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My name is Adrian Dorsey. Ten years ago I was in a whole world of hurt. My spine was in phase II and degrading further. All I knew was pain. I was told that by the time I was forty I would be in a wheel chair. Then I started training tai chi chuan and baguazhang kung fu. Through a lot of hard work that involved a lot of pain and effort I rebuilt my legs from the feet up. Within two years I was walking with no discomfort. Almost a year ago I added DDPYoga into my routine and it has multiplied my strength, core, and flexibility ten fold. I have made kung fu and yoga way of life. Now I am applying the same concepts to an entrepreneur home based business call My Lead System Pro and I am creating a residual income that is allowing me the financial freedom to do all of the things that I enjoy doing while making money at the same time. I live in Ohio with my beautiful wife, Amy. Life is a journey. The destination does not matter, but it is how you get there that counts.

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Sep 02




Adrian Dorsey


When you are feeling old, lethargic, and think that your healthy, fit, younger days are behind you. I want you to consider this.

I try to understand how people around me who are either my age… older… and sometimes younger… often complaining about how old they feel.

They feel themselves getting older.

They feel the hands of time getting a strangle hold on them.

They complain that they don’t move so well.

They reminisce about being younger and looking like they did back when.

Then they criticise their predicament with such words as, “I am not young anymore. I am too fat. I am all swelled up. I am not like I was when I was in high school. I am too old now to care about what I eat becauase it is too late for me anyway.”

All of them are friends and family or acquaintances so.. God love them… but I would like to shake the chains of bullshit off of them. I know where they are at because I was there over a decade ago. After one hell of a health scare I decided to do something rather than accept my fate.

When I was feeling old at the age of 30 I did something about my debilitated bloated meat suit!

I took ACTION and began to make some changes. In the beginning I could not do much because I was in a miserable world of hurt going down hill. However, I began my journey in spite of my condition. My journey toward a better me began in January of 2003 with the study of tai chi chuan and baguazhang kung fu. The first two years of training hurt like hell.

I won’t lie to you. It was not easy for me. I knew that the hands of time were trying to kill me and I refused to surrender to them.

The point is that I know where you are at because I have been there.

I will share with you the epiphany that changed my life.

If you have time to complain about your health and how bloated you may be or too skinny or too this and too that.

Instead of contemplating the unhappiness of your situation five or ten minutes a day you could be sculpting your body into shape!

fitness sculpture

I don’t care if you are 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70! There is no excuse beyond what you accept in your own mind along with the compromises to settle where your health is at.

Goddam it! Stop settling and compromising and making up all those excuses as to why you can’t feel and look better with some extreme psycho effort on your behalf.

For every complaint you tell yourself you could be doing a set of reps.. or stretching… or improving cardio. Hell.. I challenge you to do them all!

My point is that if you spent the time DOING SOMETHING every time you decide to sit and complain about your situation… your present circumstances concerning how you physically look and internally feel would change!

Maybe that change would not happen overnight but in time with some daily consistent effort you could change your paradigm from I am too old to I feel younger then I did yesterday.

Eventually it is not about being 40, 50, or 60.. even 70 years old at all… but you could begin to actually feel younger with each passing decade.

Bottom line is this and here is the epiphany… you will get out of it what you put into it.

If you don’t want it then you will never get it. Surrender meakly to the hands of fate and bemoan your brain fogged.. too bloated.. too skinny.. unfit fate miserably into the grave if that is what you want.

Or if you want.. you could go extreme.. and through some hard f#$*ing work you could slow the hands of time by improving energy through exercises that increase flexibility, build strength, tone muscle, restore and strengthen tendons and look better than you ever did when you were younger.

I have come a long way from where I was a decade ago. A hell of a long way!

leg stretchRight5_14 - Copy - Copy (2)

A couple of years ago I started DDP YOGA and this has continued to improve my health beyond measure and improve my kung fu exponentially.

You could OWN YOUR LIFE too if you want it.

The point is that if you get emotionally connected to the image of “I am old and slowing down and will never have my life back” then that is the debilitating results you will reap because you have chosen that road.

You could choose a different road if you want and decide to be fit and healthy by learning to OWN YOUR LIFE instead of letting it own you.

Remember that when you are feeling old you still have choices to make regarding how you want to live and how you want to look getting there.

You shape your body according to your emotional commitment to the image in your mind which determines the amount of work or the lack thereof to maintain it.

The real question is… “HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?”

