My Kung Fu Comeback Journey

My Kung Fu Comeback Journey

Adrian Dorsey



I wanna be careful how I word this because I am not one to go all caveman mopey brow on social media and boo hoo about my health expecting some kind of sympathy or empathy from a plethora of friends and followers as though their ordeal is an exhibition of idiocy or just plain ignorance because we are not taught to discipline our thoughts when it comes to success in both body and home and business. For this post, I will focus on healing pf my body.

I am not one to sit there with that, “Look at me… I am sick… feel bad with me, please! We can share popcorn and have ourselves a social pitty party!” I loathe how some people act like. Loathe it! LOL!

However, there are enough of you who have followed by Facebook posts concerning some health issues and you probably noticed that something is not quite right with me. It all started back in February and… well… let’s just say it has been an uncomfortable journey trying to maintain some measure of mobility.

Months of testing with negative results one after another. Including one physician commenting that I really do have the lab work of a kung fu master. I am living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle through and through! There is no inflammation in my body to trigger sickness and disease.

So why the pins and needles for three months like swarms of hornets under my skin rampaging about? Why the debilitating chronic fatigue which has taught me both humbleness and humiliation?

Yet, through all of this, I have not surrendered to these symptoms! I have not gotten angry or bitter at myself. I most certainly have NOT started cursing my body as I am sure a lot would have instinctively done. I have had the common sense to realize that my body is crying out for some TLC and we have had to go through testing to find out why.


I Hold Myself Accountable for Healing and Recovery

I am activity pouring all the self-love and gratitude into my nervous system, muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, bones, organs literally telling them how much I love them each individually. Low carb diet, intermittent fasting, 90 essential nutrients, and amino acids. Good fat to keep the nerves coated nice. Healthy fat to feed the brain too! Nearly a gallon of good filtered water throughout the day. Bone broth, real butter, coconut oil, with some seasoning almost every morning for breakfast, or at least at some point throughout the day. The image in my mind is one of healed and extreme health no matter how bad this has gotten. Even crawling up and down the stairs like a fucking baby at times… still telling my body I love it and I am trying to figure out how in the hell to fix myself.

Well… let me just say that a Prime Suspect has been located. I will not bore you with details. Let’s just say that it appears to be an anomaly in the upper cervical area that can cause all these symptoms. It can go away on its own if I do not aggravate it. This means keeping my neck and shoulders stabilized. No folding over or doing anything to raise blood pressure. Even outbursts of anger can exasperate the issue and it has in the past. It either goes away on its own or it may require surgical assistance.

I am holding out that it will go away on its own with the power of True Consecutive Thought which I will explain briefly in a moment.

Now that we have isolated a specific region where the anomaly resides I am already pouring love and gratitude verbally into my spine. My voice and thoughts are frequencies and the mind (Yi) leads the energy (chi).

My Nervous System has Already Gone Through an Incredible Restoration or Healing Process!

NO SIGN OF NERVE DAMAGE AFTER 20+ YEARS OF OBVIOUS NERVE DAMAGE. Doc takes his little gavel and hits my left knee and it would hang there like, “WTF was that for?” Tap the right knee and the leg will kick you where it counts! LOL!

Well, now both legs are operating and kicking properly! ALL PISTONS FIRING!

Nerves do not regenerate they say… Hmmm… well… the body can do miraculous things when you align yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically into a balanced harmonious lifestyle that is the real deal! And I am not a master at this by any means. I just have the balls enough to try and through hard work the results are coming to pass as I commanded them to.

But the chronic fatigue lingering has reduced me to about a tenth of my daily activities. That is still a serious and dangerous issue because I tend to overdo things easily. I am so used to being perpetual motion through my day! Training is reduced to a little Bagua circle walking, my tai chi form, qigong, and some standing Lai Tung Pai. As a DDP Yoga Level 1 Instructor it is really humiliating to admit that I can barely do the Diamond Dozen right now but it is daily effort always! So roughly ten minutes in the morning and I am done. I used to train for hours leading up till noon! Plus, getting the housework and yard work done on top of that because that is always a priority!

Point is… I have already had some miraculous healing which befuddles the neurologist who has no explanation. Nerves don’t regenerate but the body can do marvelous things when called upon and in the right way.

I have an incredibly healed nervous matrix and now my spine will be healed. Mark my words and be patient. You will see!

I am fighting this with True Original Thought processing such as was inspired by Wallace D. Wattles. That means that the Truth is that I am healed. For you Christians who are already about to quote something in my direction, trust me, I know! In the New Testament (Mark 11:24) it says, “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Hold True to original thought even if it is contrary to present appearances or circumstances!

Believe that ye receive them (your desires) and ye shall have them!

Don’t dismiss this important formula to co-creating your reality both inside your body and out because your religion or lack thereof has left your backside a little sore.

The idea itself works if you got the gonads to put a little pro-active effort to control your thoughts which direct the condition of your body.

This is NOT wishful thinking on my part… it is hard F’n work… on all levels to stay focused and frosty. Not easy when the circumstances are contrary to the reality you want. I know!

I will rise again and make the damn cosmic Pheonix from his ashes envious! LoL! I believe I will be stronger, faster, with more stamina and endurance than I ever had before once this journey is over and I can look back upon this time period in the rear view mirror!

