How To Prepare for 2012

How To Prepare for 2012

Adrian Dorsey

I am convinced that you really need an End of the World wake up call. I am not talking about preparing to stick your heads between your legs and kiss something goodbye sort of thing. I believe there has been far too much media coverage to this idea that we are all going to die on December 21st, 2012. I am just not convinced. In my forty years I have survived many end of the world scenarios. I managed to live through the false rapture of 1995 as well as the last on this year on May 21st, 2011. Then I somehow was fortunate enough to survive Y2K, but you have to admit that the suspense was worth some serious Redenbacher’s popcorn. Of course that was closely followed by 9/11 and the start of the so called  War on Terror. Things were quiet for a few years as media programs began to promote the terror of 2012 so people will run out and buy more popcorn in bulk to satiate their fears and excitement. However, there was that May 21st, 2011 Rapture that seemed to come and go as well. So I guess I survived that one too. I know it is going to be funny on December 22nd when people wake up to realize the world is still here. I am certain there will be a mad rush to the stores as Christmas presents are bought in a panic because Santa Clause somehow was not given the memo that the world was supposed to end because he is still doing his rounds. Then to find out that the very people who built the calender that has been given so much credit for this prophecy concerning 2012 do not even believe the world is ending.

I do have to admit though that I was stressed for a lot of years about this idea. It bothered me so much that I could not help but talk about it all the time with my friends and family. I was caught up in the suspense and fear of the whole thing and gobbling up as much popcorn as I could for surely the entertainment value of the idea was worth every kernel.

So now you want to know what finally snapped me out of my reverie. Well, I believe I have my daughter to thank for that.

My wake up call came the day that I was talking with my daughter about finishing high school. I was trying to get her to think about what she would like to do as far as leaning her thoughts in the direction of some academia or trade so that she would be able to prepare herself mentally for the challenges of shouldering the responsibilities of adulthood. That was when she said to me in a straight matter of fact no nonsense sort of way, “I know I am not going to live beyond my eighteenth birthday so why should I worry about it? The world is going to end anyway so I know I am going to die.”

I actually did not know what to say. I had no idea that this was how she felt. That this was something that had been playing itself out in her mind with detail for god knows how long. I felt sick inside. I knew that I was largely the reason for this being transplanted into her mind. She had no other plans for her future except to die before she graduated from high school because of my infatuation that the world was coming to an end. I realized I could not continue thinking this way. I could not condone my child pursuing this line of thought. It had not even dawned on me what impact I was having on my own children and god knows who else around me as well.

I began to search for reason and hope in the face of all this apparent doom and gloom. There had to be something in the maelstrom of all this madness that made sense.

Then I made a decision. The world is not going to end. Why? Well, it was simple. I have a full life ahead of me yet to live. I demand of my children to live full lives and to someday have kids of their own. So they have their lives to live. So it is a lie. There is far too many things that my children have yet to do and I will be there to see them accomplish all of it. How do I know that? I am too damn stubborn for it to be otherwise. I am tired of living as though the world is going to end. It is exhausting. You have to be tired of it too.

What I was doing was changing my paradigm. I had to change the way that I was thinking. I discuss all of this in my own book now available as a kindle e-book download through which is called The Paradigm Formula; Your 2012 Survival Guide.

So I hope that you are raising your own children to look forward to their proceeding birthdays on the years after 2012… because if you have them convinced that they only have one final birthday left and this is their last Christmas ever… than you have issues. You are not going anywhere until you have completed all that you have to do here on this little blue green planet. I cannot speak for you or anyone else, but I have decades of work ahead of me. My main task of my children is to outlive me after I have made it to a hundred years of age.

So my advice for preparing for 2012 is to actually stop hording popcorn and start living.

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