Complaining about and surrendering to physical ailments and limitations is a decision that you have made. I call this path the sit, bitch, and complain path.

Taking action to kick your own ass into shape so that you can be healthy enough to enjoy every day of your life no matter what your condition or age is also a choice.

Jul 31

9 Exercise Excuses That Just Don’t Fly

9 Exercise Excuses That Just Don’t Fly


Adrian Dorsey


Here are nine of the more common exercise excuses I have heard over the years that keep people in a state of mediocre physical condition while still declining with the onset of old age.

It does not have to be that way!

Getting older does not necessarily mean that you accept slowing down and not being able to do the things you could when you were younger.

Fitness to me is about being healthy enough to enjoy each day of my life to the fullest because my body is strong which makes puts me in a good mood to look forward to the next rising sun.

1. Too Busy

Schedules are busy with work and school and sometimes both… but if being healthy, flexible, strong, with good posture is important to you then you will make time for
it. If you want to look good for yourself and for your partner for many years to come you will subtract a few moments from social media timelines and news feed and just get
it done. There are time saving strategies to provide short cuts to accomplishing this and ten or fifteen measly minutes a day of quick and sweaty is one of them.


2. Too old

That is a misnomer. It really is! You might have to start out slow and listen to your body, get some doctor’s advice, but start where you are at in whatever condition you are inand you will improve over time and regain strength, flexibility, balance and coordination and improve over all health.

3. Don’t like training on your own?

Find a work out partner to exercise with you. Let your significant other know how important this is and encourage them to do it with you. You can motivate each other and stay inspired. Make your fitness a goal with objectives and reach for them together.

4. You don’t like certain activities

Do not do what you find boring or something that you loathe. Find something that gets your heart going ten, fifteen, or thirty minutes a day using HIIT… High Intensity Interval Training. That could be anything from dancing, yoga, biking, running, weight lifting, martial arts, tai chi. There are many physical activities and you just need to choose one.

5. Your back hurts or you have a headache

Get moving! Once you get your spine moving along with the rest of your body the complaints should subside. There are many exercises that relieve stress from the upper back, neck, and shoulders that relieve headache tension. Something like traditional yoga or DDP Yoga elongates the spine with 0 pressure and something like tai chi refreshes the spine with gentle waist movements. Elongating the spine is one of the secrets to holding back the hands of time!

cat lift cat arch

6. I am hopelessly overweight

That is why you are going to find a regular exercise program. Start out slowly and gradually build yourself up over time. Start to eat healthier… DO NOT DIET.. just make better decisions. Fitness experts agree that keeping the weight off and staying trim is 70% what you do in the kitchen and the other 30% is the activity you involve yourself in to burn those calories off melting that fat to a trimmer, leaner, stronger you. I sure as hell DO NOT diet! I eat like a pig. I have managed to eliminate gluten, GM foods such as corn, and dairy which has made a world of difference. My fuel is about 80% fresh raw fruits and vegetables and the rest is some starches like rice and sweet potatoes, and a little bit of meat. Every day I train DDP YOGA, tai chi chuan, and baguazhang kung fu. That is my formula that works for me. You have to find the formula that works for you.

7. But I am already skinny

Skinny does not necessarily mean healthy. You may not have the extra weight but your heart could still use a good cardio burn every day. Your joints still need to be stretched gently to keep your tendons and ligaments healthy. There are many benefits to exercising which include maintaining leg and core strength as well as boosting the immune system. Being thin does not mean healthy but being fit and lean does guarantee it.

8. I don’t like the gym

There are many ways to create your own workout space in the privacy of your own home or you can go to the park. You do not need to be a gym rat to get fit. For example, tai chi can be done at home. You could hop on the tread mill and even get some free weights and crank up your favorite music while at home. There are tons of yoga programs, such as DDP YOGA which is what I do… at home!

9. My arthritis won’t let me

You can still do strengthening, stretching, and moderate aerobic exercises which will work out the uric acid from the tendons and ligaments that is creating the inflammation in your joints. Tai chi and yoga are a few examples that have been very successful at alleviating arthritic symptoms.




Are never too old to be in the best shape of your life!!

The Exercise Excuses Do Not Hold Up For One Good Reason!! 

No matter what you tell yourself there really is no excuse as to why you cannot be fit. You put more energy into avoiding it than actually doing it?

What is the upside? How about being healthy enough to enjoy each day of your life? Perhaps it is worth considering that fitness is sign of personal discipline, commitment, self respect, strength, as well as being a living demonstration to your children and to those closest to you as to what it means to be in control and to totally OWN YOUR LIFE.