I can easily see someone else surrendering to the condition. Giving up on life already. Likely on opioids to numb the symptoms rendering them useless, defeated, and helpless! Not understanding the power of their own thoughts and how it impacts the body I am quite sure many would have cursed themselves into a wheelchair or into a bedridden state by now. I am NOT kidding! This has been hell, but I have remained positive, stubborn, determined, focused through all of it. Sure I lost my composure for a few moments here and there. Who the hell wouldn’t but I refocus and do not stay in that dark place ruminating and making things worse.

I expect and demand a Greater Expression of life out of this.

So join me by helping to hold the image of a healed Adrian. Get emotionally connected to that. Only the sincere affectionate prayer (meditation, good thoughts, a few words, whatever… all the damn same peeps!) of the righteous (good-hearted) person avails much.

I am thankful and grateful that my spine is healed, whole, and vibrantly healthy! That is my daily motto from moment to moment as I go throughout my day. You wanna send some good healing energy my way by whatever your preferred method is. I will receive such positive energy with gratitude!

This is my Comeback Journey!

The Ketogenic Lifestyle is the Bomb!

The Ketogenic Lifestyle is the Bomb!


Adrian Dorsey



I want to share with you the Ketogenic Lifestyle that my amazingly beautiful wife, Amy, and I have been doing for nearly a year now. We have tried a lot of different diets over the years with little success. Part of that reason is that diets usually have a deadline. So, you eat well for a few weeks or months begrudgingly and then return to the crap menu of hyper-palatable food losing all those gains nearly overnight. That is one reason a diet is nothing more than DIE with a T.

The ketogenic lifestyle is the plan many athletes like Brandon Carter swear by because it helps them stay cut and lean. So, you may want to consider the lifestyle that the professional health nuts follow as a way of life because you can tell by looking at them that it is working.

With the ketogenic lifestyle, you are looking at minimal carbohydrates but you are including moderate amounts of protein and high healthy fats which are the three things to making it all work with success. I find it is very similar to the Phase 3 diet plan encouraged in DDP Yoga!

We have been conditioned to desire delicious food. We want our taste buds to feel like we have won the lottery every time we put a morsel in our mouths. Unfortunately, many of the foods that we crave have been flavor enhanced with chemicals, sugars, and at times even aborted baby tissue for flavor enhancement under the elusive title of HEK (Human Embryonic Kidney). But so long as it tastes great what does it matter? That is the question the typical carboholic usually asks right out of the gate!


It is the Carbs That Are Killing You, Not the Calories!! 


In the Ketogenic lifestyle, you eliminate nearly all carbs. That means sugars because that is the real beast that is killing us. As important as calories are I believe that counting calories have become a misdirection from the real concern which is carbs. Those carbohydrates are nothing more than empty calories produced by sugars which help promote inflammation in the body which in turn is the fire which leads to sickness and disease. This includes obesity, diabetes, cancer, and nearly every other form of sickness you can think of.

“Many Americans suffer from various chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity, and the main culprit is usually the food they eat. The standard American diet contains excessive amounts of protein and carbohydrates, neither of which is good for your health because it eventually causes you to develop insulin and leptin resistance.

“As a result, you gain excess weight, develop inflammation and become prone to cellular damage.” Dr. Mercola

On the Ketogenic lifestyle, you want high levels of good saturated fats like those found in coconut oil, real butter, cheese, avocados, etc. The carb level is nearly non-existent. Except for what few carbs are found in good meat and delicious green vegetables.

“Nutritional ketosis, which involves eating a high-quality, high-fat diet that is low in net carbs, may be one of the most useful interventions for many chronic diseases, including obesity and type 2 diabetes.”  Dr. Mercola

“Essentially, the good fats are saturated and monounsaturated. They have the greatest health impact on body fat, cholesterol, blood triglycerides, and joint and brain health. The bad fats are trans fats and most vegetable oils.” Good Fats and Bad Fats

My wife and I have experienced phenomenal results on the Ketogenic lifestyle.

We are losing weight steadily. We have more energy. We are both sleeping better. Bottom line is that we both feel vibrantly healthy following the keto lifestyle. Why lifestyle? Diets have a deadline, lifestyles don’t!

I was borderline diabetic before I began this even though I was following a gluten free, lactose-free lifestyle. It was not good enough because most gluten free foods are loaded super high with carbs and sugars. Remember that sugars do nothing but promote inflammation which in turn is the origin of most sickness and disease!

If you are like me then at some point you are going to ask, “Why can’t I stop eating foods and drinks laced with sugar?” The answer may surprise you! National Center for Biotechnology Information says, “At the neurobiological level, the neural substrates of sugar and sweet reward appear to be more robust than those of cocaine!” 

It does not matter what kind of exercise you do. If sugar is still in your diet than your results are null and void! I have a blog post written about that which you should consider reading.

My sugar levels are no longer spiking into the red and Amy and I know several people who are diabetic 1 and diabetic 2 who just by adopting the Ketogenic lifestyle are managing their diabetes with surprising results.

