Belief is a Two Edged Sword

Belief is a Two Edged Sword


Adrian Dorsey


The power of belief is the ability to know beyond the shadow of any doubt that something is. You just know that you know. Belief is the undertone of faith in action. Whether something is seen or unseen you have the evidence of its reality by whatever means that has convinced you. Now I want you to realize that the identity of this interesting trait is none other than the Law of Attraction. For by your thoughts you bring into your life whatever it is that you direct most of your energy toward. Energy goes out in the form of emotional commitment which causes the universe to respond according to your need.

Well, here is where I am going to cut to the chase and quit skirting around the bushes. The fact of the matter is that the universe does not give you what you need, but it does give you what you believe. The power of creation is unbiased toward what it is that you require. It only responds to the frequency of your personal vibrational patterns which are attuned to whatever it is that you are feeling at any given moment. As soon as you generate an emotion you transmit that pattern outward not in a wave but in the form of rays like a sun in every direction. All of creation then responds with everything organic and inorganic in nature to return to you exactly what you are emanating.

Well, you can protest on this note and say, “Well, I did not ask for this cancer.” No, but fear and anxiety combined with the lack of proper nutrition with a dung heap of stress is what causes cancer.

Well, someone else might balk and say, “Well, I did not ask for poverty but I have no money.” No, but the belief of lack promotes the manifestation of not having enough which then has become that person’s reality. This person does not need a bowl of soup or a piece of bread so they can live another day and die of hunger later. They require a vision of reality so they can become master of their own lives and change their fate by the power of belief that they deserve better and through working daily toward that end can change their present predicament to a life more accommodating.

Well, a third person might refuse to accept this and say, “Well, I did not ask to live from pay check to pay check barely making ends meet.” No, but remember the words of Andrew Carnegie when Napoleon Hill asked him why it was that the working class never gets anywhere to which Carnegie replied, “That people that work for wages have no greater purpose then the wage they are working for and this is why the wheel of fortune passes them by. The major difficulty of most people that go through poverty is that they are where they are by the power of their own mind.”

You must understand that desire and expectation works the same as fear and expectation. This is belief. The outcome of either one of these is dependent on which one you commit most of your emotions to.

I know this for a fact because I used to live in depression. I was addicted to depression for a lot of years. Fear and anxiety was a way of life. If I could imagine something going wrong it surely would. I would then tell myself that I knew it was going to go wrong and because that was what I expected to happen it was not a shocker when it came to pass. Little did I know that I was the responsible for my own outcome of reality simply by the power of deliberate intention.

Now I have experienced that other side of the coin where I now understand the power of being a co-creator of my own existence determining my own outcome and being the author of my own fate. By the power of my belief I began to study two different styles of kung fu and by incorporating these into a daily routine I dramatically improved my health. It was belief that brought my wife, Amy, and I together through a long immigration process as two thousand miles separated us as well as the border between Canada and the United States. By belief I have also published a book that is changing the lives of all who have read it. The title of it is called the Paradigm Formula; Your 2012 Survival Guide. I am no longer depressed but live with the understanding of the ability to attract into my life whatever it is that I am emotionally committed to in such a manner that by deliberate intention I can make come to pass.

Now I share this formula with you in the hopes of inspiring you to take control of your own health and relationships and your own fate. For by your belief you can be who you were created to be so that you can do those things that you know you have been created to do.

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