Most importantly you need to think about this one fact.  You totally deserve to be in the best shape mentally, emotionally, and physically that you can attain. Stop settling for mediocre and realize that you have earned the right to be the best that you can possibly be.

The exercise excuses are null and void because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Jun 22

The Beneficial Impact of Tai Chi Chuan On Kidney Failure

The Beneficial Impact of Tai Chi Chuan On Kidney Failure


Adrian Dorsey


When it comes to kidney failure, tai chi chuan has been used as a beneficial remedy in China for ages with amazing results!

The health benefits of tai chi chuan are numerous including stress reduction by quieting the mind, improving blood flow, lung functionality, while strengthening the legs and core of the body with absolutely minimal impact on the joints.

Tai chi also helps to improve balance, gently opening up the joints restoring tendon and ligament function, and undeniably impacts the digestive and immune system in positive ways.

With so many positive side effects what can be said about tai chi chuan and kidney failure?

Many people here in North America do not realize that tai chi chuan in conjunction with qigong has been used as a remedy for kidney diseases in China for thousands of years with success!

Physiologically tai chi chuan helps to harmonize imbalances caused by high blood pressure by settling the heart rate through the breathing process which is connected very closely with the movements. The gentle turning of the waist massages internal organs including the kidneys helping to reduce such issues as inflammation. The internal organs respond to the circular turnings by showing improved functionality and with no exception this has been witnessed in patients suffering from kidney failure.

I can attest that tai chi chuan does improve inflammation symptoms after suffering from my own health issues over the years and have overcome these hot issues adequately!


Tai Chi Chuan Alleviates Symptoms of Kidney Disease With Conclusive Surprising Results

Tai chi chuan is one of the exercises that can be successfully utilized to treat kidney failure disease. Consider that tai chi has been used in China for a long time to treat kidney problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other ailments with surprising success at relieving many chronic symptoms.

It cannot be overstated that a huge contributor to kidney failure problems is the state of one’s emotional mental health which has a huge impact on the function of the kidneys. Tai chi chuan promotes a relaxing of the mind along with the body in such a manner as to produce optimistic good feelings throughout your entire being. This in turn affects the cortisol output by the adrenals often caused by various states of emotional stress. Once this relaxation is tapped into the adrenals can perform proper hormone production to improve balancing out the overall health of the entire body.

kidney failure can be further irritated by high blood pressure and in some cases even anemia. Emotional stress can impact one’s appetite to eat properly which can do further kidney damage that can eventually compromise the immune system making the body more susceptible to viruses and bacteria infections like colds and flu.

Kidney failure patients often go on to suffer from renal osteopathy so they require proper exercises to improve bone conditioning which tai chi chuan is adequately proven to provide. Tai chi can improve kidney conditions dramatically when in conjunction with Vitamin D naturally from the sun. Remember that artificial Vitamin D supplements can lead to over calcification in the blood so it is best to get it from its most natural source radiating down upon us from above.

tai chi sunset beach

A Hong Kong study done in 2003 looked at the results of such a home based exercise such as tai chi chuan and its impact on end stage kidney disease patients. The conclusion was this low capacity aerobic exercise did beneficially improve the conditions of those who participated.

Tai chi chuan provides an excellent alternative to outdoor and group exercise that helps to alleviate symptoms and improve conditions of kidney failure disease by those who make this a part of their daily lifestyle.

May 20

Tai Chi For Seniors Can Help Ease the Hands of Time

Tai Chi For Seniors Can Help Ease the Hands of Time


Adrian Dorsey



Tai chi for seniors can be a boon as well as a blessing to help ease the hands of time. Often described as a combination between yoga and meditation in motion tai chi utilizes the harmony of breathing with slow movements that help to increase strength and flexibility while improving balance.

Tai chi for seniors is very popular all over the world even though it is practiced by people of all ages.

A study concerning tai chi for seniors was done at the University in Cleveland Ohio as well as Oregon Research Institute which discovered that tai chi can actually reduce pain levels for those suffering from arthritis while at the same time can increase mobility in the motor functions of someone who is essentially a sedentary elderly person.

There needs to be an understanding here in North America that although Tai Chi is a martial art it is also a healing art. These subtle side effects of tai chi are often overlooked but I am here to inform you that this low impact exercise can be practiced throughout one’s entire life or one can begin at any age no matter their condition or state of health and begin to see improvements with serious consistent daily practice.