There are so many amazing delicious recipes out there for the Ketogenic individual as well. Foods that you can easily make at home which tastes sinfully delightful but is healthy. One of my favorites is the fat bombs which are simply coconut oil, butter, 100% dark chocolate powder, almond butter all melted and whipped together nicely then set into a mini cupcake tray and placed into the freezer. The pure good fat that is fantastic for you. Just don’t eat too many at once!

These fat bombs taste like fudge brownies! We make a batch up almost weekly!

There are so many benefits to this lifestyle that support the fact that nutritional ketosis is the key to living the experience of vibrant health.

The key to considering whether the Ketogenic diet is good for you is research and I have provided several hyper links throughout this article to help you get started in that direction.

Your Vote Will Determine Who Will To Sit On The Supreme Court That Will Impact Our Nation For the Rest Of Our Lives

Your Vote Will Determine Who Will

To Sit On The Supreme Court That Will Impact Our Nation

For the Rest Of Our Lives

Adrian Dorsey

Perhaps the decision to vote or not to vote or for whom to vote for boils down to this. I never thought of this until a few hours ago when my wife post the article on her facebook. The author, Andy Andrews, presents a perspective that is chilling but he is not inaccurate with his line of thought. He raises some damn good points from a perspective I think we need to consider… seriously.

From this point of view it no longer matters about the crimes, treasonous acts, and spilled American blood on her hands. It no longer matters about what he said or did not say which was been spun by the media and twisted out of context a hundred different ways. None of that matters at this point when you look at the bigger picture from the point of view I am about to paint for you.

No matter what happens November 8th, 2016, it is going to be either Trump or Hillary. A third party vote is irrelevant and a waste because neither Johnson nor Stein have a snowball’s chance in hell of doing anything except take a vote away from the other two. There is no possibility of a third party winning in this election. I know this will piss some of you off but you know it is the truth. It will be Trump or it will be Hillary. Those who know me are already aware of my thoughts that Trump will most likely win the popular vote but the rigged electoral vote will be what puts this demonic Hilldabeast into the Oval Office. It is going to be him or her… period. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it.


Time to put away our self righteousness on the issue and look at a few chilling facts from a much broader perspective that has likely escaped the majority. Hell it even escaped me until a few hours ago!

Whoever gets in will decide who will fill the vacant seats on the Supreme Court Justice. It is either Trump nor Hillary who will make the decision of who will ultimately fill those positions! However, the persons that will be chosen to sit on the Supreme Court Justice will themselves be the ones making the decisions to uphold the laws we have in place or over turn them. They will make the new laws or not that will change our lives and the lives of our children for generations to come. The only role the President will play is determining the Supreme Court Majority. After that “we the people” have no further say in the matter… if we ever did!

The Supreme Court will be set in stone for generations to come and will not be something a next President will be able to undo.

Think about it. Appointments to the Supreme Court are lifelong commitments. In layman’s terms the new justices will serve until they resign, retire, or literally die. This is how a President is able to determine the direction of the country. The main vacant seat to be filled is that of Justice Scalia who recently passed away at the age of 79. Justice Breyer is 78. Justice Kennedy is 80. Justice Ginsburg is 83 and has pancreatic cancer.

The Supreme Court has traditionally voted on the crucial decisions for years. Scalia was the swing vote. The person elected or (already selected) as President will appoint the next Justice into that seat and they will be the swing vote will be determined by whoever that is.

It is likely that during the new President’s term a second or possibly a third appointment to the Supreme Court Justice will take place.

Think about it. The face of the President for the next one or two terms really DOES NOT MATTER! IT WILL BE THE JUSTICE CHOSEN BY THAT PERSON FOR THE SUPREME COURT THAT WILL ACTUALLY MATTER!!

Both Trump and Hillary have already announced exactly the kind of Justices they will appoint to the Supreme Court if they get elected (selected). This is not about Trump or Hillary as a person but it is really about asking ourselves what kind of America do we want to live in and our children to grow up in.

Here are some of the issues that will be affected and determined by the new Supreme Court Justice.


Second Amendment

If you think we should not have the right to bear arms because guns are wrong and should be restricted from public use t protect one’s self then the vote goes to Hilldabeast. She has already publicly said many times that she promises to appoint judges who will do away with the second amendment which we will have to live by for the rest of our lives.

If you believe in the right to bear arms and that it is only a tool that should be used responsibly then the vote is for Trump who has promised to appoint judges who will make laws accordingly to uphold our second amendment. These laws in favor of constitutional right will effect us for the rest of our lives.


If you believe in late term abortion that will allow a mother to eliminate the fetus right up to the hour before birth and this should be paid for at the taxpayers’ expense than the vote is for Hilldabeast. She has promised to appoint judges who will enforce such laws which we will have to live with for the rest of our lives.

If you do not agree with Planned Parenthood let alone fund the most significant abortion provider in America with y our taxes than your choice is for Trump. He has promised time and again to appoint justices who will reduce, restrict, and eventually eliminate the wholesale abortion on demand program which will be made into laws that this country will have to live with for the remainder of our lives.


