Advaspray Vitamins

I have been taking spray vitamins for several years now!



Completely organic.
Gluten free.
No dangerous sugars like sucrose or sucralose (Splenda)
Made right here in America.

4 sprays taken twice a day (4 in morning and 4 in evening) meets the maximum your body

Using a unique molecular technology almost 95% is completely absorbed through the
buccal mucosa lining of your cheeks directly into your blood stream within seconds.

I know it works!

My wife, Amy, and I have put this to the test and have continued using this product
for well over five years now.

For one who does kung fu I am sensitive to the energy received from food and
supplements that go into my body. Spray vitamins is by far the best stuff I have ever

The Physicians Desk Reference book even says that the best way for supplements to get
into the body is via the buccal mucosa linings of the mouth.. not the digestion

The body does not recognize supplements as food!


Pills take hours to digest in your gut and what little makes it into your intestines
to be absorbed into the body gets destroyed in the liver.

You may absorb 2% of whatever it is you are swallowing but that it is.

When I used to take handfuls of supplements I would often feel bloated and almost
nauseated afterward and this is not right either.

Spray vitamins is used by myself and my family and after five years there is no
question that we will remain on it.

Each tube averages around $24.97 with enough sprays to last a whole month.

This is how my wife, Amy, and I do it. We get four tubes a month for just over $50.00. We have been on spray vitamins for about six years now and I would not use anything else.

Amy and I stand by this patented brand of spray vitamins and we know it works. When it comes to supplements this is the bomb!

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