Get Over Your Addiction to Feeling Like Hell and try DDP Yoga For Regular Guys.

Get Over Your Addiction to Feeling Like Hell and try DDP Yoga For Regular Guys!


Adrian Dorsey


There is a program that is designed as yoga for regular guys and I an assure you if you are looking for one hell of a workout then this program will kick your ass!

I do not know how many times I have heard people say that they have no energy to work out. I am not pointing fingers at anyone because I used to be just like that until I tried this DDPYoga for regular guys.

I tried to exercise with weights occasionally but my joints and back would ache afterward which did nothing for my enthusiasm. At that time I knew nothing about this yoga for regular guys.

To do anything requires motivation.

Occasionally I would try a beginner yoga dvd but the postures were still too advanced with no demonstrations on how to modify them so that was discouraging.

I Was Addicted To Feeling Like Hell


A decade ago my journey toward wellness began with tai chi chuan and baguazhang kung fu. However, as great as that has been I still had back problems, sciatica/piriformis flare ups, and joint issues. My kung fu teacher strongly suggested I get into this yoga for regular guys because it would open my joints and elongate my spine in a way that kung fu was not designed to target.

Living healthy is not something you just do, it becomes a lifestyle and can be done through some hard work and effort with yoga for regular guys.

I finally got to the place where I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

That was my incentive to try this DDPYoga which literally is a down to earth approach to yoga for regular guys.

I made the decision to change with this program of yoga for regular guys.


Then October 15th, 2012, I took the step to try out DDPYoga.


Literally a yoga for regular guys program developed by three time heavy weight wrestling champion Diamond Dallas Page.

So I made the decision to quit thinking about it and just do this yoga!

Ten years ago realized that if you want more energy you have to do some kind of physical activity to create that energy.

Think of a fireplace. If you want heat then you have to light the logs.


The fuel has to burn in order to provide. You know where I am going with this. Yoga for regular guys turns your internal fires on and starts heating you up catapulting you into your fat burning zone.

DDP Yoga for Regular Guys is High Intensity Interval Training


If you have been looking for a good work out which has zero impact on the body then DDPYoga for regular guys is without a doubt for you personally.

This yoga for regular guys is actually a hybridization of American Ashtanga Power Yoga, calisthenics, rehabilitation techniques, with a whole new component of slow motion dynamic resistance implementing isometric strength building, in addition to high intensity interval training that jacks your heart rate up into the FAT Burning zone for a kick ass cardiovascular program.

Consider some advice from Dr. Mercola;

“When you break your exercise session into short segments that alternate high intensity with a rest period in-between, known as interval training, it can dramatically improve your cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning capabilities in a fraction of the time… The researchers believe this type of exercise works because it produces a unique metabolic response.. Intermittent sprinting produces high levels of chemical compounds called catecholamines, which allow more fat to be burned from under your skin and within your muscles. The resulting increase in fat oxidation is thought to drive the increased weight loss.

Again, one of the best parts of interval training is that it cuts down on the amount of time you need to exercise, which is great if you don’t have time for hour-long cardio workouts.”

When I directly asked Dallas Page if this accurately described what we were doing he responded with these words, “HIIT sounds a lot like what we’re doing with DDP Yoga!”

Bottom line is DDPYoga is yoga for regular guys and it sure as hell ain’t your mama’s yoga! This yoga will kick your ass! So man up, get on the mat, and get ready to freak’n burn!

You can make the formula your own and modify the positions any way you have to until you get stronger. No other beginner yoga dvd that I have seen demonstrates alternatives to advanced postures. Then when you are ready you progress through intermediate and then advanced programs all the way to extreme psycho yoga.

Stop being addicted to feeling like hell and get DDPYoga which is the only yoga for regular guys and OWN YOUR LIFE already.

For more information go here.

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  1. Excellent article on DDP, Diamond Dallas Page. I have watched DDP on WWC for years and his conditioning was, to say the least, far surpassed a lot of those he wrestled. This DDP Yoga is certainly something to consider. Glad to see you are in it, and sharing it with the world. Robert

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