If you support open borders that allow illegal aliens into our country many who whom have criminal backgrounds with criminal intent in mind to perform heinous acts to Americans on American soil with no vetting or back ground checks. That these illegal aliens should be given food, shelter, driver’s licenses, and the right to vote while our vets starve in the streets. Then vote for Hilldabeast who has promised to appoint justices who will undo and ever reverse the immigration laws regarding those coming into this country through legal channels.

If you believe that illegal aliens should be properly background checked and vetted to make sure we are not allowing criminals into our country and that only legally recognized citizens of America have the right to our benefits provided by our own tax dollars than vote for Trump. He has promised to appoint judges who will make and defend the immigration laws which were intended to keep us safe.

Regulatory Oversight

If you believe that the government has the right to determine how you spend your hard earned money and should determine how you should educate your child as well as how you do business and with whom. If you support the idea that an individual should be given priority on behalf of their belief of what and who they believe they are even if that compromises your own well being of feeling safe and secure then by all means your vote should be cast with Hilldabeast. She has promised to justices who will create laws that will punish those who do not agree.

If you think you have the right to decide what is best for your family and that you have the right to determine how to spend your money and reinvest it where you choose to benefit those things you feel are important to you. If you believe that the government is created to serve the people and not the other way around then your choice is Trump. He has promised to appoint judges who will make decisive rulings that will allow prosperity to come to those who work for it because they deserve it.

I don’t know if our votes matter. I suspect they don’t but we are going to vote anyway. What have we got to lose… Perhaps our votes do matter because the Supreme Court who creates the laws of our land does indeed matter and it is this institution that will ultimately effect and impact every life in America.

So it comes down to… what kind of America do we want to live in? It is not about the two people running but about those they will appoint to the Justice positions that will either make things easier or transform our American lifestyle into a living hell.

I agree with Andy Andrews. We have to consider the bigger picture as he points out in his article here… 

When Your Aesthetic Fitness Results Fluctuate

When Your Aesthetic Fitness Results Fluctuate


Adrian Dorsey

It does not take a rocket scientist for people to point out that after 3+ years of DDP Yoga I
should not have that spare tire issue happening. Some would even question the whole fitness
program. Of course not knowing a goddamn thing about me they might even question my commitment
to my kung fu and ddp yoga regimen. Yeah.. the belly is still there… but you know what… NO
one needs to point that out to me! What… you don’t think I have to deal with that reality
every day?

You need to know is that I am 100% dedicated in the kitchen as well as on the mat and often
burn close to 1k cals each day before noon. Gluten and lactose free for 14 years! GMO and
processed sugar free for 3 years!

There are other health concerns that I am dealing with which is making the aesthetic progress
difficult. I really did not want to get into this but sometimes eating right and training like
a dog is not enough when there are other internal issues effecting the results. I am NOT the
only one who struggles with this. Some men would be too squeamish to talk about this but I am
not because this may be your issue too! And I’ll bet you never thought of this! I can only
promise that you will need your personal doctor to work with you to get it resolved if this
happens to be your case.

YTEB Fitness - Copy

IF you are 100% dedicated in the kitchen and 100% dedicated to your fitness program but are
seeing little results than pay attention to what I am about to share.

My body produces ample testosterone which should convert into DHT (dehydroxytestosterone) which is
what us men use to help acquire that chiseled look… but when that conversion promotes excess
estradiol it causes the T to lower and the E to raise in numbers. Due to the fact that the T
production is ample though simply taking a T supplement is NOT the solution as that will simply
add a greater conversion rate into estradiol. You cannot fix a stained glass window with a
hammer! Side effect is a thicker middle which…. believe me… pisses me off but I just push
myself even harder. I am not the only one who wrestles with testosterone/estradiol issues. So I
work with what I got knowing that I am 100% committed to my health in spite of what I see in
the mirror.

What is failing is certainly NOT my effort and commitment.

Lesser individuals have thrown in the towel but I sort of know what is going on at a chemical
level and working with my doctor to try and resolve the issue.

I am grateful that I have never been judged by any teamddpyoga member which is why this group
is so amazing because every time I post a pic or video I feel so darn vulnerable to attack.
Lol! It is just a touchy subject for me to address because I work so freak’n hard to stay fit
and healthy. Other people have this issue as well. They train and eat right with little results
beyond feeling great but cannot seem to chisel the vessel into the appearance they want. I
understand what is happening at a chemical level and knowing does help but it is a bit of a
head f**k both psychologically and emotionally.

Had an EGD on my esophagus yesterday with more bad news. Ulcers all up and down deep inside my esophagus which is a food allergy reaction. Yet I have been gluten and lactose free for 14 years! GMO and processed sugar free for three years! I am still reacting to something but I am at a total loss as to what is left to react too!
Aaarrghhh… Lol!

For awhile last year my doctor put me on an estradiol inhibitor which allowed my T to convert
into the proper DHT (dehydroxytestosterone) which we men require by not allowing it to convert to E.

It was working for a little while as my weight started to drop like a switch was flipped.