Tai chi for seniors is great because it places significant emphasis on regaining balance and musculature control which is so often lost with the impact of old age.

My oldest student was a gentleman named Harold who was 72 years old with Parkinson’s Disease. In spite of doing his daily exercises among which included swimming, his motor functions continued to degrade. He started doing tai chi with me and practicing every day over a period of six months. Over that time his ability to hold simple utensils dramatically improved. His doctor was impressed with the amazing progress which had been on a steady decline until he began tai chi. The advice from his doctor was simple. He told Harold to continue with the tai chi program because it was making a difference in a very good way!

I want you to understand an astounding fact that is often overlooked with tai chi and that is the fact that over 96% of the muscles in the body are worked during this exercise which includes circular movements of the waste to massage the internal organs which promote energy and life from within while working the extremities from without.


tai chi me1 002


Western Medicine Verifies That Benefits of Tai Chi For Seniors is Valid!

Eastern Medicine has praised the benefits of tai chi for seniors a long time but recently the Western modern schools of medicine are beginning to verify that this attributes are indeed valid.


I will list just a few of these here for consideration.

–          Increased balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness

–          Lower LDL (low density lipids) otherwise known as bad cholesterol by 20-26 mg.

–          Improves recovery for those who have had a stroke, heart failure, or heart attacks.

–          Beneficial effects for those with Muscular Schlerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Fibromyalgia.

–          Tai chi can improve one’s immune system.

–          Significant increase in one’s sense of well being reducing the effects of stress, anxiety, depression and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.tai chi me1 001 - Copy

–          Tai Chi has also been known to ease the discomforts of allergies, asthma, chronic pain, diabetes, migraines as well as quantifiable improvements in symptoms of diseases effecting the liver

–          Improves mental and physical coordination through the integration of mental imagery stimulating the brain.

–          Promotes the releasing of endorphins into the body rather than depleting them.

–          Stimulates mental processes making it easier to focus and concentrate.

Tai chi requires no more than around 20 minutes a day with significant rewards and no equipment or furniture is required!

The peaceful atmosphere promoted by tai chi would be a great meeting place for seniors with common interests.

Instructor Adrian Dorsey has been teaching tai chi for over a decade carefully selecting students over that time period. Adrian moved to Troy, Ohio, from Alberta, Canada, to live with his wife, Amy, who works at Premier Health in Dayton as a
Nurse Informaticist. Having realized that there is a need for tai chi in the community Adrian is offering his teaching skills to people of all ages including tai chi for seniors because the benefits should be experienced by as many as can and want to participate in this uniquely amazing fitness program.

Mar 15

How The Hell Do You Sugar Coat The Reality Concerning Fitness And Health? You Can’t

How The Hell Do You Sugar Coat The Reality Concerning Fitness And Health? You Can’t


Adrian Dorsey


When it comes to fitness and health you eventually come to a place where you realize that it has to become a lifestyle and a priority.

You cannot buy health improvements over the counter! As with any form of success it is only going to come in the form of hard freaking work. Your health must become your kung fu which in the literal sense means daily effort.

As Diamond Dallas Page says, “You alone control how you adapt, react, and take action so OWN IT!”

You have to OWN YOUR LIFE if you want to see changes in the area of fitness and health.

Unfortunately if you are like me then you will likely wait until you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I got lucky because for many people by the time they get that far it is almost too late to change even if they want to because of too many detrimental health factors.

I started my journey eleven years ago to avoid surrendering to the wheel chair due to a deteriorating spinal condition. Once I started to see the results of improvement I made fitness and health my lifestyle and never looked back.

Two months ago my beautiful wife, Amy, joined me on this journey which has taken me into new areas as well. Together we have pieced together a working formula that is really successful for us.

The equation for improving overall fitness and health that is presently very successful for us is a very real formula of nothing less than daily consistent effort.

Amy likes it when I say that a multitude of symptoms got us into the mess our bodies were in and it has taken a multitude of solutions to get us out of it and in the direction we really want to go.

Ba gua dad & Del 016 - Copy (4)

Our Fitness And Health Regimen Looks Something Like This

  1. We have adopted what we call a paleo vegan diet after eliminating all grains, sugars, GMO’s and crap from our diet. We eat lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts and a little bit of carefully selected meat.
  2. Sleep! You must get actual sleep at night to recharge properly. This article by Dr. Mercola discusses that in detail.
  3. Drink enough water to flush the toxicity from the body. There is some studies that indicate you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces but do not exceed over a hundred ounces because that can create other problems. Listen to your body! You will know when you need to drink.
  4. You need the right kind of exercise and this is where you should be inclined to do some research. I personally do a combination of kung fu, DDP Yoga, cardio and the real game changer which my wife and I discovered a few months ago was weight lifting.

