two years. I cannot begin to describe the pain and discomfort that I was heading into because before you can build up there is always a tearing down but somewhere in the midst of this program I realized that I was getting addicted. I was discovering that exercise releases endorphins which helped me push through the agonizing effort of restructuring my posture through the core strength targeting routine that comes with kung fu.

I kept at it because I found something that I thoroughly loved doing. I stuck with it long enough that I was experiencing the elation feeling that was inspired by the fact that the exercise was releasing endorphins which were allowing me to become addicted to improving my health.

In eighteen months I realized that I was walking without discomfort. I could do a lot of things that I had not been able to do for years. My instructor admitted at one point that he had never met anyone in as much physical torment as I had been and yet I pushed through it somehow to make a difference. Looking back on it I can only say that these endorphins released by exercise had to have played a significant role in the process.


It Can Be a Wonderful Thing To Be Addicted To Fitness

I have maintained a six day routine training tai chi and baguazhang kung fu several hours a day for more than a decade.

I was and still am addicted to kung fu which means that tai chi and baguazhang has simply become a way of life.

I believe that exercise can be a healthy addiction if you listen to your body, eat the right foods, drink plenty of water, and get proper amounts of rest.

It can be a good thing to be addicted to fitness because exercise releases endorphins allowing the stress hormones such as cortisol to be reduced considerably. These natural feel good chemicals help to make you feel good as described in this article of

It certainly mattered to me back then because before I started my training, my injuries with their debilitating side effects had been leading me down a dangerous road of depression. So of course with exercise releasing these endorphins through my body I was able to lift my head out of that pit and focus on positive areas of life which really mattered.

Of course it can be argued that one can go overboard and get too addicted but if you are listening to your body and you feel that inner voice tugging at  you with an undeniable, “I can’t wait to work out today!” I suggest you take a look at this post in the NYTimes about this concept of being addicted to fitness in moderation.

Just over a year ago I added DDP Yoga to my daily regimen of exercise releasing endorphins.

hood ornament

According to my step son I have earned the name the yoga gorilla!

DDP Yoga is a non-traditional style of Americanized Ashtanga Power Yoga as the foundation along with classic calisthenics, rehabilitation techniques, dynamic resistant slow motion strength training, and of course one hell of a kick ass cardio routine using high intensity interval training. The best thing I love about it is that it is 0 impact on my body and I really need that! Now here is some decent exercise for releasing those feel good endorphins so that you actually enjoy kicking your own ass into shape!

I really want you to consider the positive impacts that can be generated internally throughout your body both physically and psychologically by the fact that exercise releases endorphins that can help motivate and even change your life in a real big way.

Consider the following comments by fitness coaches, trainers, and committed fitness experts on twitter when I asked them this question.

In a good way what does it mean to you to be addicted to fitness? I am curious and I value your opinion. Thanks!


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