Till we tanked my Estradiol altogether… which is not good either! Believe it or not us men need a
small amount of E in our systems or we risk heart attack or stroke on the other end of the
spectrum! So we eased back off the inhibitor to try to bring the E back up. Then progress hit a
brick wall because my health insurance refused to pay for the testing and that became a huge
fight. Now I am back to square one dealing with this issue on my own. Personally, I think
years of ultra depression 15 years ago and eating crap for 30+ years did not help. I think the
emotional roller coaster I took myself on caused the hormone imbalance by over producing
chronic cortisol production which really screwed up the T production. Those adrenals produce
cortisol when we are stressed and proper T when we are feeling good. When that stress is
constant for extended periods of time it can really mess the system up. I think that fallout is
what I am dealing with now. Took 30+ years to wreck my body and 14 years of kung fu and 3 years
of ddp yoga and eating right is helping but… now my body just needs to catch up! Haha!

Do not look at me physically and judge me by what you see. DSC00193 - CopyI guarantee there are several of you
who could not stand toe to toe with my nutritional and fitness regimen without freaking out! One of these days I will sport that elusive six pack but till then I will keep eating and training like the beast I am proud to be!

Social Proof! The DDP Yoga Gorilla Official Certified Level 1 Instructor

Social Proof! The DDP Yoga Gorilla 

Official Certified Level 1 Instructor


Adrian Dorsey


There is an old Chinese proverb which accurately describes my DDP Yoga journey and it goes like this, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Just over three years ago I began my journey with DDP Yoga but that was not the beginning of my fitness lifestyle. That really began nearly 14 years ago when I found out that I would likely be in a wheel chair by the time I was 40 years old. An accident in the summer of 1992 left my T3, T6, and T9 damaged. The innermost ligaments holding my hip bones together was also torn to hell. As a result this included nerve damage to my lower back going straight down my left leg.

Yeah, my left leg is basically a peg leg!

I made a decision at that time from which there was no turning back. I was started to learn kung fu in January of 2003 in the hopes of changing my destiny. Used tai chi chuan and baguazhang styles to restructure my legs from the ground up during my first two years as well as some amazing spinal therapy. After that I simply made kung fu a way of life training every day. My instructor, sifu Muri Parsons, encouraged me to start teaching so that is exactly what I did.

Nearly ten years of kung fu had brought amazing results to my body, mind, and spirit, but occasionally I still had spinal issues and bad piriformis/sciatica problems once or twice a year which would bring my daily efforts of tai chi and baguazhang to a standstill for brief periods.

It was August of 2012 when sifu posted on his facebook news feed the story of Arthur Boorman. The Guld War Vet who had spent 15 years on crutches. Doctors had given up on him. He was depressed and approaching 300 lbs. Arthur was motivated to try DDP Yoga, the program developed by Diamond Dallas Page (3x Heavy Weight Champion of World Championship Wrestling). In 15 months Arthur dropped something like 140 lbs as was not just walking without crutches he was running and owning his life again!

I was inspired by the video so I enquired of sifu what his opinion was on yoga. He informed me that he did Asthanga Yoga daily as a part of his curriculum. I was astonished. He mentioned that it would improve my flexibility by opening my joints and elongating my spine in ways that kung fu was just not designed to do. He was adamant that yoga would improve my kung fu exponentially!


I was sold on the idea from that instant. I told my wife I wanted to try DDP Yoga and she surprised me by ordering it the very next day.

Now three years later of doing DDP Yoga every day as a precursor to my kung fu conditioning I can do things which I could not do even after ten years of martial arts! DDP Yoga has improved my tai chi and baguazhang in amazing ways! Plus I have dropped 50 lbs which is awesome too!

As a landmark to my DDP Yoga progress I entered the Level 1 certification program which I completed on November 10th, 2015.

Now back to that old Chinese Proverb about the thousand miles beginning with a single step, but here is my spin on that.

The journey of a thousand days began with day one!

Now I am officially a Level 1 Certified Instructor of DDP Yoga teaching others to transform their lives with this amazing program!

What does DDP Yoga do? The foundation is Ashtanga Power Yoga, but with added calisthenics, rehab techniques, slow motion dynamic resistance for strength training, and some kick ass cardio. All of this with minimal impact on your body. Increase flexibility! Improve core strength! Tone and build muscle! Amazing cardio! Zero impact on your joints and spine!

You want to hold back the hands of time then get DDP Yoga and elongate your spine!

Here is my social proof of my DDP Yoga accomplishment under Certified Instructors!

Certification Social Media Proof

Sugar Addicts and Their Addiction to Hyperpalatable Foods

Sugar Addicts and Their Addiction to Hyperpalatable Foods


Adrian Dorsey


A few people have been seriously offended at my comparison of sugar to cocaine. I want to assure you that this is not something that I came up with. This is not my opinion. In spite those who wish it were not true, there is sound research to back up that hyperpalatable foods, sodas, and juices laced with sugar do induce reward and cravings that are not unlike that found to be induced by street drugs.

I will also admit that it has taken awhile for me to wrap my brain around the concept of sugar being more addictive than cocaine as well but apparently the research data does exist to support it. I know it sounds crazy but just google it and take a few moments to exhaust the references that come up about it. Here are a few. I have had about six months to digest this concept and I still shake my head over it, but I would not have made the statement if I was in doubt of the sources.