How was weight lifting a game changer when it comes to fitness and health? I thought you would never ask!

The component of weight lifting for fitness and health was a revelation to me as well. I had no idea until recently that you can do all the cardio in the world but it is not necessarily going to mean results if you are trying to lose weight. So consider that a lb of muscle burns more calories than a lb of fat and after you have finished your strength training those muscles will continue to burn those calories for a quite some time. That is the reason professional weight lifting men and women look as cut and chiseled like they do.

Dismiss the myth about turning into a muscle bound goon especially if you are a woman because that is bullshit. I sincerely mean that! I have personally spoken to lots of professional weight lifting people of both genders and they unanimously agree that so long as you keep chemicals out of the program the only results you will get from weight lifting is looking lean, sexy, and amazing!

So when it comes to fitness and health be motivated and inspired and OWN IT!

Over a decade of diligent daily kung fu and almost two years of DDP Yoga and only now with the added element of weight lifting is the weight finally dropping like a stick of melting butter from my hips and waist. My wife is seeing the same results in herself and she is looking totally great and she has always been beautiful! We are immensely pleased with our progress and I realize now what fitness pro’s mean that you get addicted to the results and want to keep going.

My wife and I have agreed to stick with this program and all of the above elements that go into this formula of fitness and health.

I told her to trust me and give it a solid two years and we will rebuild ourselves from the ground up.

I want to encourage you to make fitness and health your lifestyle and join us on the journey of feeling better and looking kick ass great!

Mar 04

My Home Based Affiliate Marketing Journey Since Starting Last August Has Left Me Feeling A Little Bit Jaded

My Home Based Affiliate Marketing Journey Since Starting Last August Has Left Me Feeling A Little Bit Jaded


Adrian Dorsey

When I first started with home based online affiliate marketing last August I was informed to target network marketers who were struggling with their primary businesses.

After all 97% of network marketers statistically fail in this affiliate residual income production within the first 60 to 90 days.

Yet it appears that 97% are apparently successful because no one seems to need any help.

No one is struggling with their affiliate marketing program!

Everyone is rich and getting richer! That is amazing!

So.. why is it that every time I have a conversation with a network affiliate marketer they think I want a job opportunity by throwing their biz opp in my face.

I am tired of this dog like behavior where marketers are trying to get everyone to play with their shiny object (a.k.a. biz opp!)

puppy_bubble2 - Copy

If you are successful then you know that is rude and solicitously unacceptable.

I do not want to be sold… and neither do you!

So… why this immature demonstration from so many apparently successful rookies to this home based affiliate marketing arena?




I don’t want your biz opp anymore than you are interested in mine. IT IS NOT ABOUT THAT!!


You Cannot Be Successful With Your Affiliate Online Marketing Business Without The Proper Resources


Now bear in mind that this is not a biz opp!

I am only pointing you to the best funneling software utility that will help you to attract those laser targeted leads that you need in order to generate an income with your business.

Sometimes I wonder if I am speaking English… because if any readers understood my language they should be jumping all over this so that they can boost their leads and sales to a higher level.

Improve your business with MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO and make it happen!


It is time to stop pretending you are successful and bust your ass with some serious hard work to be successful.

BEAR IN MIND THAT THIS IS NOT A BIZ OPP… BUT this is your home based affiliate marketing solution that you definitely NEED so stop pretending you do not require because YOU DO!




Jan 15

Yang Tai Chi Benefits Weight Loss and Undeniably Improves Fitness

Yang Tai Chi Benefits Weight Loss and Undeniably Improves Fitness


Adrian Dorsey


Yang tai chi, a most effective martial art promoting self defense when taught correctly  is undeniably also a method of promoting weight loss, improving health, longevity, and curing illness.

The style of Yang tai chi has evolved from its origins of combat aggressiveness into graceful, articulately structured, softly flowing limbs while still maintaining the principal foundation of its true martial aspects that embody the meaning of its name “grand ultimate fist”.

Loved and practiced by tens of millions Yang tai chi has become the most popular and the most widely practiced form of martial arts exercise in the world.

