Aug 07

The Ketogenic Lifestyle is the Bomb!

The ketogenic lifestyle contains many amazing benefits by eliminating carbs/sugars and eating a moderate protein, high fat nutrition food plan which helps to overcome a multitude of health symptoms!

Nov 08

Your Vote Will Determine Who Will To Sit On The Supreme Court That Will Impact Our Nation For the Rest Of Our Lives

The 2016 Election is about more than Trump or Hillary but who they will appoint to the Supreme Court. This will be the person effecting how we live for the rest of our lives.

Jan 14

When Your Aesthetic Fitness Results Fluctuate

Are you like me in that you are 100% dedicated to real food as well as 100% dedicated to your efforts on the mat or in the gym but are seeing little results? Then you need to read my story here…

Nov 23

Social Proof! The DDP Yoga Gorilla Official Certified Level 1 Instructor

I started DDP Yoga just over three years ago and recently completed passed all requirements to officially become a Level 1 Certified Instructor of this amazing kick ass program!

Jun 02

Sugar Addicts and Their Addiction to Hyperpalatable Foods

Some of you have been offended with my previous articles about sugar being more addictive then cocaine so here are some authentic sources including information directly from the National Center for Biotechnology Information. I could not make this up!

May 15

No Matter What Exercises You Do, If Sugar is Getting Into Your Diet Under Any One of Its 56 Elusive Names That is The Reason You Are Not Seeing Results

Do you exercise constantly without any results? I want you to consider that if you are allowing processed sugar or artificial sweeteners into your life you are telling your body to store fat instead of metabolizing it so you can get rid of it.

May 15

The Bittersweet Reality of Sugar

Sugar is a poison that is 8x more addictive then cocaine and is responsible for playing a role in many of our health issues in North America today.

Mar 12

Sweat Can be as Sexy as it is Vital!

Ultimately sweat is sexy when you see your partner, the object of your desire, sparkling and glistening after a tough workout you are witnessing the fruits of their hard f’n work.

Mar 05

Insecure About Sweat? What You Should Know About The Importance of Sweating Part 2

You do not need to be insecure about your own sweat. It is good for you! Sweat helps to cleanse toxins and flush the skin pores while regulating body temp and is a sign that you are burning calories letting you know that you are melting the fat off.

Mar 05

Insecure About Sweat? What You Should Know About The Important Role of Sweat Part 1

Many people are insecure about the idea of sweating. I try to dismiss some of those concerns because there are many health benefits when it comes to turning on a good sweat!