If you take offense to this information I want you to consider question, “Why are you taking offense?” If the research is sound and you have what it takes to do some of your own research then why the drama queen reaction? Or is it the addict within you that is offended because your drug is being called out which is responsible for you not being able to fight the foods and drinks that you know are slowly killing you and you cannot even STOP!


I want to reinforce that you should NOT take my word for it. Challenge this information! If the evidence is sound than it should withstand any challenge from any angle but if there is something wrong with it than we need to find out where it falls short. So do not get mad at me for being the messenger.

Here are a few links that talk about it. I am not even going to hide them behind hyperlinks!

This link here is from the National Center for Biotechnology Information

I will post the actual review from the NCBI here for you to glance at: 

Sugar addiction: pushing the drug-sugar analogy to the limit.
Ahmed SH1, Guillem K, Vandaele Y.
Author information
To review research that tests the validity of the analogy between addictive drugs, like cocaine, and hyperpalatable foods, notably those high in added sugar (i.e., sucrose).
Available evidence in humans shows that sugar and sweetness can induce reward and craving that are comparable in magnitude to those induced by addictive drugs. Although this evidence is limited by the inherent difficulty of comparing different types of rewards and psychological experiences in humans, it is nevertheless supported by recent experimental research on sugar and sweet reward in laboratory rats. Overall, this research has revealed that sugar and sweet reward can not only substitute to addictive drugs, like cocaine, but can even be more rewarding and attractive. At the neurobiological level, the neural substrates of sugar and sweet reward appear to be more robust than those of cocaine (i.e., more resistant to functional failures), possibly reflecting past selective evolutionary pressures for seeking and taking foods high in sugar and calories.
The biological robustness in the neural substrates of sugar and sweet reward may be sufficient to explain why many people can have difficultly to control the consumption of foods high in sugar when continuously exposed to them.

I know it is crazy but it sure goes a long way to explain why people continue to eat foods they know are bad for them because they can’t stop themselves.

This is the behavior of the addict! I know because I used to be addicted to this crap! It was not fun drying out from these toxins. It hurt both physically and mentally. My mood was all over the place as cravings gnawed at my very being. I wanted anything with sugar in it but the fact that I recognized that I was jonesing for sugar was enough to keep me stubborn enough to fight it.

Finally after almost a year the cravings suddenly left. Overnight it seemed that vegetables and fruits had flavors I was not capable of recognizing or appreciating before. All I wanted to eat was greens and more greens along with good wholesome organic fruit.

When it came right down to it I had to ask myself was it the chocolate I was craving in a chocolate bar or was it the sugar. Because although chocolate can be healthy in a richer darker state it is really bitter without the added sugar. Then it donned on me that it was the sugar! I have had to rediscover a taste for real chocolate over the last few years.

Sugar falling from Silver Spoon. Focus on edge of spoon sugar pile top.

I eventually came to the conclusion that I was a sugar addict and I was addicted to hyperpalatable foods and drinks laced with this dangerous chemical.

I kicked the addiction to sugar. Sure there are times that I wrestle with temptation but then I remind myself that I might as well be doing street drugs and then I walk away.

If a nobody like myself can overcome sugar, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose and learn to identify the 56 elusive names that these chemicals hide under then so can you. You can kick these hyperpalatable foods, sodas, and juices out of your diet and improve your health by learning to OWN YOUR LIFE!

No Matter What Exercises You Do, If Sugar is Getting Into Your Diet Under Any One of Its 56 Elusive Names That is The Reason You Are Not Seeing Results

No Matter What Exercises You Do, If Sugar is Getting Into Your Diet Under Any One of Its 56 Elusive Names That is The Reason You Are Not Seeing Results


Adrian Dorsey

More addictive than cocaine, feeds cancer, contributes to obesity, and if you are thin than you are likely the sickest of all because of this sweet poison!

There is no way to sugar coat the reality that sugar is a poison that your body cannot metabolize and instead stores it in your cells!  

It is not about calories in calories out! That is the lie the establishment wants us to believe. It is about putting proper fuel into your bodies. You want to lose weight than get the damn sugar out. 

It is not about limiting essential fats in your food because that is what you absolutely need! Consider that anything that says “Fat Free” is really just a chemical sh*t storm because it is empty calories packed with sugar! Back in the 1970’s the fats in food were reduced and loads of sugar were dumped in as empty calorie replacement. That is when our troubles as a society began! 


Do your own god damn research because you are addicted like the crack and coke heads on the street. If you want change then you are in the fight for your life!

Sugar is MORE ADDICTIVE than cocaine! Yet you must break the cycle of this poison and get it out of your system if you want to see results!


Get the sugar out and leave it out! 

Knowledge alone is not enough if you are unwilling to take action and fight for your health! But you can begin by watching such programs as FED UP as well as some of the lectures and materials by Dr. Robert Lustig on youtube and Dr. Mercola as well as several others who are waking up to help us break free of this Matrix! 

Processed and alternative Sugars are the literal blue pill that keeps us trapped in the Matrix of our lives unable to experience the physical changes we struggle to attain! 

BluepillThe only sugar that your body can metabolize is that which is found in food like fruit because you are digesting it with fiber. Sugar with lots of fiber is acceptable BUT NOT the added empty calorie sugars or alternative sugars. 