Yang Tai chi is holistic in its approach to health embodying benefits for the mind, body and spirit. Modern research has revealed to a surprising degree that the practice of this martial art as an exercise that dramatically improves balance, leg strength, and flexibility while utilizing 96% of the muscles groups throughout the entire body!


A subtle aspect of tai chi is the manner in which it relieves physical effects of stress from the body and mind and even reduce the effects of post traumatic stress disorder.

I have heard it described as meditation in motion and even a flowing form of yoga because of the manner in which the breathing connects with the movements.

You can research numerous health benefits from tai chi online and I recommend as a resource. There are topics about the positive impacts of tai chi for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular issues.

I have been instructing a short Yang style tai chi form for almost ten years!

My oldest student was a 72 year old man who had Parkinson’s disease and within three months he had a marginal aspect of his motor functionality improve which was acknowledged by his doctor who encouraged him to continue the tai chi practice.

My daughter had bad knees in her mid teen years and after doing tai chi for serveral months the problems disappeared. It seems that so long as she keeps doing this exercise her knees are happy.

My youngest student was my step son who had an issue with his left shoulder. He had broken his arm when he was two and it is possible that his shoulder was out of place as an overlooked side effect that lasted years.  A month of tai chi exercises helped extend his range of movement and within a few months the issue had disappeared altogether leaving his arm much stronger and fluid with full range of shoulder flexibility.


What Impact, If Any, Does Yang Tai Chi Have On Weight Loss?


I can personally attest that Yang tai chi can burn between 200 and 300 calories per hour because I often use a heart rate monitor and I have witnessed and recorded the results.


Experts also agree that the low impact movements of tai chi is a good choice for people who are over weight and who often have knee and hip limitations. Regular daily practice will begin to burn the calories and lose the excess weight.

In retrospect because of the soft gentle movements it does not matter the age of the student whether they are elderly or a child. Essentially the condition of health whether fit or in need of improvement is also not an issue with tai chi because the student begins wherever they are at. The success is dependent upon the determination to practice the exercises on a daily basis over an extended period of time.

Once learned the yang tai chi form takes only 15 to 20 minutes to do anywhere you may be with absolutely no equipment necessary.. just you!

I like to say that yang tai chi is not just something that you do, it really is a lifestyle which means that it stays with you as a part of your daily effort no matter how much time passes. Yang tai chi as a part of the practitioner allows the student to become tai chi.

To see me performing Cheng Man Ching’s short Yang style tai chi form go here.

Jan 08

A Whole Life Challenge Concept I Have Derived From A Harvard Study That May Surprise And Inspire you!

A Whole Life Challenge Concept I Have Derived From A Harvard Study That May Surprise And Inspire you!


Adrian Dorsey

What could the Whole Life Challenge have in common with a Harvard study that was done between 1979 and 1989? Well, only I could have made this connection because I think outside the box, and by the time you finish reading this perhapsyou will too.

Consider that at that time, those in the MBA graduate program were asked, “Have you set clear, written goals for your future, and made plans to accomplish them?”

It turned out that only 3% had written goals with defined strategies for following them through while 13% had goals but had not written them. 84% had no specific goals. Ten years later, Harvard got in touch with these same individuals to assess their accomplishments and these were the results. The 13% with unwritten goals were making financially twice as much as the 84% who had no specific goals.

However, the 3% with written goals and plans were earning an average of 10x as much as the 97% altogether!

I know you are wondering what this has to do with our Whole Life Challenge but bear with me as I explain where the connection is.

Consider for a moment what made the difference for the 3% compared to the rest.

It was nothing less than clarity of the goals from the beginning!

Clearly written goals with a precise plan of action is required for successful results.

You need a designation with a plan of action to get where you want to be. Now of course this study had to do with financial success but I believe we can use the same concept in our Whole Life Challenge as well as for nearly everything that we do.


What would your results in this Whole Life Challenge be if you wrote out exactly what you wanted to achieve over the next eight weeks and then followed that through with some serious hard freak’n work?

I propose a friendly but personal challenge to each and everyone to write out their intentions and goals for the Whole Life Challenge.

Consider your reason for being a part of the Whole Life Challenge. Solidify your conclusions with clarity of intent and write down your objective.

Remove the concept of wishful thinking and replace it with certainty. Put pen or pencil to paper and write your Whole Life Challenge goal along with your plan of action and what you will actively do every day over the next eight weeks throughout this Whole Life Challenge and hopefully beyond.

You do not have to share your goals with anyone else. This is your own personal objective which is yours to know and plan and take action to accomplish.

