Comfortable Creativity

Comfortable Creativity


Adrian Dorsey

Creativity is the ability to manifest thought into reality. A carpenter, painter and writer are all artists of inspiration. Whatever it is that you are able to do that brings you joy or some measure of contentment is creation in action. You were created with the ability to co-create designs of ideas within the concept of your mind empowered with emotion which determine the outcome of what you are able to produce with your very own hands. Creation!

All too often your ability to adequately perform this function is hampered with the struggle of daily life. The stress that plagues you is too often at the forefront of your thoughts to which you emotionally attach yourself. There are three stresses that cause great injury to your being. There is physical stress which is the injury of pain within the structure of your body due to accident or mechanical breakdown over time. This however is often the end result of the other stresses which include psychological and emotional. The latter two produce toxins within the body that is very similar to battery acid. So many people walk around filled with anger that is fueled by bitterness and resentment toward various circumstances or people in their lives. These negative emotions release this acidity throughout the body that is very self destructive. You would not deliberately drink a glass of battery acid or bathe in it, but you would release the same level of toxicity through the expression of powerful negative emotions which do the same thing internally to your organs. The end result over time is a cellular breakdown of your bones and musculature to the degree that the body at some point can no longer absorb the demands of every day activity. Thus, sooner or later something is going to break.

For years I walked around addicted to depression. It became a way of life filling every waking thought with the emotional attachment of betrayals and let downs that I had experienced. Living a life that is high in stress eventually led to an accident at work one day which resulted in the tearing of the inner upper and lower ligaments that held my hips together. The secondary injury was in the lower thoracic region of my spine. The result of this was nerve damage down my left leg. Further disappointments in my life continued that would cause my health to deteriorate. Eventually I was hardly able to walk. My bowels were inflamed all the time. My entire digestive system was messed up to the point that I could no longer digest gluten or lactose.

Nothing would change for me until I made the decision to stop being depressed. I had walked in it for so long that it was not an easy thing to do. Twelve or thirteen years of repressed negativity is not something that you easily erase overnight. However, with a lot of hard work and effort I was able to face it and make some real life changing decisions that made a difference. I started putting the failures behind me. I began to focus on the present as I started to get involved with new things and ideas that promoted a greater expression of life into my condition. It was with enthusiasm that I was able to look ahead to the future knowing that there were important and wonderful things that I was going to do. I guess you could say that I stopped dwelling on the past full of personal doom and gloom. The realization hit me that I had been brought into being for a purpose and I started to become determined to fulfill that objective with inspiration of creativity.

Today I am pain free.

You cannot fulfill your dreams and aspirations if you live in oppression. Now I am going to tell you a truth, that almost every situation of this nature is self imposed. Depression is a choice. Failure is also a choice. Choices are made by accepting the appearance of a situation and ultimately giving up. Success is brought about by knowing what you want and continually striving for it every day until you attain whatever it is that you desire.

The problem is that it is difficult to create if you are not comfortable with your life. The accumulation of stresses kill any desire to do the things that you were created to do. Instead of fulfilling your role in life you are reduced to a dreamer building castles in your mind that never materialize. Perhaps you briefly get excited about something for a day or two or perhaps even a whole week, but than you return to what you know which is the mediocre existence of accepting your fate short of the goal.

So what does it take to be comfortable? You know as well as I do what it would take to live in a condition of pure comfort where you would be able to be inspired to do a world of good. It would require nothing short of the best living conditions imaginable. That includes a good solid roof over your head. It would also mean that you would not be hungry because good food would be within reach to fill your belly. I am sure that a wardrobe that suits your taste would also be essential. Creature comforts play a big role in being comfortable. Most importantly though, it would also demand a lifestyle that is free of physical, emotional, and psychological stress! Here is where I am going to tell you another truth and I want you to listen. If you could eliminate the emotional and mental stresses from your life the physical ailments usually vanish. The physical condition is only there because of the imbalance caused by the other two. Your body will align itself with the harmony that it should operate with once the internal conflicts are eliminated.

Well, how is this done? How do I do that?

Raymond Holliwell, author of Working With the Law says that the inability to forgive is an obstacle that hinders success both monetarily and physically. That forgiveness of the past is nothing short of letting go, forsaking, abandoning and forgetting the wrong that was done. For a long time I did not understand this concept even though my kung fu teacher, sifu Muri Parsons, often said the same thing. He would say, “Just let it go… just let it go.” I would look at him like he had grown a second head. How could I let go of that pain and hurt that I was addicted to?

I was an addict to my depression. Any addict has no hope of letting go of their habit until they are ready to do so. You have to come to the place where you have had enough. You have to make the decision that you have hurt enough. Once you do this then you are ready to live.

Napoleon Hill said, “Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.”

The bottom line is that you need to eliminate the stress in your life so that you can find your comfort zone that will enable your inspiration to burn so that you can ultimately create. Inspiration is the fuel of desire. It is difficult to desire anything when you focus on the misery of heartache and failure. If you are not able to accomplish the things you know you should be doing than you need to change the direction in your life. Life in and of itself is about evolution. I am referring to continual growth in all areas of your life. You should never be standing still for too long in one place or the waters become stagnant. Your spiritual and emotional well being should be in a continual state of renewal reaching into new areas of development.

Bob Proctor puts it simply enough, “If you are not creating than you are disintegrating!”

What that means is that if you are not doing those things which you know you can do than you are not fulfilling your purpose for being and are living an unfulfilled life.

So do what you have to in order to find that comfortable place where you can begin to create.

I am only trying to inspire you to fulfill your greatest potential by encouraging you to be who you were created to be so that you co do what you have been created to do.

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