Learn the names that sugar hides under and most certainly avoid the artificial sugars offered which are even more dangerous such as aspertame, sucralose (Splenda) which is a combination of fructose and glucose combined, and high fructose corn syrups now hiding under other names as well such as fructose or isolated fructose.  

You want change in your life? Then do some research and fight for your right to be fit, healthy, and alive! 

The Bittersweet Reality of Sugar

The Bittersweet Reality of Sugar


Adrian Dorsey


When I came off of all processed sugar and its 56 hidden names 3 years ago I often said to my wife, Amy, that this has to be what it feels like going through withdrawal from street drugs.

A few months ago I actually found out through the research of Dr. Robert Lustig by way of his lecture on Sugar: The Bitter Truth as well as the movie FED UP that this sweet chemical is actually nothing more than a poison.


Consider that in the 1970’s the food companies were told to remove essential fats from the food because they wanted the public to believe that was making people obese. So they removed the fat but replaced it with tons of sugar which is really empty calories.

To help drive this home the movie FED UP points out that in 1980 only a few school children in America had diabetes but in the last 35 years that number has increased to almost 60,000 cases. That is insane!

We are being poisoned with this addictive sweetener that our bodies do not know how to metabolize so it gets stored in our tissues making us sick and obese! Even if you are thin but eat sugar laden foods and drinks you are not healthy. In fact thin people on sugar are often more sick then those who are obese!

There is NO good thing about processed sugar!

Sugar is More Addictive Than Cocaine!

I was shocked to discover that sugar actually lights up the same areas of the brain as cocaine… but even more shocking is that sugar is more addictive! No wonder I physically ached coming off of that crap! I literally suffered for almost a year through anguishing cravings but I persevered and fought it. I kicked it and have been processed sugar free ever since. The difference has been amazing.


The only sugar I get now comes in its most natural form wrapped in fiber. Fruit. However, I am aware that even fruit spikes my insulin level because the food companies have genetically modified almost all fruits to contain more natural sugar to make them taste sweeter. Fruit was meant to be bitter and not sweet. Bottom line is that sugar with fruit can be metabolized by the body sufficiently. It is the empty calorie sugar that the liver does not know what to do with so it stores it.

The research is now becoming available concerning this sweet bitter poison that has been allowed into almost all of our food and drinks. What I suspected was indeed accurate. I was more than just coming off of a drug… I was detoxing from a poison.

As an inflammatory sugar is responsible for playing a significant role in the formulation that is the start of almost all forms of sickness and disease. Hell, sugar even feeds cancer with no surprise. It may not start cancer but once the disease manifests sugar plays an active role in contributing to it. I find it ironic that we treat cancer with radiation that increases inflammation even further. Then if the person survives that treatment after being cooked from the inside out they go back to what… consuming sugar… because at no time in their treatment have they been taught to stay away from the main ingredient that actually promotes their disease! Then they wonder why it returns and kills them later.

I remember when I came off of gluten at the beginning of my journey 12 1/2 years ago that my bowels were inflamed for a long time… years even. I blamed it all on gluten but I had no understanding of what major role sugar was playing in the equation. That explains why I have been so yang over the years… too hot internally… A lot of those yang issues I was experiencing have abated significantly. Now I am thinking that perhaps were it not for the inflammatories of empty calories I was pouring into my body that I may have not ever become gluten intolerant. But who knows.. that is neither here nor there… I am just saying that without inflammatories already making my guts a time bomb waiting to go off I might have been able to tolerate a lot more. I can never eat gluten grains again and I have no regrets on that note but I consider that sugar obviously played a role in that.

I started 12 1/2 years ago by eliminating gluten and all foods with enriched bleach flour. Eight years later I removed corn and more processed foods. A few years after that I finally figured out the sugar angle and that was three years ago.


Today I no longer have horrible empty calorie cravings for that little toxic sweetener. The only sugar I eat is from fruit and even then I use moderation. My health no longer fluctuates up and down. My moods have been balanced out a lot more which is fantastic because I used to suffer from clinically diagnosed sever aggravated depression.

I am OWNING MY LIFE because I control the fuel that I put into my body. I encourage you to do the same.

Do not take my word for any of this. I am simply sharing my thoughts according to my own research but you need to do some of your own so you can come to a proper educated decision on the matter of this bitter sweet truth concerning sugar.

In this instance knowledge alone is NOT power until you understand it enough to take action with your own health.

Sweat Can be as Sexy as it is Vital!

Sweat Can be as Sexy as it is Vital!


Adrian Dorsey

Too many people forsake the benefits of an extremely healthy and meticulously chiseled body because of their fear of that vital fluid that begins to seep through their skin as soon as their muscles begin to exert some steady consistent effort; sweat!

I will be the first to admit that sweat does have a poor image, mostly because it is misunderstood.

I want to reinforce that sweat is just as vital as it can be downright sexy!

If you have read my previous part 1 and part 2 articles concerning “What You Should Know About the Importance of Sweating” then you already have some information about the purpose that it serves as far as its health benefits.

Sweat is your body’s way of getting rid of the water, salt, and excess toxins and minerals in a way that prevents the body from overheating. Sweat is to your body what antifreeze is to a vehicle. Simply knowing the function of sweat and why the body produces it may not be enough for some of you, so let us approach it from a different angle.