The Whole Life Challenge Could Simply Be Called, “Owning your life!”

I think it is important for each of us to understand that we should really be having fun with this Whole Life Challenge no matter what happens.

I believe an important reward for the physical fitness and clean food is to let a ton of stress as well as physical and emotional baggage go. This will happen because exercise releases endorphins into your body that reduces stress hormone production and fills you with natural feel-good chemicals. These endorphins help to take the edge off of the soreness because ultimately your body is hard wired to be in the best shape it can possibly be in. When you get involved with fitness long enough to recognize these feel-good chemicals you find that you crave exercise because it becomes an important element that you need in order to feel complete and whole.


More than anything, I believe that this is about owning your life. Taking control of your body and getting it right on track. There is no age limit to start getting yourself in alignment with health. You just have to listen to your body, know your limits in the beginning, push those limits as you get stronger, and appreciate the fact that this is teaching you how to hold back thehands of time.

To be able to take a part in this Whole Life Challenge alongside my wife, Amy, is powerfully amazing. I am excited to be sweating alongside her in this program. I am encouraging her daily that the benefits in the long run far outweigh the soreness and the tedious monotony in the short term. I told her this is our personal slogan through this Whole Life Challenge.

Exercise is our endorphin!

Sweat is our salvation!

Strength is our satisfaction!

Embrace this Whole Life Challenge and own your life for the next eight weeks and hopefully you will set a new paradigm to realize that this journey of health and fitness is not just something you do, but it is a lifestyle that will stay with you!

Jan 03

Do You Realize That Exercise Releases Endorphins Which Can Inspire You To Become Addicted To Fitness In A Totally Awesome Way?

Do You Realize That Exercise Releases Endorphins Which Can Inspire You To Become Addicted To Fitness In A Totally Awesome Way?



Adrian Dorsey

Exercise releases endorphins throughout your body helping you to deal with the strain of training and also the stress of every day life.

There was a time when I had no idea that exercise releases endorphins into the body so when my friends told me that they loved lifting weights or doing yoga I would look at them like they had all grown second heads.

The irony was that this was 1994 and I was dealing with an injury which had resulted from an accident that had done damage to my lower spine and caused nerve problems to that same area that went down my left leg.

Yep, left leg is basically a peg leg…


With all the pistons firing on the right!

I would suffer with my debilitating problem until in 2003 I started an intense program of rehabilitation techniques in conjunction with tai chi and baguazhang kung fu. My kung fu instructor assured me that if I stuck with it he would help me rebuild my legs from the ground up in two years. I cannot begin to describe the pain and discomfort that I was heading into because before you can build up there is always a tearing down but somewhere in the midst of this program I realized that I was getting addicted. I was discovering that exercise releases endorphins which helped me push through the agonizing effort of restructuring my posture through the core strength targeting routine that comes with kung fu.

I kept at it because I found something that I thoroughly loved doing. I stuck with it long enough that I was experiencing the elation feeling that was inspired by the fact that the exercise was releasing endorphins which were allowing me to become addicted to improving my health.

In eighteen months I realized that I was walking without discomfort. I could do a lot of things that I had not been able to do for years. My instructor admitted at one point that he had never met anyone in as much physical torment as I had been and yet I pushed through it somehow to make a difference. Looking back on it I can only say that these endorphins released by exercise had to have played a significant role in the process.


It Can Be a Wonderful Thing To Be Addicted To Fitness

I have maintained a six day routine training tai chi and baguazhang kung fu several hours a day for more than a decade.

I was and still am addicted to kung fu which means that tai chi and baguazhang has simply become a way of life.

I believe that exercise can be a healthy addiction if you listen to your body, eat the right foods, drink plenty of water, and get proper amounts of rest.

It can be a good thing to be addicted to fitness because exercise releases endorphins allowing the stress hormones such as cortisol to be reduced considerably. These natural feel good chemicals help to make you feel good as described in this article of

It certainly mattered to me back then because before I started my training, my injuries with their debilitating side effects had been leading me down a dangerous road of depression. So of course with exercise releasing these endorphins through my body I was able to lift my head out of that pit and focus on positive areas of life which really mattered.

Of course it can be argued that one can go overboard and get too addicted but if you are listening to your body and you feel that inner voice tugging at  you with an undeniable, “I can’t wait to work out today!” I suggest you take a look at this post in the NYTimes about this concept of being addicted to fitness in moderation.

Just over a year ago I added DDP Yoga to my daily regimen of exercise releasing endorphins.

hood ornament

According to my step son I have earned the name the yoga gorilla!

