A Whole Life Challenge Concept I Have Derived From A Harvard Study That May Surprise And Inspire you!

A Whole Life Challenge Concept I Have Derived From A Harvard Study That May Surprise And Inspire you!


Adrian Dorsey

What could the Whole Life Challenge have in common with a Harvard study that was done between 1979 and 1989? Well, only I could have made this connection because I think outside the box, and by the time you finish reading this perhapsyou will too.

Consider that at that time, those in the MBA graduate program were asked, “Have you set clear, written goals for your future, and made plans to accomplish them?”

It turned out that only 3% had written goals with defined strategies for following them through while 13% had goals but had not written them. 84% had no specific goals. Ten years later, Harvard got in touch with these same individuals to assess their accomplishments and these were the results. The 13% with unwritten goals were making financially twice as much as the 84% who had no specific goals.

However, the 3% with written goals and plans were earning an average of 10x as much as the 97% altogether!

I know you are wondering what this has to do with our Whole Life Challenge but bear with me as I explain where the connection is.

Consider for a moment what made the difference for the 3% compared to the rest.

It was nothing less than clarity of the goals from the beginning!

Clearly written goals with a precise plan of action is required for successful results.

You need a designation with a plan of action to get where you want to be. Now of course this study had to do with financial success but I believe we can use the same concept in our Whole Life Challenge as well as for nearly everything that we do.


What would your results in this Whole Life Challenge be if you wrote out exactly what you wanted to achieve over the next eight weeks and then followed that through with some serious hard freak’n work?

I propose a friendly but personal challenge to each and everyone to write out their intentions and goals for the Whole Life Challenge.

Consider your reason for being a part of the Whole Life Challenge. Solidify your conclusions with clarity of intent and write down your objective.

Remove the concept of wishful thinking and replace it with certainty. Put pen or pencil to paper and write your Whole Life Challenge goal along with your plan of action and what you will actively do every day over the next eight weeks throughout this Whole Life Challenge and hopefully beyond.

You do not have to share your goals with anyone else. This is your own personal objective which is yours to know and plan and take action to accomplish.

The Whole Life Challenge Could Simply Be Called, “Owning your life!”

I think it is important for each of us to understand that we should really be having fun with this Whole Life Challenge no matter what happens.

I believe an important reward for the physical fitness and clean food is to let a ton of stress as well as physical and emotional baggage go. This will happen because exercise releases endorphins into your body that reduces stress hormone production and fills you with natural feel-good chemicals. These endorphins help to take the edge off of the soreness because ultimately your body is hard wired to be in the best shape it can possibly be in. When you get involved with fitness long enough to recognize these feel-good chemicals you find that you crave exercise because it becomes an important element that you need in order to feel complete and whole.


More than anything, I believe that this is about owning your life. Taking control of your body and getting it right on track. There is no age limit to start getting yourself in alignment with health. You just have to listen to your body, know your limits in the beginning, push those limits as you get stronger, and appreciate the fact that this is teaching you how to hold back thehands of time.

To be able to take a part in this Whole Life Challenge alongside my wife, Amy, is powerfully amazing. I am excited to be sweating alongside her in this program. I am encouraging her daily that the benefits in the long run far outweigh the soreness and the tedious monotony in the short term. I told her this is our personal slogan through this Whole Life Challenge.

Exercise is our endorphin!

Sweat is our salvation!

Strength is our satisfaction!

Embrace this Whole Life Challenge and own your life for the next eight weeks and hopefully you will set a new paradigm to realize that this journey of health and fitness is not just something you do, but it is a lifestyle that will stay with you!

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