The image of a sweaty person improving their health and performance ultimately implies self-respect and pride in personal health and well-being.

People who care for their bodies walk with a sense of confidence and pride that other people usually lack. A fit person is someone who is glowing with the resilience because they often feel like they OWN their life physically with a work ethic that has a powerfully positive impact on them emotionally as well as psychologically.

I know that it is my own personal goal to be as strong, flexible, and as fit as I am capable of being so that I can simply enjoy each and every day that I am alive for however long that may be!

An unknown author once penned the following words and if I ever find out who they are I will certainly give them credit for every syllable.

“A well built physique is much more than about how good one looks. A well built

physique is a status symbol. It reflects that you worked hard for it. No money can

buy it. You cannot inherit it. You cannot borrow it. You cannot hold onto it without

constant work. It shows dedication. It shows discipline. It shows self respect. It

shows dignity. It shows patience, work ethic, passion. That is why it is attractive

and worth striving for.”   ~Unknown


To reiterate something I said in an earlier post, “… you may find as I do that your sweat is like a fine mist that does not feel disgusting but actually invigorating and odorless. I can attest to that after years of good eating and kung fu, DDP Yoga, and some weight lifting on a daily basis.”

 Ultimately sweat is sexy when you see your partner, the object of your desire, sparkling and glistening after a tough workout, you are witnessing the fruits of their hard f’n work!

My beautiful wife, Amy, thinks I am nuts when we are done working out and I want to lap the droplets from her skin! What can I say? Sweat is sexy! And my wife sparkles when she sweats and that turns me on.

Bottom line is that a strong heart, fit body, clear skin, toned muscles, calm nerves makes for happy souls and big smiles and between two people that is everything that can last a lifetime!

The couple that trains together is happier together because they distress together, eat right together, sleep right together, and completely OWN THEIR LIVES TOGETHER!


When you are busting your ass working out you are literally demonstrating that you care about yourself.

You are showing that you are dedicated to the task at hand to be your best and to offer the best of yourself to your partner who deserves all that you can possibly be.

You are reinforcing that you face challenges with determination to conquer by giving it your everything so that you can be the person you were created to be enabling you to do those things you know you have been created to do and that is sexy!

Insecure About Sweat? What You Should Know About The Importance of Sweating Part 2

Insecure About Sweat? What You Should Know About The Importance of Sweating

Part 2


Adrian Dorsey


Continuing to address the importance of sweating in this part 2 I will try to demonstrate why it is essential to try and overcome the insecurities concerning the issue. You don’t have to avoid a healthy body because of the nuisance of sweat once you understand that there is a reason it is there and it is essential to maintaining your overall health!

Here are a few examples of some of the health benefits of sweating.

Sauna induced sweating which is actually encouraged by the School of Medicine and Public Health University of Wisconsin-Madison indicate that this method three or four times a week for no more than 15 to 30 minutes each day can reduce high blood pressure.

The CDC; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admits that moderate activity in the form of exercise routinely three or four times a week can also help to regulate blood pressure thus improving health.

Back to the internal hygiene concept briefly touched on in part 1. Did you know that there are toxins in the environment which have a tendency to build up in your system over time which can contribute to the development of health problems. Some of these are chemicals like cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and even lead. These toxins are found in trace amounts in sweat which mean that they either contaminate the food you have eaten, such as mercury found in some fish, or have been taken in to your body by other means.

Finally there is also the caloric side to sweating which is awesome! When you are sweating it means that you are burning more calories than you would be if you are not sweating at all. This is hugely beneficial when it comes to health management and weight loss efforts.

 One can sweat in the hot sun, or sitting in a sauna, or by means of exercise which pumps the blood to our skin all over your body. Exercising in warm temperatures also plays a big role in melting more calories. You just want to make sure you have plenty of water so you can stay hydrated while you are sweating and dehydrating.




Bottom line is that sweating is a good thing and nothing to be considered repugnant or gross.

Sweating does play a role in hygiene by cleaning the toxins out of your body during physical activity in warm temperatures as well as flushing the crud out of your pores which keeps your skin healthy. Of course when you are done sweating you may want to take a shower afterward which will help rejuvenate those flushed out pores and add further glow to your skin.

For you women reading this blog post just remember what I always tell my wife, Amy! You are not really sweating… you are sparkling!

To help promote sweating you should stay hydrated with good filtered water. I personally drink between 80 and 100 oz a day. If you are not drinking enough then it will be difficult to get your perspiration on which is important for keeping your core temperature regulated.

 Now that you have some measure of understanding about the importance of sweating you can dismiss some of those insecurities about it and use this information to your advantage. Use the knowledge of sweat to keep your skin looking great, burn off those calories while melting fat, and most importantly to maintain peak optimal health by knowing that it is okay to sweat more often.

I personally sweat almost daily to some serious kung fu, DDP Yoga, and some weight lifting. That is the formula that works for me!

Sweating is a wonderful way to insure good health and promote longevity by cleansing your body of deadly toxins which love to lurk beneath the surface.

 So don’t sweat it… get your butt out there and start actively OWNING YOUR LIFE!