DDP Yoga is a non-traditional style of Americanized Ashtanga Power Yoga as the foundation along with classic calisthenics, rehabilitation techniques, dynamic resistant slow motion strength training, and of course one hell of a kick ass cardio routine using high intensity interval training. The best thing I love about it is that it is 0 impact on my body and I really need that! Now here is some decent exercise for releasing those feel good endorphins so that you actually enjoy kicking your own ass into shape!

I really want you to consider the positive impacts that can be generated internally throughout your body both physically and psychologically by the fact that exercise releases endorphins that can help motivate and even change your life in a real big way.

Consider the following comments by fitness coaches, trainers, and committed fitness experts on twitter when I asked them this question.

In a good way what does it mean to you to be addicted to fitness? I am curious and I value your opinion. Thanks!


1. It feels great to be in control of how you look and know your body inside out. Not poisoning your body but progressing each day! – OlliePT BBW Norwich (‏ Blog at

2. I just love the way I feel after I exercise! And being active brings me closer to my son. – ( Blog at

3. I think its about being addicted to the feeling you get from being healthy. There is nothing better. – Fitspo!( Blog site at

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When It Comes to Affiliate Residual Income Opportunities What Exactly Does More Time And Freedom Mean To You?

When It Comes to Affiliate Residual Income Opportunities What Exactly Does More Time And Freedom Mean To You?


Adrian Dorsey


Affiliate Residual Income business is an essential key to attaining more time and freedom.

Have you thought about what you would do with more time and freedom?

Many of you may consider this a preposterous question but you will be surprised many really have no idea what more time and freedom would actually mean to them which affiliate residual income marketing could provide.

I cannot think of anybody that does not wish they had more time and more freedom to do the things they want in order to get their shopping done and spend time with those they care about.

Many are stuck in the matrix of slave wage control trading their time for dollars which limits their freedoms trememdously in order to make that pay check.

Worse yet are online affiliate residual income hopefuls who are still trading their time for dollars trying to generate leads into their business with efforts that almost seem futile.

Why is that?

Network marketers perish for lack of knowledge in this industry for the simple reason that they get involved on behalf of an elated emotional moment of aspiration fueled by someone who just wanted them to sign on the dotted line.

In order for any affiliate residual income opportunity to bring about more time and freedom you have to have made the decision to get involved in this arena as a business that will require time, patience, neverending education, and have some money to invest in it even if you are building your business on a budget.

Budget piggy - Copy

This is What More Time and Freedom Means to Me Through My Affiliate Residual Income Efforts


I have been training kung fu for over a decade now. That is one reason I equate affiliate residual income daily routine to the hard work that is sort of like kung fu.

Reptition, hard work, and daily effort will take you to where you want to go eventually if you embrace affiliate residual income as a way of life and not just something that you are trying for a little while.

The last job I had was cutting pipe ten hours a night with very little time and energy to get my training in. I still managed to find time for tai chi and baguazhang but there is nothing more exhausting then trading your time for money.

I was a single father raising my children with the help of my parents but because I worked evening shift  I often had to miss the school plays, games, or parent teacher meetings. You cannot get those things back.

So more time and freedom  through affiliate residual income for me is definitely being able to spend those meaningful moments with loved ones and being there for the important moments.

Being trapped to the slave wage program when I met my wife who lived in the States while I lived in Canada, we had to trudge our payment plan with immigration to be able to afford to live in the same country. Our first year of marriage we spent only 6 consecutive days together because of budget, work, and I was unable to cross the border to visit!

Where was my time and freedom?

Tied up helping maintaining production for someone else’s dream because I had not been introduced yet to the affiliate residual income network marketing industry. I was not properly educated in this business to make an informed decision!

Are you getting the intended results of more time and freedom from your marketing programs?

Are you living the life you want yet with the freedom to be who you were created to be so that you can do the things you have been created to do?


I am not going to drop the hammer on you with a biz opp or ground floor plan hype because I respect you better than that.

I am just going to say that if you are struggling to acquire leads into your primary consider looking at My Lead System Pro lead generation funnel system which can direct laser targeted leads directly into your primary affiliate residual income business no matter what it is.

MLSP has the capacity to push your affiliate residual income program into orbit and give you that six figure income if you are willing to learn how it works and if you are not afraid of some serious hard work.

I believe that you are serious about your affiliate residual income marketing plan so check MLSP out as the tool to make your online from home work the way you intend!